Small Party Venues for Rent in Atlanta, GA

Small Party Venues for Rent in Atlanta, GA

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Top Small Party Venues in Atlanta, GA

Browsing small party venues for your intimate event? Look no further! Here on Tagvenue, we’ve rounded up a curated list of small event spaces across Atlanta that will wow your guests as soon as they step into the venue. No matter what type of event you’re planning to organize, we’ve got your back! From cozy cafes ideal for a family brunch to private lounges in eclectic clubs and chic rooms in classy restaurants, there are cozy party venues in Atlanta waiting to be discovered. So scan through our selection of the best small private party spots and in just a few minutes book one that steals your heart!

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Small Party Venues Rental Guide

Hosting a small party doesn’t mean less fun! An intimate gathering topped with delicious food and music is a great way to meet your dearest people and celebrate or simply kick back and chill while catching up on everyday life. So why not organize an intimate event instead of a huge bash to smash that may be too overwhelming? Small party venues across Atlanta make perfect spaces for hosting any type of special occasion, whether it’s a special anniversary, birthday, engagement party, or baby shower. And on Tagvenue you can be sure to find the ideal intimate venues that suit your needs and budget. So start planning your small event now, as your dream small party space that will sweep your guests is only a few clicks away! 

Although it comes with extra responsibilities, planning a small party is incredibly fun! Especially in a city like Atlanta that turns into an entertainment hub after dark. Elevate your intimate gathering with breathtaking night views of the city in one of the rooftop venues in Downtown and top it with a fantastic bottle of wine or crafted cocktails. And if you want an upscale small party venue with an industrial touch, then head over to Westside and choose among the modern restaurants, bars, and fantastic breweries. The areas of Midtown, Buckhead and their neighborhoods invite you for a search along the upscale shopping, classy restaurants, and boutique hotels to explore chic lounges, dive bars, and nightclubs - all the best small party venues in Atlanta! These areas are the beating core of the vibrant nightlife scene, filled to the brim with eclectic and intimate event spaces. So if you happen to book a space there, for sure the view of other people having fun will get you and your guests in the mood for a party!

In case you’re organizing your first major party, or simply want to check if your planning list includes all the important details that need to be taken care of during the small party planning process, make sure to check out our ultimate guide on how to organise an intimate event in Atlanta that will be a hit!

How to organise a successful small party in a rented venue in Atlanta?

Set your budget - your estimated spend is one of the key elements you should consider before you take any steps to organize your party. Think how much you can allocate on venue rental, food, drinks, decorations, etc., and write down the initial costs. This will help you keep your limits in view and avoid overspending. Atlanta has countless small and affordable party venues, so you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Decide on the party style - Would you like a cocktail party? A laid-back gathering with snacks and beer, or maybe a full-course restaurant dinner with music softly playing in the background? Deciding on the party style will help you to find the ideal small event space for rent that will match the ambiance and add some visual touches to the experience. 

Pick the best date - We recommend being flexible when it comes to picking a date. Comparing the venues for small parties available on different days will give you a chance to find the best space catering to your needs and exactly in your price range. It’s a fantastic way to keep some dollars in your pocket that you can later spend on party supplies or decorations. Also, keep in mind that prices for specific dates may vary depending on the season. So to avoid exceeding your budget, avoid high peak times such as weekends and holidays.

Make a guest list - Think of the exact number of people you would like to invite. Whether it is 10 people or 20, the brief number of attendants will help you find the venue that will accommodate everyone without a fuss. And you won’t have to worry about the space being too big, nor too small! 

Pick the best location - Whether you wish to stay within your local area or discover what other neighborhoods may offer is up to you. However, think of your guests first and make sure the small party venue you’ve picked has great access to MARTA transportation or parking spaces at your guests’ disposal. Party spaces with on-site free parking are a great option! 

Decide on the menu - Food is the most exciting part of any planning process, for real! Mouthwatering spicy noodles, juicy steak with fresh vegetables, or a crispy and spicy chicken with a twist? Or maybe French-Russian upscale dishes? Atlanta is a paradise for any foodie, so you’ve got a plethora of options to choose from. Think about what type of food and drinks your guests will enjoy the most and consider the catering options the venue offers. But whether you will go with a small venue with in-house catering, like party restaurant or bar, or pick an external caterer make sure the food respects the dietary restrictions of your guests. That will certainly make your intimate gathering shine!

Send invitations - Don’t forget about letting your crowd know about the party! You can be eco-friendly and send digital invitations, do them yourself or grab ones from the store. But make sure to send them out at least 2 weeks before the party to give everyone the chance to mark the date in their calendars. 

FAQs about Small Party Venues in Atlanta, GA

How much does it cost to rent a small party venue in Atlanta?

Intimate spaces in Atlanta such as restaurants, bars, cafes charge from $40 per person on average, but the prices may vary depending on the location, popularity, etc. Also, many small special occasion restaurants charge per minimum spend and charge anywhere between $600 to $1000+. When it comes to renting small lofts, lounges and warehouses, expect the prices from $50 per hour for the cheapest small party spaces. (All data from Tagvenue.)

Which areas of Atlanta have the best party venues for rent?

We highly recommend looking around Downtown, the central core of Atlanta’s entertainment where you can rent the best small venues of any type! From classy restaurants, quirky bars to industrial lofts. So for sure, you will find something that will steal your heart at first glance.

How early in advance should I secure a small venue for my party?

The sooner, the better! But according to our data, it is best to book at least 2 weeks before your private event in Atlanta takes place. This will give you enough time to find venues that you like, reach the managers, and compare the offers.

Can I host a small party in Atlanta on a budget?

The answer is: yes! There are plenty of tricks for organizing a fantastic party on a budget. For example, you can rent a blank canvas venue and ask your guests to bring their signature dishes. And on Tagvenue, you can find great affordable party venues, so don’t hesitate to take our search engines for a spin. 

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