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If you're throwing yourself a birthday bash, why not do it in a restaurant? The food is always great, the atmosphere is full of buzz, and you get the added bonus of everyone's attention being squarely on you the whole night! Sounds great, right? And what’s even greater? Tagvenue will help you find the ideal space that matches your needs and budget from among an array of our fantastic spaces in Austin! Breeze through our curated list of birthday restaurants and choose your favorite one today!

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Birthday Restaurants Rental Guide

Who doesn’t love birthdays?! It’s one of the most special days of the year where it’s all about YOU and making your wishes come true! Then why not make yourself a present and head out with the crowd to celebrate in one of Austin’s best restaurants? In this funky town, you’ve got an array of options to choose from! From fancy restaurants in SoCo and local favorites in East Austin to the hip Warehouse District with bistros and eateries full of character – it would be a shame not to use such an opportunity to spoil yourself with an extraordinary dining experience! So, are you in to stun your guest with a memorable restaurant outing? Then take a look at Tagvenue’s selection of Austin’s best restaurants and pick the one that matches your needs and budget in a flash! 

How to host a birthday party to remember in one of Austin’s restaurants?

Planning a birthday bash at a restaurant? Fabulous! So you’re probably wondering how to make the celebrations out of this world, right? Luckily, you’ve got us, Tagvenue!  And we’ve just prepared an expert guide with some fantastic tips and tricks on how to make the birthday party one to remember! Once you take a quick read, you will be more than ready to spend some quality time with your loved ones and make a toast to you, the celebrant! Give it a go and thank us later!  

Pick a theme - A theme makes every event more exciting! And hosting a birthday party is the ideal occasion to come up with one that is all about you and the things you love. Don’t be afraid to ask people to come in polo T-shirts if that’s what everyone knows you for, or make the event all about wine and serve your favorite Rose wine with complimentary treats.  

Consider the location - Central Austin or Downtown? Perhaps the Eastern parts of the city or SoCo? Location is one of the most important elements to consider as it has a huge impact on attendance. So whatever option you choose, make sure to check whether the restaurant offers private parking, or at least a decent connection to public transportation as your guests will be happier to come once they know they can easily reach the restaurant’s location. 

Plan the layout in advance - How would you like everyone to be seated? Do you prefer rectangular or round tables? Perhaps you’d like all of your guests to sit together? Figuring out the layout is key to having a fun and relaxed dinner celebration, so make sure you have it done before you start looking for potential restaurants where you can host your party. Also, mind that some places have fixed settings, so it might be impossible to change it according to your vision –  discussing that matter with the venue manager at the early stages will quickly help you decide if the space will be the ideal one. 

Don’t forget about the music! - If you want everyone to feel comfortable and happy, play some good music! A great idea is to ask everyone to add their favorite tunes to the special birthday playlist you can create on Spotify or iTunes. Or you can bring the celebrations to a brand new level by booking a space with live music that will be softly playing in the background. Either way, the atmosphere will be truly remarkable once there is some music! 

Add some decorations - It’s always nice to add some theme-matching decorations as they will quickly get everyone into a celebratory mood and make the event personal. For example, you can bring some flowers from your favorite florist and set them on the table, or balloons that will match the color scheme of your party. Most restaurants have tabletop candles too, which is an inexpensive way to spruce things up. 

Play with the menu - Something casual or more refined? Celebrating a birthday is the ideal excuse to go off the beaten path and try out something new. And Austin’s flourishing culinary scene is worth being explored because it offers anything from the classy TexMex treats to fancy dishes with unexpected twists! Maybe you’ve always wanted to try the famous Korean crispy chicken or beef bulgogi? Or do you have a whim to splurge on the tasting menu in one of the high-end restaurants? Whatever you wish, go for it and spoil your palate with something you might enjoy!

Have you taken the notes? Great! Now you’re ready to plan a birthday party to remember. But in order to make it happen, you need to find an ideal Austin restaurant. And Tagvenue will help you with that as well! Take our smart engines for a spin and enjoy a vast list of options!

FAQs about Birthday Restaurants in Austin, TX

How much does it cost to rent a birthday restaurant in Austin?

For renting a restaurant for a birthday celebration, you should expect the prices to start at $40 and reach up to $90+ per person. The food and beverage minimum can range from as little as $500 up to $5000+. This is a convenient option for large groups. But it’s always best to ask for an individual offer that will be based on your number of guests, date and time, etc.

Where in Austin can I find the best restaurants for my birthday?

If you want something a little more casual on your birthday, SoCo is the place to be! You can find everything from burgers and tacos to fine dining restaurants. And in case you’re looking for a space that is near to some great bars, pubs, and clubs, you should swing by the Warehouse District.

Can I decorate a rented restaurant?

The short answer is: yes, you can decorate a rented restaurant space. However, there are some limitations on what you can and cannot do in terms of décor. You’ll be allowed to bring in decorations such as flowers, balloons, or standing banners. But when it comes to items such as glitter or confetti, the chances are high that you’ll meet with a refusal, as they are not allowed at most restaurants.

How far in advance should I book a birthday restaurant in Austin?

We suggest booking your favorite spot at least three months in advance. This will give you plenty of time to plan your menu, make any special requests, and ensure that you get the best offer that fits your price range.

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