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Top Small Party Venues in Austin

Planning to party in Austin with your closest crowd? We’ve got a perfect solution for you! Invite the people closest to your heart and throw a small party in one of the city’s venues! Check out all of the options the city offers, from charming cafes, small clubs, private dining rooms, unique restaurants, and rooftops with breathtaking views. No matter what you’ll be celebrating, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect place among Austin’s small party venues! Scroll through our listings and find out what Tagvenue has to offer!

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Small Party Venues Rental Guide

No place is too small when it comes to gatherings. And a small place certainly doesn’t mean less fun! We strongly believe that people are incredibly important for your party’s success but so is choosing the right venue. With Tagvenue’s help, the sky's the limit! Our smart search engine and filters will make it easy to find the perfect spot for your event - all you need to do is type in the price range, the date you’re interested in, the area, the number of guests, and you’ll be ready to start searching! 

Have you already booked the perfect place? Great! Now is the time to prepare a killer game plan and organize a party of the century. For some people, working with a small venue can be quite limiting, so we’ve put together a short guide where you’ll find some basics to help you kick off the planning! We hope you’ll find it at least a tiny bit useful and feel inspired!

Guide to small parties

  • Don’t overdo the guest list - We believe that the size of the venue shouldn’t deter you from throwing an unforgettable party. But at the same time, we’re not saying that you should invite 50 guests to a place that can comfortably accommodate 25. Don’t sweat the guest list - just plan a party for all of your favorite people, even if it will be an intimate one! Think carefully about who has to be by your side and once you have the guest list ready and you know the details of the party (the date, the place, the theme), send out the invitations as soon as possible. A full room feels special, while a big space with little clusters of guests can make it feel empty (and let’s not forget about overspending on an unnecessary space). We encourage you to have a blast with a crowd that will fit perfectly in the small venue of your choice. 
  • Put up decorations - Which way are you going with the decorations for your event: minimalist or maximalist? And are you planning to have a theme? Whatever decision you land on, we’ve got some great news: even tiny touches go a long way in a small space. So no matter if you decide on only fairy lights and confetti scattered on the table, it will be enough! And if you add some balloons and garlands to that mix, it will all look great and help to “wow’ all of your guests. Are you throwing an engagement or an anniversary party? If the answer is yes, we suggest you create a romantic setting! How? Candlelight and fresh flowers will be perfect! Add some personalized details and voila - a dreamy event is ready. 
  • Don’t let your guests leave hungry - The venue set-up and style of the party usually determine the way the food will be served. But that’s a smaller problem, let’s first decide what will be on the menu! Certain things are easier to eat while standing than others. A canape? Easy peasy! A steak? Not so much. So have that in mind when putting the menu together. There are plenty of cuisine options around Austin, so we encourage you to pick the one you like the most. But that’s in case the venue of your choice doesn’t offer in-house catering. So when booking a place, that should be the first thing you ask about. And no matter if you decide on a buffet-style event or a sit-down dinner, we suggest you prepare appetizers either way - people love nibbling on something when having conversations. Oh, and one more thing: make sure that the menu fits everyone’s dietary restrictions. 
  • Entertain your guests - A small place doesn’t mean no place for entertainment! It can be even something subtle. Over the last few years, photo booths have become a popular addition to all kinds of parties but if there is no space for a photo booth in your venue, we suggest you get a few instant cameras and put them around the place. And how do you feel about classic party games? If you’re a fan, we suggest you set aside some time during the evening for a round of Charades. For a truly special occasion consider hiring a bartender who will prepare custom drinks for you and your guests! And one more thing: don’t forget about the music! Make sure there is something playing in the background and once it’s time for a boogie, blast out the best dance hits so that everyone can show off their signature dance moves!

Small venues are great for holding memorable parties! Guests feel more comfortable and can easily interact with one another since they don’t have to look for each other the whole evening. These venues can also host a wide array of occasions, from birthdays and engagement parties to bridal showers and weddings. So no matter what you’re planning, Tagvenue will help you find the perfect fit for your party. To put it simply: get ready to party in Austin!

Small Party Venues in Austin FAQ

What kind of small party venues can I find in Austin?

Austin’s selection of small venues will truly spoil you for choice! No matter the occasion you’re about to celebrate, we assure you that you’ll find the perfect spot there. You can choose from the city’s bars, cafes, restaurants, small clubs, or art galleries, to name just a few. If you’re throwing an outdoor party, consider renting one of the city’s backyards or patios.

How far in advance should I book a party venue?

Most party planners suggest booking the place around 3 to 6 months in advance. This way you’ll have enough time to work out all of the details with the venue and organize other aspects of the party, such as sending out the invitations, preparing decorations, or sorting out entertainment options.

How much does it cost to book a small party venue in Austin?

Many small party venues in Austin offer special packages. The prices of those packages usually range between $12 and $139 per person. It is also possible to rent a place that charges minimum spend. Minimum spend rates start at $1500 and can reach $3500. (Based on data from Tagvenue.)

Where in Austin can I find the best small party venues?

Small venues for all kinds of events can be found around the whole city. However, some areas boast more of them than others. We recommend having a look around Downtown and Central Austin where you’ll be able to find unique places with both modern and traditional decor, as well as outdoor spaces. North Austin is home to some of the city’s top restaurants serving a wide variety of food. But if that’s not your vibe, we suggest heading over to East Austin where you’ll find laid-back spots, for example, cool bars and fantastic cafes boasting hipster vibes. And we can’t miss out on South Congress - the strip in South Austin that is home to plenty of restaurants serving fantastic food. But if you’re looking for a place to relish your favorite beverages, you can do so in one of SoCo’s bars. South Congress also features live music venues and clubs where you can dance the night away, so you can be sure you’ll discover a venue for your party.

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