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Top Small Wedding Venues in Edinburgh

There is no question that Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland, is one of the most beautiful cities in the UK to get married in. Famous Edinburgh Castle is only the beginning of the gorgeous places there where you can celebrate your marriage. The choices are plentiful, with luxury hotels, neat event spaces, and other intimate venues filling the area. If you’re looking to have a smaller crowd at your wedding take a look at our list of all the best small wedding venues in Edinburgh.

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Small Wedding Venues Hire Guide

Edinburgh is a city that boasts some of the most picturesque landmarks and historic buildings in the region, many of which are the perfect spot for a city-centre small wedding location. Small weddings and receptions are trending – not only because they are easier on the wallet, but also because they grant the bride and groom more quality face time with each guest. These intimate gatherings actually have a lot going for them. To start, it’s much easier to plan and organise an event with 50 people or less than a huge wedding with hundreds of people. Many couples are opting for smaller guest lists. It’s both friendly to the budget and dramatically opens up your venue options for both the wedding and reception! 

Because of the smaller size of the guest list, when planning a small wedding, you have the opportunity to consider venues that would otherwise be out of the question. Consider a wedding ceremony at lovely Holyrood Park, or check out some of the waterside venues near Leith that offer wedding packages and dinner. There are several beautiful churches in Edinburgh that will allow you to use their sanctuary for the ceremony and their church hall for the reception. If you would like to throw an exquisite but intimate celebration then consider one of Edinburgh’s historic castles with event hire space.

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