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Hosting a training in Birmingham and looking for the perfect venue? Here at Tagvenue, you can find some of the best training rooms in Birmingham that will be sure to impress your guests. Whether it be studios and conference rooms in the city centre or large halls and small workshop spaces in the west-side, there’s a whole host of interesting venues on offer that will adapt to the needs of your training day. Check out all our offers using our complete venue finder and target the ideal spot for your upcoming event now!

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Training Venues Hire Guide

In the city centre, the vast majority of training venues are corporate style meeting and conference rooms, many of which are located in Birmingham’s financial district next to Snow Hill Train Station. Well-suited to training courses and large office meet-ups, the spaces here will be sure to give off a professional atmosphere and keep your guests focussed and engaged.

If you’re looking to maintain a business-like ambience, but in more relaxed surroundings, a trip downtown will take you to dining rooms and open meeting areas, which offer impressive food and drink packages to accompany the event. Paying homage to the city’s diverse mix of cultures and cuisines, long lunch and tea breaks between sessions are a great way to encourage mingling and takes away the monotony of sitting in the same place all day. As the downtown is only about 30 minutes from the airport, this is a good location if you have attendees coming from abroad.

Away from the corporate bubble, westside is a fantastic area for more laid-back training courses, offering a variety of chilled out seminar and workshop style rooms. A newly developed area that gives a different flavour to the many Victorian and industrial style buildings in the city, the training spaces here are contemporarily designed and emulate the convivial and eclectic atmosphere of the modern-day workplace. Generally holding smaller capacities, your attendees can easily learn at an easy and collaborative pace here.

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