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If you're dreaming of garden wedding venues, then you'll be spoiled for choice in London. From stunning rooftop terraces to manicured lawns and rambling country-style gardens, our shortlist of the most gorgeous garden wedding venues in London is sure to inspire you. We've selected some of the most beautiful spots around town so that you can make an informed decision about where to host your big day. A garden wedding is all about romance and serenity, so why not escape from the hustle and bustle of city life? It's easy to feel overwhelmed by all the choices out there—but don't worry, we've done all the hard work for you! Check out your dream venue today!

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Garden Wedding Venues Hire Guide

We love all garden weddings, from the ones on rooftop terraces in the centre of London to rustic celebrations in the countryside. Pretty scenery and beautiful natural landscapes mean that you can embrace a less-is-more approach when it comes to decorating. That being said, there’s a significant amount of legwork and orchestration that goes into planning an al fresco celebration. To make things a lot easier for you, we’ve listed a couple of garden wedding tips below.

Some expert tips for organising your garden wedding:

  • Prepare your guest list in advance – This is an important step toward establishing a budget. This will help you pick the right sized garden wedding venue, too!
  • Plan the spendings wisely – Allocate the majority of your budget to venue hire, food and drink.
  • Think of your guests’ needs while arranging the agenda – Schedule speeches throughout the meal so guests don’t have to sit for long periods without getting up (and don’t stand for too long either).
  • Keep the London weather in mind – Don’t forget to make a contingency plan for rain! Many garden wedding venues have special on-site facilities for such cases, so it’s always good to ask the manager if they’re prepared to handle emergencies of this kind.

Things to consider when hiring a garden wedding venue in London:

  • ease of accessibility for the elderly or disabled
  • time of the event (aim to schedule your ceremony after the hottest part of the day so the sun won’t be so strong for your guests)
  • lighting (this is key for events that carry on into the evening)
  • the audio system (garden weddings can be demanding in terms of getting the sound right, so remember to double check everything before the event starts)
  • any cancellation fees (it’s better to avoid the surprise)

Garden Wedding Venues in London FAQ

When's the best time to hire a garden wedding venue in London?

The best time to look for a wedding venue is definitely now. As soon as you know that you want to seal the deal, it’s time to hire a space for your big day. As for when you should actually have the wedding, we suggest the warmer months. Between May and October you will be blessed with amazing weather that will make your wedding one to remember. Of course, make sure to take into consideration whether you want to stand outside in great heat (usually around July), or prefer to stick to slightly cooler months (but with some risk of it being a little too cold, like May or September). We recommend getting a space that can offer at least some kind of roof over your head in case it rains, or an outdoor heater if it gets cold. 

What kind of wedding can I have in a garden venue in London?

London will make any bride’s wedding dreams come true. A rustic wedding? A dreamy wedding that will offer the ideal space both indoors and outdoors? Or maybe you want to make your dreams come true in Kew Gardens, where the photos are always out of this world, and the atmosphere is to die for. You’ll find many wedding packages and offers here at Tagvenue, make sure to search through them all! Garden wedding venues are unlike any other–if you wanted to have a fairytale wedding, then you couldn’t have found a better place to book your ideal type of venue.

How to have the best wedding photos at a garden wedding venue in London?

Most of all, consider hiring a professional photographer. But in case you don’t have the opportunity, you simply must (at least) stick to the following tips for great shots:

  • Use natural lighting or artificial lighting that looks like natural light (like string lights) to illuminate parts of the garden that are darker than others.
  • Choose a time of day when there’s less sunlight in the sky so that shadows aren’t cast on people’s faces.
  • Take advantage of natural backgrounds such as trees and bushes—they will frame your subjects and provide interesting angles for photos!
  • Learn how to pose
  • Use good props!

Check out some unique photo ideas for your wedding day!

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