Outdoor Venues for Rent in Austin, TX

Outdoor Venues for Rent in Austin, TX

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Top Outdoor Venues in Austin, TX

The weather is so lovely outside here in Austin, it would be a sin not to take advantage of it. Fancy a brunch, drinks or dinner? Then check out our selection of fabulous locales! From beautiful gardens and terraces to rooftop venues and unique event spaces. Grab your friends, plan a fun event, and let the venue be in charge of the rest. Enjoy delicious food, have a laugh as you sip on amazing drinks made by the city’s top bartenders, and forget about stress, work and anything else that makes you frown. Are you convinced yet? That’s what we thought! Keep scrolling for the best outdoor venues in Austin!

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Outdoor Venues Rental Guide

Want to rent a venue, but you’re not so sure what location fits the agenda? Well, the good news is that you really can rent gorgeous venues for any type of event, and you’ll be sure to love the outcome. Invite your favorite people, decorate the space, get some live entertainment or prepare some amazing DIY decor. From birthdays to weddings, there are so many occasions that you can celebrate in an outdoor venue in Austin. 

Want some inspiration? Here are just a few of our favorites:

-Weddings: There are so many beautiful locations in the city where you can get married. From lush green spaces to historic buildings, you’re bound to find the ideal outdoor space. From the moment you walk down the aisle until you say "I do," your guests will be blown away by the beauty of it all.

-Birthdays: Celebrating your birthday outside is a great way to get out of the house and enjoy some fresh air while celebrating with your friends or family members. You could even have them throw confetti or balloons into the air as they sing "Happy birthday!"

-Anniversaries: If you're celebrating an anniversary or any other milestone event, there's no better place than an outdoor venue in Austin! They offer beautiful scenery and ample space for dancing and mingling without feeling crowded or uncomfortable.

-Reunions: Whether it’s a family reunion, a get together for your high school class or any other type of reconciliation, reunions are a fab way to reminisce over old times, freshen up long-lost contacts and have a laugh amongst people you don’t get to see so often. 

-After work drinks: Who said the occasion had to be a big deal? Why shouldn’t you rent a space to grab a drink or two with friends or coworkers after a long week (or even just a long day). You know you deserve it, and we know it too. There are some cool spaces that are especially perfect for this type of ‘special occasion’, so keep reading to find out about our favorite spots in Austin!

-Company parties: Is a special occasion in your company coming up? An anniversary, celebration or an integration party? Company parties are great for getting together out of the office and enjoying hanging out with the rest of your coworkers, bosses or even business partners. Make sure to send out the invites early, and get everyone to reply, and enjoy an afternoon with snacks and integration games outside. 

By now you might have some idea of what occasion you might want to celebrate, or what type of event you might want to host. Awesome! We’re halfway there. But do you know what makes a successful renting process?

Outdoor venues rental guide

To rent a venue in the most optimal way, there are a couple of things you might want to take into consideration before renting the space. 

How much does it cost?

You can rent venues by the hour or by the day. Prices vary depending on how many people  fit inside the venues and whether or not there are any special amenities such as catering or parking available at any of the locations.

What kind of space do I need?

Venues come in all shapes and sizes—from large open fields to small backyards—so make sure that you know what kind of space you need before booking a venue! If you have more guests than seats at your event location, consider renting some, so everyone can enjoy themselves comfortably throughout the night (and maybe even hang out after!). Also, consider whether there's enough natural shade or shelter from the sun at your chosen location.

What type of cuisine do I want?

Consider what kind of food or drinks will be served at your event and make sure that they won't go bad if left out in the heat all day long! Also, think if you want to serve appetizers, full dishes, alcoholic beverages, etc. Is the venue suited for the type of food and drinks you’re going for (e.g.: a cocktail style party is probably not going to support 3-course meals). 

Who do I want to invite?

Is it going to be friends, family, or a gathering of strangers? Are you preparing an event which needs to have invitations sent out or a small get-together where you’ll secure all the details via text? Is it going to cause offense if you don’t invite certain people (depending on the event), and would it be customary to invite plus ones? 

Is there a theme I should consider?

Are you going to have a formal party, or a laid back one? Black tie, or casual? Let your guests know so that everyone has the opportunity to dress accordingly and feel comfortable. Let’s stick with Hawaiian t-shirts and flip-flops, or with elegant clothing. Mixing it up might be just a little… odd. 

FAQs about Outdoor Venues in Austin, TX

How much do outdoor venues in Austin cost?

You can expect a price range of around $550 per day to about $1000. Make sure to check out which spaces offer prices per person (if you’re planning to invite a smaller amount of guests), and compare with event spaces that offer fees per the whole day. (All data from Tagvenue.com)

What are some of the best outdoor venues in Austin?

Take a look at Roofdeck at Inn Cahoots, which is one of the most beautiful outdoor spaces in the city. The venue offers gorgeous views of the city and suburbs, with a sweet deal like that, you can’t walk past indifferently! Fancy something a little different? Then head in the areas of Manchaca where you can find the gorgeous Entire Sanctuary at Lotus Bend Sanctuary.

Which neighborhoods in Austin have the best outdoor venues?

Most outdoor locations are spread around Downtown Austin, and that’s where you can find some of the most popular locales. You will also find some spaces near Barton Hills and in the area of North Loop.

Can I rent affordable outdoor venues in Austin?

The most affordable locations in Austin come at a price of $20 per person. So the short answer is yes! If you want to make the price even lower, you can try getting a BYOB option, reaching out to the host and asking for a discounted price, or trying to rent a space during weekdays and off-season. There are many ways to rent affordably. Make sure to do some research before you do, and you’ll be the guru of renting event spaces at lower prices in no time!

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