Beer Gardens for Rent in Austin, TX

Beer Gardens for Rent in Austin, TX

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Top Beer Gardens in Austin, TX

Spend your weekend in the best way possible inside one of Austin’s best beer gardens! Enjoy a wide variety of beers, including craft brews and seasonal options while you nibble on some fab sliders or flatbread. Listen to live music from local artists who love performing at the city’s coolest spots, and make sure to invite awesome people you love hanging out with. In this sunny weather, there’s honestly nothing better than chilling outdoors with your favorite drink and snack, so don’t wait any longer! Check out the nicest beer gardens in Austin today!

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Beer Gardens Rental Guide

Beer gardens are a great way to celebrate the summer. You can have a picnic or watch a game while enjoying your favorite brew. You’ll most likely be able to fit all your friends or family in the venue, and enjoy your time with them. With so many people living inside apartments these days, there’s a really big demand for spaces where you can spend some time outdoors. And while parks are great spaces for walks, they won’t offer you all the perks that a beer garden will. So if you’ve been missing a lovely space outside where you can chill out with a drink amongst your favorite people, we recommend that you go out and rent one. And if you still need just a little more convincing, here's why we think renting a beer garden is a great idea:

  1. You can choose your own setup. Here in Austin, there’s a lot of cool spaces which come in all different sizes, shapes, different decorations, arrangements, and lights strung up over your heads. Everyone can find a corner for themselves. There are spaces which give a more industrial vibe, and there are also locations which offer a green and leafy vibe and shield you from the hustle and bustle of the city. If that sounds like the kind of location you’re after, then make sure to check out (link!). 
  1. The beer garden you will rent could provide entertainment for all your guests, including live music and DJs. If you’re planning to rent the space for a whole event which involves lots of people, you could even hire someone to play if the venue allows it. If not, check out the situation with the sound system and find out if you can play some music from your phone at the very least.
  1. You don't have to clean up afterwards. Cleaning up is usually one of the things that no one looks forward to doing. Well, by renting one of Austin’s beer gardens, you’ll be saving yourself the trouble of any end of evening clean up. 
  1. It's something different! A change of scenery can do wonders for your mood. After the end of a long week, the last thing you want to do is feel mentally drained. By going to a space you haven’t seen before, or one that you don’t attend often, you’ll be able to recharge for the following week. 

So you see, renting a beer garden has a lot of benefits. Especially if you’re planning a party! The only thing better than drinking a cold one after work is sharing a drink with friends—and that's exactly what we're going to help you to do. 

Here are our tips for throwing the best beer garden party in Austin ever:

Find a great venue. Explore our site and pick the perfect location. There are plenty of cool places around town where you can hang out and drink on a hot summer day. Check out our recommendations in the FAQ section below.

Get the food and drinks situation handled early on in the day—let your guests know about the menu before they come so they have a chance to think about what they’d like to eat and drink. Make sure craft beer staples are included, such as lagers, IPA’s, stout beer and porter. Some of your guests will love crisp and refreshing beers, while others will love bitter and dark brews. And while you’re checking out the beer choices, make sure you have the right foods alongside the beers. If you want to stick to safe foods, we recommend anything BBQ. 

Set up games, and have them easily accessible for everyone. We recommend cornhole or badminton if there's enough space; otherwise, try setting up some lawn games like beer pong. And if there’s still not enough space for that, get some board games like Jenga or any other party staples, and enjoy a bit of friendly rivalry. 

Check out if you can set up a space for dancing. We know that rearranging the venue might not be a possibility, but if you know that you’re renting the entire space and your guests are really into dancing, why not rent a location which has a dance floor, or one where tables and chairs can be rearranged to make one? As the night goes on, people will be more and more willing and ready to dance. So why not give them what they’re asking for!

Make sure your guests can get to the venue easily and that there’s enough space for them to park, or travel by public transport. This is why we recommend renting spaces which are located in the center and the more populus neighborhoods of Austin.

FAQs about Beer Gardens in Austin, TX

What type of food is the most popular for a beer garden party?

Beer garden parties usually serve dishes like pizza, burgers, BBQ, and in general quite a lot of fast foods. You can also come across some yummy Mexican food, such burritos, fajitas and tapas. Anything that you can hold with your fingers is going to fit the theme!

Do venues provide heaters for beer gardens?

Yes, most of the time venues will have heaters for chilly evenings (or mornings). So if you see the temperatures dropping slightly, you don’t have to stress about your guests getting too cold. Just ask the staff to turn up the temperature, and you’ll be good to go.

What’s the price range for beer gardens in Austin?

The price range starts at around $12 per person. Depending on the time, size and location of the venue, expect prices to vary. Some venues can be quite pricey, so have a chat with your friends if you can all get together and chip in!

What are some of the best beer gardens in Austin?

Make sure to check out Covered Patio at Moontower Saloon, located near Southpark Meadows. For the price of $2000 on a minimum spend basis, it’s a great deal for smaller events, when you want to chill in an intimate setting. But if your plan is to invite many people, perhaps a locale like Outside at Rock House Bar and Trailer Park will be more to your liking. For a price of $30 per person, it’s not too expensive, yet it provides quite the atmosphere. You can expect a wide range of craft beers as well as delicious sliders!

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