Meeting Spaces for Rent in Austin, TX

Meeting Spaces for Rent in Austin, TX

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Top Meeting Spaces in Austin, TX

When you're looking for meeting spaces in Austin, look no further than Tagvenue! We offer a list of many great locations across the city, and we're constantly adding new ones. We've got everything from small-scale meeting rooms to sprawling ballrooms, and whether you need something intimate or expansive, well-equipped or simple, we’ll be sure to find it for you. Around here, we recognize that business is an important part of everyday life, and we want to make sure everyone has the best options available when the time comes to host a meeting or event. So scroll through our selection of meeting spaces in Austin, and pick the perfect place for you!

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Meeting Spaces Rental Guide

Wondering if renting a meeting space makes sense? We're so glad you asked!

Here are the top three reasons to rent meeting spaces in Austin:

  1. The city is growing quickly, and many people are moving here to take advantage of the opportunities that come with a booming economy. This means that there are more businesses, more residents, and more events happening all over the town than ever before.
  1. Austin has a great culture of entrepreneurship and innovation—which means that there's tons of demand for meeting spaces from startups, as well as from established companies who want to host seminars or workshops for employees or clients.
  1. Meeting spaces in Austin are often designed with employees in mind—so if you're looking for a fun way to boost morale among your team members, renting a meeting space could be just the thing!

Still in a bit of a pickle whether this is something you’ll want to do? Let’s dispel some more of your doubts and come to positive conclusions. Are you worried about money? Well, renting a meeting space is more cost-effective than buying an office building or renting out temporary space. It also gives you access to spaces that were designed for meetings and conferences—so they'll be soundproofed and equipped with the latest technology. And last but not least, it allows you to book the space just when you need it—so if things change at the last minute, you should be able to reschedule everything (although you ought to check the venue’s cancellation policy). 

Once you set up a meeting in one of the professional rooms located on Tagvenue, you won’t know why you haven’t planned a meeting in one of these spaces sooner. Clean, comfy and efficient, these locations are not going to let you down in your time of need. In many cases, you’ll even be able to use the coffee and snack machines in the common area. So go and grab that cuppa and croissant, and let’s get down to business!

How to have a successful meeting

If you've ever been in a meeting, you know that they can be as effective as they are frustrating. But by following these tips, you'll be able to make sure that your meetings are productive and enjoyable for everyone involved!

  1. Make sure you have everything ready before the meeting starts, including snacks and beverages for everyone, any necessary materials like handouts or projectors, and don’t forget to set an agenda for the meeting before you start. This should include all the items that need to be discussed—remember to include time for questions and answers at the end of each topic, be ready to explain things along the way and let others participate in the meeting at least to some degree, so it’s not a one-sided conversation.
  2. Make sure that everyone who needs to be in attendance is actually there. You don't want someone missing out on vital information because they didn't show up on time. But make sure that the meeting starts on time nonetheless, just stress the importance of everyone arriving on time so that things run smoothly. 
  3. Sometimes meetings cause arguments, and it’s a good idea to keep in mind what to do if things start getting heated. Don’t be afraid to take a break, and get back to the meeting once things cool down. A quick breather can help everyone sort their thoughts out and get back into focus, so they can finish what needs doing without being distracted by emotions getting in the way of productivity.
  4. Take notes during the meeting so that when it's time for action later down the road, there will be no questions about what was said or decided during discussions. Especially if you have a lot of colleagues from different departments within your company/organization/etc. Note if there are any tasks delegated to other employees, or if someone has delegated a task to you. It would be rather embarrassing down the line if someone forgot any meeting details which were a crucial part of work for certain departments or people.
  5. Check out the equipment, what’s available, and make sure it’s working before the meeting. Have all screens, projectors, computers, copiers and everything else ready. Grab the coffee, water and snacks beforehand, get the AC going and make sure that everyone knows not to disturb you once the meeting starts. 

Last but not least, make sure to get some feedback after the meetings, whether anonymous or not (depending on how comfortable the participants will be with sharing their thoughts). Check out if your coworkers think that the meetings are crucial, or if they can be shortened into an email. You can also ask for a performance review from some of your older peers to have a good idea of how you present.

FAQs about Meeting Spaces in Austin, TX

What are the perks of renting meeting spaces in Austin?

You're getting a space where you can meet up with your colleagues or clients in a professional environment that helps you create a lasting impression on them. If you're hosting a big event, like a conference, then this is especially important—you want to make sure your guests feel like they're in a safe, quality location. But the benefits of renting meeting spaces go beyond just appearances: you can feel comfortable with a space that has all typical office amenities, and if your own office is lacking professional equipment, you’ll be sure to find the right things here.

How much do meeting spaces in Austin cost?

You can expect meeting spaces at a wide range of prices, which usually depends on the size and location of the venue. Set a budget and check out deals starting from $50 per hour, and ending with $100 per hour for top-notch locations. (All data from

What are some of the best conference rooms in Austin?

You can find large spaces that are perfect for conferences, product shows and any other type of large company events. Check out the Meeting Room at Vintage Villas Hotel & Events if you want to host events for up to 200 people. MedtoMarket Event and Conferencing Center, located near the St. Elmo District, offers multiple meeting and conference rooms at sizes varying from 10 up to 160 guests.

What are some of the best small meeting spaces in Austin?

If you need small spaces for company meetings then make sure to check out Walnut Creek Conference Room at Innovation WorkSpaces. Located between Cedar Park and Brushy Creek, it’s the perfect venue for businesses. For a price of $40 per hour it’s a bargain among other meeting rooms in Austin. And if you don’t have a tight budget and would like something a little more fancy, then we recommend taking a look at Vessel Offsite at Vessel Coworking - Austin. Rent for $100 per hour.

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