Party Venues for Rent in Austin, TX

Party Venues for Rent in Austin, TX

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Top Party Venues in Austin, TX

Can’t wait to get your party started in Austin? Well, we’ve got you covered! There are some fantastic spots in the capital of Texas, so you’re about to be spoiled for choice! A sophisticated restaurant serving amazing meals? An independent brewery? A lively nightclub? Or a quirky joint with Tex-Mex delicacies? Whatever you’re thinking of, you’ll find it in Austin. The city has endless options for great party venues that will suit every taste and need. And the best part is you can book them directly through Tagvenue! So don’t wait any longer - Austin is the perfect party destination!

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Party Venues Rental Guide

Are you ready to have the time of your life in Austin? We might be getting slightly ahead of ourselves, but we strongly believe the city is a fantastic place to host any type of celebration as long as the weather doesn’t get too rough! Thanks to its versatile neighborhoods and one-of-a-kind locations, everyone will find something for themselves. No matter what it is that you’re planning to celebrate, you will discover an almost endless range of options with Tagvenue’s help.

Guide to a smashing party

We all want our parties to not only be unique but also unforgettable. That’s why we encourage you to have a look at our list of must-haves and incorporate them into your planning:

  • A unique space - The venue where you’ll be hosting your party is the first element that will determine whether your party is unforgettable or not. You can either choose a quirky space or somewhere that expresses your style perfectly. Hosting your event in a unique party venue will wow your guests from the moment they step into the place.  
  • Location - You should also consider the location of your party venue and its accessibility. Check whether there are any major roads nearby or what public transport looks like in the area of your choice. For those who’ll be getting to the party by car, ask if there are parking spaces available at the venue.
  • A theme - Don’t let your next party be ordinary! The theme that you choose for your event depends solely on your style and preferences. If you’d like to “go big or go home” for one night, we recommend you create a carnival-themed or Gatsby-like party! But if you’re longing for a tropical getaway, prepare pineapple-themed decorations, bring out the Hawaiian shirts, make coconut drinks, and your luau party is all set!
  • Delicious food - What’s a huge part of any successful party? Food, of course! This is why you shouldn’t overlook the menu! What’s more, we suggest you create the menu very carefully. For a sit-down dinner, choose your favorite meal or pick a signature dish from your beloved cuisine. And feel free to choose whatever you want for the buffet-style catering! It doesn’t matter which catering option you go for, there is only one thing you should keep in your mind at all costs: ensure everything’s made from fresh, high-quality ingredients.  
  • Spectacular drinks - Your guests have to stay hydrated, especially in the Austin heat! Makes sense, doesn’t it? But we encourage you to go a step further! To make the party truly unforgettable, either think about matching the drinks to the food or have a professional mixologist create bespoke cocktails for your event. In case you’re throwing a casual gathering, you can go for the classics. But if there is a theme, the drinks should fit right in as well. And make sure that cocktails served during your party are not only tasty but also pretty!
  • Unique decor - It doesn’t matter how amazing the venue where you’re throwing your party looks, you can’t skip on the decorations, even the basics! Under no circumstances do you have to go all out - a few simple yet thoughtful decorations will work just fine. Fill the balloons with helium and let them hang from the ceiling. Put up some strings and banners. You can also go for decorations that match the party’s theme or are custom-made for the party. If you’re hosting an exquisite event and you’re in need of some sophisticated decorations, you can pick floral arrangements. 
  • Your favorite people - Think carefully about how long you want your guest list to be! Are you thinking of throwing a huge birthday bash? Or perhaps you’re planning an intimate celebration with your closest friends? Whatever you land on, one thing is certain: invite only those that you really want to spend the evening with and that you’ll feel comfortable around.
  • Music - If there’s no music, it’s possible that the party will feel like a serious meeting instead. So don’t be afraid to put on some tunes - even play them softly in the background! If you’re set on using a playlist, make sure it’ll last long enough to avoid repeating the same songs 5 times during the event. Whatever genres you’ll end up choosing is all up to you but one thing is certain: your choices should be determined by your style and the type of event.
  • Entertainment - The activities that will take place during the party don’t have to be lame or boring! But they should definitely be entertaining for your guests and make the party truly unforgettable. Don’t worry, though - they don’t have to be anything over the top! How do you feel about having a dance-off? In case dancing is not your thing, we suggest you host a casino night and experience a night straight from Las Vegas. These are just a few suggestions! Remember, when it comes to planning entertainment for your party only the budget might be the limit.

FAQs about Party Venues in Austin, TX

What type of party venues can I find in Austin?

Austin has a little bit of everything. Dance clubs, cocktail bars, lounges, and restaurants with private dining rooms - however, you’ve envisioned your dream party venue, you’ll most likely find it in this city. As the weather in Austin sometimes calls for picnics, we also recommend you should check out the city’s abundance of outdoor venues and party under the stars.

How much does it cost to rent a party venue in Austin?

Austin is filled with party venues of all shapes and sizes, from affordable intimate spots to elaborate places. This is why the costs may vary greatly! One of the most popular pricing structures is a fee for hourly rental. If you’re planning to rent the venue for a few hours, you can expect rates to range from $100 to $1000 per hour. Another popular (and affordable) option is a party package. You can find plenty of options with this pricing model that start around $12 and rise up to $139 per person. (Based on data from Tagvenue.)

Where in Austin can I find top party venues?

Austin’s Downtown is filled with venues of all shapes and sizes, ready to host your upcoming event. The same goes for Central Austin! The neighborhood boasts many attractions but what’s especially worth having a look at are its fantastic restaurants, bars, and spots that are perfect for late-night celebrations. But that’s not all that the city has to offer! North Austin is a thriving area where you’ll find some of the city’s top breweries and several eateries serving food from all over the world. And last but not least, we recommend heading to East Austin for some laid-back fun. This diverse area offers many unique places, from traditional restaurants to some of the city’s coolest bars where no party will be a boring one.

How can I host a party in Austin on a budget?

First of all, consider the location of your event. Instead of choosing a popular and therefore expensive area, go somewhere off the beaten track. Have a look at one of the up-and-coming neighborhoods and try your luck there. What’s more, think of renting a bar or a backyard for your party. These spaces tend to be more affordable than restaurants. One more thing you could save some money on? The food and beverages! Before booking a venue, ask the venue manager about the place’s policy and whether they allow you to bring your own food and drinks.

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