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Our guide to Birmingham venue hire

Next to London, Birmingham is the largest city in the UK and is home to many festivals, events, and gatherings. Birmingham has a plethora of historical landmarks and thanks to the Birmingham Canal Network there is plenty of beautiful waterfront throughout the city. The city hosts countless different types and styles of event venues. Whatever type of event you plan to host, you’ll find the right venue hire in Birmingham!

Need to hire a space for your event in Birmingham, but not sure where to start?

Here are some things to keep in mind and questions to ask when choosing a venue to hire in Birmingham.

  • Atmosphere – Does the venue have the kind of looks and aesthetic that you are looking for? There are many different event spaces in Birmingham that are suitable for different types of events. In this case, one size does not fit all. Make sure that the venue you pick is perfect for your event.
  • Capacity – Does the venue have enough space to hold all of your guests? The last thing you want is to throw a killer party, only to have your guests crammed into too small of space, making them uncomfortable. It's a good idea to always leave about 10% free space when planning an event, in case more guests come than expected.
  • Parking – Make sure to plan for parking ahead of time. You will want to make sure that everyone attending your event will know where, when and how to park at the venue. Ask the venue manager what they usually do for parking. Street parking is an option, but it often causes more headache than it's worth.
  • Toilets – How many lavatories does the venue have for you and your guests to use? Are they roomy and clean? It is especially important to have enough toilets when throwing a big event (300+). We recommend having one bathroom for every 60 guests.
  • Exclusivity – Is the Birmingham venue you're interested in available for your exclusive use during your event? Or will other events be going on at the same time? It's a good rule of thumb to always check on these things. You don't want to be unpleasantly caught off guard by these types of surprises.
  • Equipment – Will the venue supply in-house equipment for you to use? This is an important thing to check, especially if you're looking for a budget venue to hire in Birmingham. Additional equipment, such as audio and visual equipment, stages, tables and chairs, can cost you a lot of extra money.
  • Budget – How much do you have to spend on your event? The venue is likely the first thing that you will book for your function. Be careful not to tie up your whole budget on the location for your party. Although the venue will likely cost you approximately 70%-90% of your total event cost, you want to make sure you have enough funds for the remainder of expenses beyond the venue.
  • Visit – It can be beneficial to schedule a visit to the venue location before booking; this can help you visualise how your party will look and feel. And even tip you off to any parts of the venue that you don't like, that might otherwise be hidden from pictures and online tours of the space.
  • Cancellation – Just in case, it's a good idea to ask each venue about their cancellation policy - it's not fun having to pay thousands of dollars even if you don't host the event as planned.

Wondering how much it costs to hire an event space in Birmingham?

There is a lot that goes into determining the cost of your event; such as the date and location and how many guests you will have. It can be a headache not to know what it will cost, so we've used our experience to figure it out for you! Here’s our guide to venue hire prices in Birmingham:

  • If you're trying to host a budget event, the best option is the minimum spend pricing structure. Minimum spend rates in Birmingham usually start at as little as £200 for small party venues and go up depending on the duration and size of the space you wish to rent. Minimum spend is an excellent way to pay since you don't actually pay for the space itself, you just commit to buying a certain amount of food and drinks.
  • For corporate events and business meetings, you'll probably want a venue that charges via daily delegate rates. These usually include the venue hire costs, food and all of the equipment that you need. This typically costs £22-£80 per person.
  • Wedding prices are usually quoted on a per person basis, and depending on the type of venue you choose can run you anywhere from £20-£100 per person.
  • Finally, many Birmingham event venues charge one flat rate fee for the usage of their facility. These venues don't typically come with any "extras" such as catering, equipment or staff – though they can usually recommend other companies that will come in for such services. With flat rate pricing, you can usually choose if you want to rent the space per session or for the whole day. The flat rate fee in Birmingham for such venues ranges from £100 for a short session to £1500 for a large space that can hold more than 500 people.

Want to dig even deeper? Have a look at these frequently asked questions:

Where's the coolest neighbourhood in Birmingham to host an event?

The Jewellery Quarter! Getting its name from the fact that it is home to over 400 jewellery retailers, this neighbourhood is as hip as they come! Always on the cutting edge of the trendy bar scene and hosting plenty of indie restaurants and unique venue locations, the JQ, as it's referred to by locals, is the place to go for fresh, lively social events.

What's the weather like in Birmingham throughout the year?

Birmingham is known for its mild summers and chilly winters. In the winter months, the temperature averages rarely dip below freezing but hover right around that point. And the summer months are usually reasonably comfortable with a little humidity. All-in-all it's a mild city as far as temperature goes.

What are the most popular type of venue to hire in Birmingham?

The most popular venues for smaller events are pubs and restaurants that rent out their event rooms or dining rooms. For larger events with a lot of people, the most popular venues include banquet halls and conference centres. Birmingham is an enormous city with plenty to choose from when it comes to venue hire. We hope this page helped you narrow your search down. For further detail, go to our smart venue finder that filters all of the venues into specific types and functions for you.

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