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Diverse, iconic and absolutely cool, Austin, Texas has an amazing range of photo studios. But what if you're looking for something more unique? What if you want a studio space that will take your photos to the next level? Check out our selection of some of the best photo studios in the city and rent an amazing space for your next photo shoot. Need to book a place asap? Check out our list of photo studios and book one in a flash!

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Photo Studios Rental Guide

Austin is a great city with an abundance of things to do and see. So, if you're looking for a photo studio in Austin, you’ve got plenty of options. Whether you want to rent a space for your own personal use or if you need something larger for an event or gathering, there are several types of studios ready to suit your needs. The spaces on our list offer top-level professional spaces, as well as more relaxed interiors that are ideal if you’re going for that laid-back vibe and nonchalant look. Not sure what you’re actually searching for yet? Not a problem, with our shortlist and guide, you’ll be on track in no time. First off, let's start with some of the types of studios you can expect to find here in Austin. 

Photo studios you can rent in Austin:

Commercial Photo Studio Spaces: these types of spaces are perfect for larger events, such as weddings or product launches. You'll have access to professional lighting and equipment, which will make your photos look unique, polished and perfect for any type of social media coverage, or simply for good-looking photos meant for personal use. 

Portrait Studios: portrait studios will give you space to take individual portraits or group shots with your friends. This is perfect for anyone who wants to get their picture taken but doesn't want to spend a ton of money on it. These cute and intimate spaces sometimes offer equipment, but many times you will be expected to bring your own bits and pieces which otherwise would be available in commercial studios. However, you can usually expect things like backdrops, some forms of lighting and tripods. These studios can also be rented for editorial purposes. Have a plan of your photo shoot in mind before you book the space and rent a studio space or two according to your needs.

Event Spaces: if you're planning an event that involves photography, then look no further than a big event space! This type of venue offers plenty of room for everyone involved in the shoot, as well as plenty of space for props and other equipment. Event spaces in Austin are also great as backgrounds, no matter what type of shoot you’re planning. Check out the city’s awesome warehouses, big venue spaces, galleries and many more. You can find some great unique locations which will be sure to draw attention to your lovely photography skills. Need some inspiration? Then take a look at venues such as Vulcan Gas Company!

You can also divide studio spaces into two other types of categories:

Relaxed photo studios: These kinds of spaces are perfect for aspiring photographers who want to start out small, as well as anyone looking for a setting with more of a personal touch. Some of these studios are located in apartments and galleries, while others might just be pre-staged event spaces. They are ideal if you’re looking for a laid-back environment that’s not too formal but still professional enough to make sure your photos come out beautifully! Such spaces usually offer a really nice background for your photoshoot, but don’t offer too much wiggle room when it comes to changing the backdrop. These types of studios might not be perfect for product or portrait photography, but they have their purposes! If you’re up for experimenting with a particular theme, even for an out-of-the-box editorial photoshoot, definitely check them out! If that sounds like something you’re after, then check out the RichesArt Gallery!

Professional photo studios: If you want a space that has all the bells and whistles, then these types of studios are the ones for you! These locations may be more expensive than the others, but they allow you to work with professional equipment and sometimes even professionals who can help make sure that your photos come out looking amazing. You’ll have to check the offer, but some studios come with the option to rent a crew (or at least a person or two) to help you out with the photography process. Other than that, expect amenities which are otherwise absent in other types of spaces, such as cycloramas, make-up or dressing rooms, or computers with built-in software, etc. For professional studios check out commercial or portrait studios, and if you want some more inspiration, then take a look at Multi-Set Warehouse Studio at Trailr Park Studios.

As you see, there are a lot of options here in Austin. Depending on the type of shoot you’re planning, you will be choosing a different type of location. If your plan is to rent a couple of spaces, then we strongly recommend checking out locations in a similar area, or ones which are easily accessible by public transportation. If you still have any more questions, then make sure to head to our FAQ section below.

FAQs about Photo Studios in Austin, TX

How much do photo studios in Austin cost?

Photo studios in Austin come at a range of $20 per hour to around  $150 per hour. Depending on the type of studio, expect the price to rise or fall accordingly. More professional spaces with good equipment are bound to be a bit more pricey. (Based on data from Tagvenue.)

What equipment is generally available inside Austin photo studios?

In most studios you should be able to find some equipment such as certain types of lights, light diffusers, reflectors and light stands as well as tripods. In some spaces you’ll also be able to find different backdrops, cables, light meters, computers with software, and in some cases even a person or two to help you out.

Can I book a natural light photography studio in Austin?

Of course! There are many natural light/daylight studios in Austin, so make sure to scroll through Tagvenue’s list - there is quite a fine selection of studios you’re bound to get good use from.

How do I organize a photo shoot in Austin?

Arranging a photography session might seem a bit intimidating, especially if you’re still a beginner! But don’t worry, we’ve prepared a short list of tips to guide you through the process and ensure everything goes smoothly.

  • Visualize the shoot. Before you can even think of booking a photo studio in Austin, you have to know very well what your plan is. You can make a vision board of what you want to achieve and, based on that, list everything you will need to bring that to life. Figure out the props, backdrops, and equipment that is necessary for the session, as well as how much space and lighting you need. This will help you realize what kind of studio you are looking for!
  • Check your crew’s availability. Whether you’re working with an entire team or just one model, it’s good to know when they are available for your shoot. It will give you a good idea of the possible time frames when you’re browsing your options in Austin.
  • Look through the listings. It’s best to rent a photo studio for your shoot, so you will be able to run everything smoothly. Use our free venue finder to browse through all your options and find a studio that fits your needs.
  • Organize the equipment and transport. Once you’ve chosen a studio, you know what additional equipment you need to bring by yourself and what is available on-site. Make sure you can easily transport everything to the photo studio in Austin; if you’re bringing large gear, a venue with a loading dock is the best choice.
  • Lights, camera, action! The preparations are done and you can move on to the actual shoot. You know best what you want to achieve, so just make sure the set-up is right, everyone knows what they’re doing, and let the session roll.

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