Birthday Party Venues for Rent in Austin, TX

Birthday Party Venues for Rent in Austin, TX

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Top Birthday Party Venues in Austin, TX

Are you planning your kid’s birthday party? Getting ready to celebrate your 21st? Or you’re hosting your best friend’s big 50th? No matter the occasion, Austin has something for everyone, from cafes and restaurants to spacious event venues and ballrooms. Here at Tagvenue, we’re well aware that finding the ideal place can be challenging, but at the same time, we’re confident that you’ll discover just the right spot for your party among our listings! Sounds exciting? Don’t wait any longer - get to browsing birthday party venues in Austin, find your favorite, and book it within minutes!

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Birthday Party Venues Rental Guide

We can’t stop raving about Austin’s birthday party venues, and it shouldn’t surprise you! The city is a fantastic place to throw an epic bash, celebrate with a low-key dinner, or do anything in between. But whatever occasion you’re planning to throw, one thing is sure: you and your guests will have a chance to party in style. And thanks to our selection of the best party venues in Austin and a short guide to a successful birthday celebration, it’ll definitely happen! The perfect setting to create memories with family and friends awaits! 

Have a quick look at what we’ve prepared and discover all the best spots for a birthday party in Austin! And if you need some extra tips or inspiration, keep reading!

Guide to a smashing birthday party

Birthday parties are usually a lot of fun, isn’t that right? But of course, not all parties are the same, and it might happen that one is more successful than the other. But don’t worry even a bit! We want to help you throw a party that your guests will be gushing about for weeks to come, so check out our short guide below and get inspired by some of our favorite tips!

  • Determine your budget - Calculating how much you’ll be able to spend on the whole endeavor is a great first step to take in your planning process. It will help you narrow your search and ensure you’re only browsing those venues that fall within your budget. How? It’s easier than you might think! On Tagvenue, you can easily set your price range to show only those restaurants that fit your budget. If you’re planning a lavish party, we suggest looking at places that offer per-person packages or minimum spend pricing structures. This way, you’ll be able to host a fantastic party without the need to break the bank.
  • Find a killer location - Or, in other words, a place that’s easy to get to. If you find a place you’re dying to party in but it’s not in your local area, it’s absolutely fine as long as you make sure neither you nor your guests mind the trip. While picking the perfect location for your party, consider its access to any major roads and public transportation. And don’t forget about those of your guests that will be traveling by car! They’ll need somewhere to park, so it would be ideal if there is a parking lot right by the venue. 
  • Finger-licking menu - All a successful party needs, apart from a good venue and fantastic company, is absolutely top-notch catering!  You can either rent a restaurant serving your favorite cuisine or go for a venue that doesn’t offer in-house catering and then sort the food out with the help of your trusted caterers. After all, Austin’s fabulous food scene is diverse, so no matter what kind of menu you have in mind, you’ll have a chance to have it at your event. And there’s one more thing to consider: your guests’ dietary restrictions. Make sure that whatever is served at your party, everyone will have something to nibble on. 
  • Put everyone in the party mood - It’s not as hard as it sounds, trust us. Let’s start with picking the right venue! Do you envision lots of natural light or a dimly lit place where you could set the mood with candles and fairy lights? Apart from the light, think of the venue’s decor! Another thing to consider: decorations! If the venue’s policy allows it, put up decorations that will transform the space. And let’s not forget about music! Prepare one playlist that will be playing in the background during the meal and a different one for dancing the night away after everyone is full. 
  • Plan out entertainment - Parties are so much more than just sitting at the table or drinking (although they can be, we don’t judge)! But in case you want to spice the event up, we suggest you prepare some fun activities to entertain your guests throughout the party - especially if it’s a kid’s birthday! Go for something that people of all generations will love, such as a dance-off or charades. But if games are not your thing, how about hiring the birthday person’s beloved musician to play a short gig? Consider it and see whether your budget would allow for such a surprise! And last but not least, hire a professional mixologist or a bartender to prepare custom cocktails for everyone! 
  • Add personal touches - Any birthday party should be all about the birthday person, without a doubt! So forget about other guests (to a certain extent, of course), think of the place you’d die to spend such a special day in, the beloved cuisine you’d really like to feast on during the party, the theme, your favorite music, etc. It’s not much extra work, but we’re sure it will make a huge difference for the birthday person.

FAQs about Birthday Party Venues in Austin, TX

How far in advance should I book a birthday party venue?

We suggest you start your search at least 2 or 3 months before your event date. This way, you’ll have a chance to check out as many venues around Austin as possible, compare offers and prices and eventually book the place that meets all of your criteria.

How much does it cost to rent a birthday party venue in Austin?

Birthday party venues in Austin usually offer special per-person packages with prices starting at $12 and reaching up to $139 per person. But that’s not all! You can also rent places that charge you a minimum spend starting around $1500 and reaching up to $3500. (Based on data from Tagvenue.)

Which Austin areas have the best birthday party venues?

The exciting thing about Austin is that the city screams PARTY and is filled with venues ideal for all kinds of celebrations! For a party with a view, book a place somewhere around Downtown. North Austin is home to party venues of all shapes and sizes. Whether you want to party in a quirky restaurant, a quaint brewery, or a lively club, check that neighborhood out without a doubt. Central Austin’s swanky bars and upscale restaurants are perfect for celebrating another trip around the sun! And last but not least: East Austin! Pop on your dancing shoes and celebrate in one of the exciting spots there!

Where in Austin can I get party supplies?

There are several Party City stores around the whole city, so no matter where you live, you can go to your local one and get all the necessities. If you’re near South Congress, you can pop into Soco Partyland and do your shopping there. And if you’d like to have a pinata at your celebration, you won’t find a bigger selection than the one that Pinata Party Palace offers.

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