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Are you dreaming of an intimate wedding in Austin? We’re here to bring you one step closer to turning that dream into a reality! From the mix of history and modernity that is the bustling downtown to the quiet and picturesque streets of West Austin, we’ve combed through the city and put together a list of our favorite small wedding venues. All of them are perfect for celebrating your special day with the people who are dear to your heart. Whether you're looking for something cozy or more formal, each venue has its own unique charm that you'll fall in love with immediately. Browse our listings and start planning the wedding of your dreams!

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Small Wedding Venues Rental Guide

Small weddings have been gaining momentum for a while now, and for good reason. Some couples prefer to celebrate the most important day of their lives with a group of close friends and family members. The timeline is typically more relaxed and there’s plenty of time for the couple to interact with everyone and truly enjoy their company, which makes small weddings more personal. An intimate wedding is also easier to plan than a lavish celebration for hundreds of guests, and it’s certainly more budget-friendly.

If this sounds like the direction that you want to take with your wedding, you’re in the right place. At Tagvenue, we're all about making it possible for couples to celebrate their love in a way that's as unique and special as they are. That's why we're committed to providing couples with the best small wedding venues for rent in Austin, Texas. Look through our listings, compare pictures and prices, and find the perfect venue for your dream wedding fast and easy!

Guide to choosing the perfect small wedding venue in Austin

So, you know you want to have a small wedding, and you’re looking for the venue that’s going to make your heart beat faster. We know that finding that perfect space is one of the most important items on your wedding to-do list, and the searching process can sometimes be a little stressful. How do you find exactly what you need among so many amazing options? Take a deep breath, and start by figuring out these key details to help you narrow your search and zero in on the venue that’s made just for you and your partner.

Determine your wedding budget

First things first, let’s talk about money. Yes, we know it’s one of the dreaded subjects when it comes to planning a wedding. But we’ve got good news for you: it’s a myth that you need to spend a fortune to organize a beautiful wedding! There are many ways to cut the costs, and since you’re considering having a small wedding, you’re already doing your wallet a favor. Still, it’s best to dive into the planning process with a precise budget.

A huge portion of your spendings will go toward securing the wedding venue. However, when setting the budget, remember to also think about all the other important details, such as catering, flowers, decorations, entertainment, the photographer, etc. This will help you determine what kind of venue you can afford, or which are the things that you’re willing to compromise on. Once you’re clear on the budget, Tagvenue makes it easy to search for spaces that fall within your desired price range.

Set the date

Another important task to get out of the way is choosing the date. There are many ways to approach this. You can pick a date that’s important to you, you can pick a preferred month or season or you can stay completely flexible and focus on finding the perfect venue first, and then choose your wedding date based on the venue’s availability. It’s all up to you, but if you go with the last approach, you’ll unlock more venue options and increase your chances of securing the one that you really want.

Figure out the guest list

Another piece of information that will help you find and book the ideal wedding venue is the determining the estimated number of guests. While putting together the guest list, try to be mindful of who you really want to invite. If you want to have a small wedding, focus on those who are the most special to you, such as your closest family and friends. Keeping the number of guests low will make your wedding more personal and intimate, and it will also help you stick to the budget. Fewer guests will fit into a smaller venue, which typically will be more affordable, and it also means lower costs for food and drinks.

Indoor or outdoor?

Now, let’s talk about your vision for the big day. Do you want to rent an elegant indoor space with an intimate vibe, or do you picture yourself saying “I do” under the open sky? With its great weather all year round, Austin is a dreamy location for outdoor weddings, and if you’re looking for small venues, you’ll find plenty of charming patios, gardens or even rooftops with scenic views. Of course, sometimes the heat can get extreme, so that’s one thing to keep in mind when searching for venues (make sure there’s enough shade!).

Or maybe you’d prefer to host some part of the wedding outdoors, and some part indoors? Many couples choose to have an outdoor ceremony, then move to an indoor venue for the reception. If that’s part of your vision, Austin boasts plenty of restaurants, hotels and other types of venues that offer both indoor and outdoor spaces ideal for a wedding.

Plan the entertainment

Last but not least, think about what you want to do at your dream wedding. Do you want to dance with your guests until the early morning hours, do you want to hire a live band or a DJ, or would you rather keep it low-key with a celebratory dinner? This is your day, so feel free to do it your way! Just be mindful of how much space you’re going to need, and make sure your venue has all the necessary facilities (e.g. sound equipment, some space where the band can set up, a dance floor, etc.).

FAQs about Small Wedding Venues in Austin, TX

What’s the average cost of organizing a wedding in Austin?

According to, the average cost of organizing a wedding in Austin is around $21,000 (data from 2021). If this sounds like a lot, you may be happy to hear that it is still lower than the national average, which is $28,000 according to Around 30 per cent of the total cost, or even more, is typically devoted to renting the wedding venue.

How much does it cost to rent a small wedding venue in Austin?

This will largely depend on the type of venue you choose, but the average cost of renting a small wedding venue in Austin is $1,000-$2,000 per day. This will typically include the rental of all tables and chairs, as well as the setup and cleanup. You may also have to pay an additional fee for other things like catering, beverages, or linens.

Can I bring my own food and drinks to a wedding venue in Austin?

It depends on the venue. Some wedding venues provide their own catering and alcohol and won’t allow you to bring anything from the outside. If you would like to hire your own vendors or buy alcohol in bulk to save some money, look for venues that allow external catering and BYOB. You can easily do that by selecting appropriate filters on

Which Austin neighborhood is the best for a wedding?

Austin is a wonderful place to have a wedding, and there are many great neighborhoods that can make your dream day a reality. Downtown Austin is brimming with cool restaurants, bars, and historic buildings. There are also plenty of hotels if your wedding guests need accommodation. Try an area such as South Congress if you’re looking for a vibrant and energetic location. If you want a hip location with plenty of character, look for wedding venues in East Austin. And if you’re dreaming of an outdoor wedding, West Austin is a popular option,  with its wide open spaces and gorgeous views of the lake and hills.

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