60 Special Things to Do for Your Birthday in London in 2024

27 mins read
60 Special Things to Do for Your Birthday in London in 2024
April 12, 2024
27 mins read

Standard birthday routines can feel a bit stale, especially if you’re seeking something extraordinary. Thankfully, London boasts no shortage of hidden gems and exclusive experiences, delivering the perfect playground for an unparalleled birthday bash.

From secret rooftop bars with stunning city views to private dining rooms in exquisite locations, the city offers a blend of luxury, adventure, and charm.

We know the sheer number of choices can be overwhelming. Fear not! In this article, you’ll find 60 fun London birthday ideas to make your special day stand out, all categorised and easy to scroll through.

Without further ado, let’s jump right in!

Turn another year older in style

Explore our selection of top London birthday venues and book your perfect party spot today.

🎂 Classic Birthday Celebrations in London

Let’s start with the classics – our handpicked selection of the city’s top-rated brunch spots, chic dinner party locations, and vibrant nightlife destinations.

Birthday Brunch and Lunch Ideas in London

If you’re looking for something fun to do during the day, here’s where to go for a birthday brunch or lunch in London.

1. The Terrace at Doggett’s Coat and Badge

Riverside terrace with comfortable wicker seating, floral accents, and panoramic views of London’s architecture, perfect for a scenic birthday gathering.
Admire the panoramic views from The Terrace at Doggett’s Coat and Badge.

Indulge in a sumptuous brunch or lunch with the panoramic view of St. Paul’s Cathedral and the city’s iconic skyline as your background. If the weather goes south, the venue also boasts a heated pavillion and a large indoor space.

📍 Location: South Bank
👫 Capacity: 35 seats
💰 Price: from £350 hire fee + £3500 min. spend
✨ Highlight: amazing views of London

2. The Outside Stage Deck at Tamesis Dock

Riverside bar deck with panoramic views of the river, casual outdoor seating, and a laid-back atmosphere for a birthday celebration with a view.
Party on the water at The Outside Stage Deck at Tamesis Dock.

If you’re looking for an outdoor brunch spot for a small group, The Outside Stage Deck at Tamesis Dock is a great option. You can also hire The West Facing Deck for a larger group, book the indoor Lower Deck, or even have the whole barge to yourself.

📍 Location: Lambeth
👫 Capacity: 15 seats
💰 Price: from £300 hire fee + £1200 min. spend
Highlight: party-on-the-water experience

3. Small Vault at Tuttons Brasserie Private Dining

Elegant private vault dining space with red leather chairs, chequered floor, and a polished table setting under a curved metal ceiling for a unique birthday dinner.
Clink your glasses at the Small Vault at Tuttons Brasserie Private Dining.

Step into this cosy vaulted space for a unique and intimate birthday brunch. Gather your closest friends for a feast surrounded by the warm checkerboard charm, where every toast feels like a secret shared in good company.

📍 Location: Covent Garden
👫 Capacity: 20 seats
💰 Price: from £15 per person
✨ Highlight: an intimate private dining space

4. Rooftop Terrace at Bow Street Tavern

Vibrant rooftop terrace adorned with lush green walls, floral cushions, and a Tanqueray branded space, ideal for a festive outdoor birthday celebration.
Immerse yourself in colour at the Rooftop Terrace at Bow Street Tavern.

Kick back on this vibrant rooftop terrace for your birthday and sip on cocktails as colourful as the cushions. The terrace at Bow Street Tavern is the perfect urban oasis for toasting to another fabulous year with your favourite people.

📍 Location: Covent Garden
👫 Capacity: 22 seats
💰 Price: from £500 min. spend
✨ Highlight: an enchanting rooftop retreat with a view of the Royal Opera House

5. Summer Terrace at Brasserie Blanc Southbank

Open and airy terrace with lush floral arrangements overhead, comfortable seating, and a refreshing outdoor vibe for a summer birthday gathering.
Summer Terrace at Brasserie Blanc is the perfect spot for a cute outdoor celebration.

Imagine sipping bubbly surrounded by a cascade of flowers at your birthday brunch as you laugh and chat with your guests. With every corner bursting with greenery, it’s a secret garden party in the heart of the city just for you. 

📍 Location: Waterloo
👫 Capacity: 15 seats
💰 Price: from £1125 min. spend
✨ Highlight: a wisteria-canopied oasis offering tropical tranquillity

Birthday Dinner and Night Out Ideas

Let’s move on to birthday party ideas for those who want to explore London’s nightlife!

6. The Cocktail Lounge at Near & Far Camden

Retro-inspired lounge with neon signage, colourful plush seating, and eclectic decor for a funky and cheerful birthday celebration.
Choose The Cocktail Lounge at Near & Far Camden for an electrifying birthday.

Throw a birthday bash in this retro lounge with energetic vibes and cocktails as funky as the decor. It’s the perfect spot for a laid-back night out with pals, where every selfie is as bright and bold as the laughter in the room.

📍 Location: Camden
👫 Capacity: 20 seats
💰 Price: from £100 min. spend
✨ Highlight: a throwback to 60s Palm Springs glam with a twist of modern karaoke fun

7. Cocktail Cabinet at Dirty Martini Monument

Futuristic lounge area with red geometric patterns, plush red booths, and moody lighting creating a vibrant space for a lively birthday party.
Cosy up, have a cocktail or two, then get your feet on the dancefloor! | Cocktail Cabinet at Dirty Martini Monument

Dive into the electric Cocktail Cabinet for a birthday night out where the past and present mingle under moody neon lights. It’s the perfect setting for clinking glasses, indulgent conversations, and dancing the night away to the soundtrack of your new birthday milestone.

📍 Location: the City
👫 Capacity: 90 seats
💰 Price: from £500 min. spend
✨ Highlight: a secluded cocktail haven with bespoke art and a private bar

8. The Private Dining Room at The Last Talisman

Rustic and atmospheric private dining room with exposed brickwork, unique pendant lighting, and cosy wooden furniture for an intimate birthday celebration.
Have an intimate celebration at The Private Dining Room at The Last Talisman.

Gather around this inviting table in your own cosy corner of London and enjoy a birthday dinner where rustic charm meets chic elegance. Let the glow of the candles make your special day feel even more magical.

📍 Location: Bermondsey
👫 Capacity: 20 seats
💰 Price: from £100 min. spend
✨ Highlight: an intimate hideaway with a sizzling Asian grill

9. Private Dining Room at Ninth Ward London

Quaint private dining room featuring traditional wood panelling, vintage portraits, and antique furniture for a classic British birthday dining experience.
Gather around the table for a celebratory meal at the Private Dining Room at Ninth Ward London.

Step back in time and surround yourself with the warm glow of history for your celebration in Ninth Ward’s private dining room. With its plush patterns and antique wood, this opulent space will make your birthday dinner a true feast.

📍 Location: Farringdon
👫 Capacity: 14 seats
💰 Price: from £100 min. spend
✨ Highlight: a storied room blending industrial chic with vintage flair

10. The Wildwood Room at The Green Man

Traditional pub dining area with green walls, cosy bench seating, hanging fairy lights, and a warm, inviting ambiance for a casual birthday meal.
Enjoy a laid-back birthday celebration at a friendly pub. | The Wildwood Room at The Green Man

Here’s to a night where the glimmering of string lights meets the clatter of toasts among the comfy cushions and historic charm that make your birthday feel just like home – only better because here, you don’t have to do the dishes.

📍 Location: Fitzrovia
👫 Capacity: 30 seats
💰 Price: from £200 min. spend
Highlight: a cosy retreat from Oxford Street offering a classic pub experience

🎂 Unique and Unusual Birthday Ideas in London

How about something a little different this year? Let’s explore a few fun activities and unique spots for your London birthday.

Quirky Birthday Places

Choose one of these venues for a standout birthday party.

11.  Bonkers Bar

Eclectic bar interior with vibrant colours, modernistic furniture, and playful lighting creating a whimsical ambiance for a fun birthday party.
Experience the controlled chaos of Bonkers Bar.

Get lost in a kaleidoscope of colour and quirky charm. Bonkers Bar is a place where the unexpected is the norm – perfect for a night of unforgettable fun, laughter, and dancing to your own beat.

📍 Location: Dalston
👫 Capacity: 60 seats
💰 Price: from £100 min. spend
✨ Highlight: psychedelia and Roald Dahl-inspired madness

 12. Sunset Area at Sugar Cane

Eclectic jungle-themed section of a bar with wicker furniture, a stone cave, and vibrant plants for a tropical escape on your birthday.
Sunset Area at Sugar Cane is just perfect for winter celebrations – you’ll forget all about the cold once you step over the threshold.

Throw an unforgettable birthday bash in this jungle-esque nook that feels like an island escape right in the city. Let the tropical vibes and laid-back rattan seating transport you and your guests to a carefree paradise for the evening.

📍 Location: Clapham
👫 Capacity: 20 seats
💰 Price: from £20 per person
Highlight: Polynesian allure meets SW London’s most tropical party vibe

13.  Cosy & Stylish Loft Dalston at Hoxtonlab Ltd

Cosy and stylish loft with a homely feel, eclectic furnishings, and a warm, welcoming atmosphere for a relaxed birthday event.
Cosy & Stylish Loft Dalston at Hoxtonlab Ltd has everything you need for your birthday gathering.

Celebrate your birthday in this chic loft, where eclectic charm meets homely warmth. And the best part? You can bring your own bottle and favourite dishes along with external catering to tailor your feast.

📍 Location: Dalston
👫 Capacity: 20 seats
💰 Price: from £180 hire fee
✨ Highlight: an intimate nook for trendy, tailor-made gatherings

14.  The Nave at St Ethelburga’s Centre

Grand and historic church nave with towering columns, gothic arches, and a serene ambiance for a majestic and memorable birthday celebration.
Party in a church? Bring it on! | The Nave at St Ethelburga’s Centre

This former church offers a majestic setting that transforms a simple birthday gathering into a banquet fit for royalty. Here, in the embrace of stone and stained glass, your party becomes an evening etched in time.

📍 Location: the City
👫 Capacity: 85 seats
💰 Price: from £70 per hour
✨ Highlight: a harmonious fusion of historic grandeur and modern amenities

Contemporary gallery space with bright lighting, wooden floors, and large bookshelves, offering a sophisticated ambience for a birthday art exhibition.
Mark another year surrounded by the beauty of restored heritage and contemporary design. | Exclusive Gallery Hire at Crafts Council Gallery

Celebrate your birthday among the echoes of history in a space where every corner tells a story of craftsmanship. This beautifully restored and reimagined 18th-century chapel is sure to impress your guests.

📍 Location: Angel
👫 Capacity: 65 seats
💰 Price: from £4200 hire fee
✨ Highlight: a creatively stimulating atmosphere for celebrations

Arts and Culture-Based Birthday Activities

If hiring a private screening room or throwing a birthday party in a live music bar tickles your fancy, this section is for you.

16.  Whirled Cinema

Underground cinema with exposed brick arches, red seating, and ambient lighting providing a unique cinematic experience for a birthday event.
Gather your group for a movie marathon. | Whirled Cinema

Celebrate your birthday in this atmospheric underground cinema, where the drama of film meets the joy of a party. It’s your own private screening room amidst the picturesque backdrop of London’s historic brick vaults.

📍 Location: Brixton
👫 Capacity: 60 seats
💰 Price: from £300 hire fee
✨ Highlight: vintage cinema charm with underground buzz

17. Backstage at Eastcheap Records

Backstage area of a live music bar with a library of vinyl records, plush seating, and mood lighting for a music-themed birthday celebration.
Backstage at Eastcheap Records is a treat to music lovers.

Gather your crew for a birthday bash at Eastcheap Records, where the walls are lined with vinyls and the air thrums with live music. It’s a place to groove to the beats, raise a toast, and let the rhythm of the night turn your celebration into an epic tale.

📍 Location: the City
👫 Capacity: 70 seats
💰 Price: from £1500 min. spend
✨ Highlight: bespoke cocktails and live beats

18. Boutique Karaoke Room at Exhibit

Intimate karaoke room with teal velvet chairs, a small stage with a microphone, and mood lighting, creating a perfect setting for a birthday singalong.
Sing your heart out at the Boutique Karaoke Room at Exhibit.

Tonight, you’re the star! Step up to the spotlight for your birthday in this plush karaoke lounge, where the velvet seats invite you to settle in, and the stage is waiting for you to belt out your favourite tunes. Psst! The karaoke room also serves as a boutique cinema.

📍 Location: Balham
👫 Capacity: 20 seats
💰 Price: from £97 per hour
✨ Highlight: cinematic style, plush comfort, and state-of-the-art surround sound

🎂 Luxury Birthday Experiences in London

Discover London’s most sophisticated birthday treats and celebrate your day in style.

Upscale Dining and Exclusive Clubs

Let us show you around the city’s lavish party spots.

19. Albert’s Champagne Bar at Beaufort House

Luxurious champagne bar with opulent decor, red velvet seating, and striking chandeliers, offering an elegant backdrop for a birthday toast.
Toast to another fabulous year at Albert’s Champagne Bar at Beaufort House.

Step into the exclusive Albert’s  Champagne Bar for a sophisticated and intimate birthday dining experience. Whether it’s an extravagant soirée with a hundred friends or an intimate dinner for fifty, this mesmerising space promises a night of elegance and glamour.

📍 Location: Chelsea
👫 Capacity: 50 seats
💰 Price: from £100 per hour
✨ Highlight: a dazzling penthouse setting

20. Cellar Bar at The King’s Head Pub

Rustic cellar bar with warm wooden furnishings and cosy nooks, providing a traditional British pub atmosphere for a birthday gathering.
Enjoy the privacy of the beautiful Cellar Bar at The King’s Head Pub.

Descend into the intimate Cellar Bar at this atmospheric pub for an exclusive birthday celebration that combines old-world charm with modern comfort. 

📍 Location: Mayfair
👫 Capacity: 50 seats
💰 Price: from £500 min. spend
✨ Highlight: A historic Mayfair retreat for polished gatherings

21.  Lounge Bar at Lost Society

Chic lounge bar with modern decor, plush seating, and contemporary art, setting the scene for a stylish and trendy birthday party.
Snap some fabulous shots for your Insta grid at the Lounge Bar at Lost Society.

Sink into the plush velvet seats of Lost Society’s lounge bar and have a special celebration under a canopy of greenery and the warm glow of bespoke lighting. You can also throw a party in their lush garden or hire the entire venue if you’re inviting a large crowd.

📍 Location: Battersea
👫 Capacity: 40 seats
💰 Price: from £500 min. spend
✨ Highlight: sumptuous art deco design that makes for the most Instagrammable setting

22. Smith’s Cocktail Bar

Sophisticated cocktail bar with leather banquettes, exposed brick walls adorned with topiary, and ambient lighting for a refined birthday celebration.
Indulge in the magical atmosphere of Smith’s Cocktail Bar.

Experience the vintage elegance of Smith’s Cocktail Bar, where the warmth of exposed brick walls pairs with the comfort of velvet sofas. Raise a toast under the lush orange tree, and let the bar’s old-world charm and luxurious decor make your special day unforgettable.

📍 Location Hammersmith
👫 Capacity: 60 seats
💰 Price: from £1000 min. spend
✨ Highlight: a hip and cosy space with opulent decor

Luxury Day Experiences

Make your day extraordinary and spoil yourself with luxurious experiences.

23.  Exclusive Spa Retreat and Afternoon Tea

Indulge in a day of relaxation and pampering at one of London’s top spa retreats. Opt for a package that includes a variety of treatments like massages, facials, and aromatherapy. Following the spa experience, continue your day of luxury with an elegant afternoon tea.

24. Private Shopping Experience with a Personal Stylist in Mayfair

For a luxurious and personalised birthday, arrange a private shopping experience in Mayfair. Feel like a celebrity and let a personal stylist guide you around high-end boutiques and designer stores.

Complement the experience with a chauffeur-driven car to navigate the city in style, and conclude with a gourmet dinner at a nearby luxury restaurant, perhaps with a personal chef or in a private dining room for an intimate celebration.

25. Luxury Yacht Cruise Along the Thames

Luxurious yacht deck with elegant seating, polished wood, and a transparent awning, showcasing river views for an exclusive birthday event.
Experience London from a different perspective. | Bourne Yacht at Thames Limo

Hire a yacht and enjoy the soothing river that creates a serene yet opulent setting for birthday celebrations. You can customise the cruise with fine dining, a selection of premium beverages, and even live music. After the cruise, continue the day with a visit to an upscale lounge or a rooftop bar in central London, enjoying cocktails as you watch the sunset.

Ready to make your birthday unforgettable?

Discover London’s most exciting party venues where your celebration becomes the talk of the town!

🎂 Group Birthday Celebration Ideas

While all the recommendations above work for groups, we also know that there are some moments that are best enjoyed with a few close friends.

Group Activities and Workshops in London

If you want your birthday to be an immersive and engaging experience for all, look around for some fun activities or workshops around the city.

26. Private Cooking Class with a Renowned Chef

Inviting cooking workshop space with a homely kitchen setup, wooden dining table, and fresh ingredients, ideal for a culinary-themed birthday event.
Gather in this cosy Italian-designed kitchen for a cookery class. | Enrica Rocca Cooking School

Fancy a birthday bash with a twist? Book a cooking class where you can whip up some culinary delights together, and then sit down to savour your creations. For Italian food lovers, we recommend Enrica Rocca Cooking School.

📍 Location: North Kensington
👫 Capacity: 24 seats
💰 Price: from £500 hire fee
✨ Highlight: a homely Italian vibe

Booking an art workshop is a fun and unique way to spend your birthday and add a splash of creativity to your celebration.

Whether you’re a budding artist or just looking to try something new, these workshops offer a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. You get to learn from experienced artists, play with different materials, and create your own masterpiece as a special souvenir.

28. Themed Escape Room Challenge

Mysterious escape room doorway bathed in ominous red light, suggesting an adventurous birthday activity with a biohazard sign for an added thrill.
Dive into the challenge, unlock mysteries, and celebrate your victories at AIM Escape Rooms.

Embark on an exhilarating birthday adventure at AIM Escape Rooms. Gather your friends and step into the immersive world of mind-bending puzzles, heart-pounding excitement, and gripping narratives.

📍 Location: Whitechapel
👫 Capacity: 5 people
💰 Price: from £23 per person
✨ Highlight: an exciting, immersive experience with realistic sets and props

London Party Venues and Dining Spots for Large Groups

Go big or go home: here are some venue recommendations for large groups.

29. Secret Bar at Looking Glass Cocktail Club

Chic cocktail bar with warm yellow lighting, a sleek black countertop, pendant lights, and minimalist bar stools for a modern birthday celebration.
Let your hair down at the Secret Bar at the Looking Glass Cocktail Club.

Celebrate your birthday at the Secret Bar! With its ambient lighting and vintage charm, this cosy nook feels just like stepping into a mate’s living room. Taste their signature cocktails, mingle with your guests, and dance into the next year of your life.

📍 Location: Shoreditch
👫 Capacity: 80 seats
💰 Price: from £2500 min. spend
✨ Highlight: a speakeasy with a whimsical and surreal ambiance

30. Lockes Bar Covent Garden

Elegant bar in Covent Garden with classic design elements, comfortable seating, and a welcoming bar area for a casual yet sophisticated birthday drink.
Lockes Bar in Covent Garden will make your guests feel at home.

Round up your friends for a special birthday bash in the bright and airy Lockes Bar, where the mix of plush sofas and stylish art creates the perfect setting for a memorable soirée.

📍 Location: Covent Garden
👫 Capacity: 160 seats
💰 Price: from £3000 hire fee
✨ Highlight: a bespoke cocktail experience amplified by a curated soundtrack

31. Patch East

Contemporary bar with artistic decor, vibrant lighting, and cosy booths, perfect for a modern and lively birthday celebration.
Patch East: where every birthday turns into a glitzy celebration.

Toast to your special day amidst the dazzling disco balls and chic decor of Patch East. Reserve a spot for your squad and revel in an evening filled with stylish sips and funky beats.

📍 Location: the City
👫 Capacity: 100 seats
💰 Price: from £2000 min. spend
✨ Highlight: the eclectic mix of themed rooms offering a personalised party experience

32. Balls Brothers Austin Friars

Traditional British pub with a blend of classic and modern decor, offering a relaxed and friendly environment for a birthday get-together.
The charm of exposed bricks meets the warmth of twinkling lights at Balls Brothers Austin Friars.

Gather your friends for a birthday feast in this open and inviting space. Let’s raise a glass at the bar before tucking into a celebratory meal surrounded by lively chatter and good company. 

📍 Location: the City
👫 Capacity: 175 seats
💰 Price: from £5000 min. spend
✨ Highlight: the industrial chic meets British comfort

33. Heist Bank

Stylish bar with an industrial-chic vibe, featuring exposed ductwork, mixed seating options, and a spacious bar area for a trendy birthday party.
Heist Bank offers a cool and contemporary space for parties.

Step into this modern urban space for a birthday bash that combines sleek, industrial vibes with a touch of greenery. Pull up a stool at the bar and celebrate with crafted drinks.

📍 Location: Paddington
👫 Capacity: 150 seats
💰 Price: from £1000 hire fee + £7000 min. spend
✨ Highlight: the fusion of retro gaming and modern fun, from the full-sized pool table to the classic Nintendo 64

🎂 Romantic Birthday Ideas in London

Spark romance on your special day with our selection of intimate and enchanting birthday ideas.

Intimate Dining and Cosy Spots

Choose the perfect spot and set the scene for a romantic and memorable birthday celebration.

34. The Salon Bleu at L’Escargot

Refined drawing room with deep blue walls, stately art pieces, and vintage furnishings providing a regal setting for a birthday celebration.
Make memories at The Salon Bleu at L’Escargot.

Celebrate your birthday in the intimate embrace of Salon Bleu, where soft lamplight and rich, navy walls create a secluded haven perfect for a romantic evening. Let the warm and rich ambiance of the room set the scene for a cosy celebration with your nearest and dearest.

📍 Location: Soho
👫 Capacity: 12 seats
💰 Price: from £1000 min. spend
✨ Highlight: the room’s tranquil blue serenity

35. Private Room at Beasy Soho

Moody vintage lounge with black tufted leather sofas, dim lighting, dark wood panelling, and a classic bar setup for a sophisticated, intimate gathering.
Enjoy a moment suspended in time at the candlelit Private Room at Beasy Soho.

In the warm glow of this intimate room, spend your birthday evening wrapped in the romance of leather sofas and soft lighting. Complete with its own private bar, this secret spot offers a relaxed and elegant setting for the ultimate personal celebration.

📍 Location: Soho
👫 Capacity: 30 seats
💰 Price: from £70 per person
✨ Highlight: the exclusive private bar

36. Scullery at The Mitre Lancaster Gate

birthday at scullery at the mitre lancaster gate london min
Scullery at The Mitre Lancaster Gate is your quintessential hideaway for an evening steeped in romance and rustic charm.

Nestle into the nooks of the Scullery for a snug birthday celebration, where the flicker of candlelight and the warmth of the hearth invite whispered stories and shared smiles.

📍 Location: Paddington
👫 Capacity: 12 seats
💰 Price: from £500 min. spend
✨ Highlight: the clandestine allure, where jazz, cocktails, and history come together

37. The Wine Room at Gaucho Tower Bridge

Chic wine room with a ceiling of glowing lights, surrounded by extensive wine racks and plush seating for an exclusive birthday dining experience.
Settle in and let the evening unfurl at The Wine Room at Gaucho Tower Bridge.

Celebrate your birthday enveloped in the golden glow of The Wine Room, a luxurious haven where fine wines line the walls, waiting to be uncorked for your special day.

📍 Location: Southwark
👫 Capacity: 12 seats
💰 Price: from £1000 min. spend
✨ Highlight: exclusive atmosphere, surrounded by a curated selection of wines set against elegant mirrored walls

Couple’s Activities

London offers plenty of activities perfect for couples, from romantic walks to couple’s spa days and sunset cruises. Here are our suggestions.

38. Gourmet Picnic in Kew Gardens

For a more tranquil celebration, plan a gourmet picnic in the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew. Its lush landscapes, exotic plants, and stunning floral displays offer a peaceful retreat from the city.

Prepare a luxury picnic basket and find a secluded spot to enjoy a leisurely meal together. After the picnic, take a romantic walk through the gardens, exploring the greenhouses and art installations.

39. West End Theatre Night and Dinner

Treat yourselves to an evening of culture with a show at one of London’s renowned West End theatres. Choose a play or musical that suits your taste and immerse yourselves in the world-class performances.

Before the show, dine at one of the intimate restaurants in the theatre district, where you can enjoy a pre-theatre dinner with exquisite cuisine. Post-show, continue the evening with a nightcap at a nearby bar, where you can discuss the highlights of the performance.

🎂 Adventurous and Active Birthday Ideas

Are you one of those who just can’t sit still? No worries, we’ve got some ideas that don’t involve sitting round a table.

Outdoor and Adventure Activities

Let’s start with some outdoor activities to get your blood pumping.

40. Go Ape in Battersea Park

Fancy swinging through the trees? Go Ape offers a thrilling treetop adventure with zip wires and rope bridges. It’s a fantastic way to get your adrenaline pumping!

41. Kayaking on the Thames

Paddle your way through the heart of London with a kayaking tour on the Thames. It’s a unique way to see the city and great fun, too!

42. Horseback Riding in Hyde Park

For a touch of elegance, how about horseback riding? Hyde Park Stables offer rides for all skill levels, and it’s a wonderful way to experience one of London’s most famous parks.

43. Outdoor Climbing at The Castle

If you’re up for a challenge, try your hand at rock climbing. The Castle Climbing Centre, set in an old Victorian building, offers outdoor climbing that’s suitable for all skill levels.

44. Rowing in Regent’s Park

Hire a rowboat and enjoy a peaceful time on the lake in Regent’s Park. It’s a relaxing way to spend an afternoon, and the park is filled with lovely spots for a birthday picnic, too.

45. Kite Flying on Hampstead Heath

For a laid-back activity, go kite flying on Hampstead Heath. The stunning views from Parliament Hill offer a wonderful setting for a birthday celebration.

Sports and Fitness-Based Activities

With London weather, you never know. To be 100% safe, you can always book an indoor activity.

46. Yoga Class

Serene yoga class setup in a warmly lit room with neutral-toned mats, plump cushions, and a calming décor featuring a potted tree and abstract wall art.
Treat your body and mind to a moment of tranquillity. | The Library at The Hearth

Start your birthday with a peaceful yoga class, stretching into another year with poses that relax the body and mind. It’s a perfect way to gather your friends for a calm and centred celebration before the day’s festivities.

47. Pilates

Bright fitness studio with large mirrors, wooden flooring, and a group engaging in a pilates class, suited for a health-conscious birthday activity.
Start your day right at the Wellness Studio at MAKE IT Barking.

Begin your birthday with the core-strengthening moves of a Pilates class, finding balance and energy. It sets a strong and focused tone for a day of joy and celebration ahead.

48. Dance Class

Spacious dance studio with natural wood flooring, large mirrors, and a ballet barre, bathed in natural light for an energetic birthday dance class.
Have an upbeat start to another year of your life. | LDA Studio 1 at London Dance Academy

Slide into your new age with a fun-filled dance class where you and your friends can groove to the rhythm and laugh as you all learn some new moves.

49. Bowling

Retro bowling alley with a lively atmosphere, red bowling lanes, vintage seating, and mood lighting, ready for a fun birthday bowling experience.
How about a bit of friendly competition? | High Rollers Society at All Star Lanes Brick Lane

Hit the lanes for your birthday with a game of bowling, where cheers, strikes, and the occasional gutterball make for a memorable day with mates.

📍 Location: Spitalfields
👫 Capacity: 45 seats
💰 Price: from £500 hire fee + £1000 min. spend
✨ Highlight: vintage decor and a speakeasy vibe

50. Crazy Golf

Quirky indoor mini-golf course with neon lights, a yellow car obstacle, and playful décor, offering a vibrant setting for a crazy golf birthday party.
Let’s play golf with a twist! | GARY at Junkyard Golf Club

Tee off your birthday with a twist at this crazy golf club, where each putt is part of the fun and ‘Vinnie Van Gogh’ is just one of the quirky holes to conquer. It’s a guaranteed giggle-filled day, perfect for sinking shots and creating funky memories.

📍 Location: Shoreditch
👫 Capacity: 75 standing
💰 Price: from £23 per person
✨ Highlight: four golf courses with distinct themes

🎂 Budget-Friendly Birthday Ideas in London

Of course, you don’t have to spend a fortune to have a good time on your birthday in London, and here’s proof!

Affordable Dining and Entertainment

Start planning your birthday party by deciding how much you can afford to spend. Once you know your number, you can easily set your price range on Tagvenue and browse venues that match your budget. Here are a few venues that can help you save without compromising on quality.

51. Courtyard at Brixton Jamm

Sunny outdoor courtyard with wooden shelters, tropical plants, and colourful seating, providing a relaxed vibe for a summery birthday celebration.
Enjoy the all-year-round Courtyard at Brixton Jamm.

Soak up the sun for your birthday in Brixton Jamm’s vibrant courtyard, bursting with blooming flowers and a laid-back vibe. Clink glasses under the pergola and celebrate another year of adventures with friends.

📍 Location: Brixton
👫 Capacity: 100 seats
💰 Price: from £5 per person
✨ Highlight: the newly refurbished terrace with cosy, heated booths and outdoor bar

52. Nine Elms Corridor at The Riverside

Modern bar and dining area with eclectic furniture, vibrant patterns, and a mix of textures, creating a lively space for a birthday get-together.
Sip bespoke cocktails, delicious wine, or award-winning cask ales in the cosy booths of Nine Elms Corridor at The Riverside.

Toast to your special day in Nine Elms Corridor, where the fusion of vintage charm and contemporary design creates an unrivalled setting for birthday festivities. 

📍 Location: Vauxhall
👫 Capacity: 24 seats
💰 Price: from £10 per person
✨ Highlight: chill vibes and a huge range of drinks

53. Upper Arch at SAMA Bankside

Rustic and stylish dining space with exposed brick walls, colourful chairs, and contemporary art, offering a welcoming atmosphere for a birthday meal.
Upper Arch at SAMA Bankside is the perfect laid-back spot to enjoy good food, great company, and toast to the year ahead.

Gather for your birthday in the Upper Arch’s eclectic embrace, where the blend of exposed brick and modern art sets the stage for a night of laughter and lively conversation.

📍 Location: Bankside
👫 Capacity: 30 seats
💰 Price: from £500 min. spend
✨ Highlight: a bright and airy space with the option for beer pong

54. DJ & Club Lounge at Sugar Cane

Cosy tiki-themed bar with an array of bottles on the shelves, fishing nets and colorful glass buoys hanging from the ceiling, and rattan furniture creating a tropical atmosphere.
Have a relaxed evening at the DJ & Club Lounge at Sugar Cane.

Escape to a tropical hideaway for your birthday at Sugar Cane, where the special cocktails are as colourful as the venue’s decor. Unwind with friends and celebrate island-style without leaving London!

📍 Location: Clapham
👫 Capacity: 50 seats
💰 Price: from £20 per person
✨ Highlight: a vibrant dance floor with hot beats

Free Activities and Attractions

Last but not least, peruse our list of free attractions and activities in London for budget-conscious celebrants!

55. Visit the Sky Garden

Book a free visit to the Sky Garden at the top of the ‘Walkie Talkie’ building. It offers spectacular views of London’s skyline – perfect for a birthday photo!

56. Explore Camden Market

Dive into the eclectic and vibrant atmosphere of Camden Market. It’s a great place to wander, soak up the unique culture, and maybe catch some live music.

Many of London’s galleries and museums, like the Science Museum and the National Gallery, have late openings on certain days, offering a more adult-friendly atmosphere with special events and sometimes even live music.

58. Join a Free Fitness Class

Look out for free fitness classes or group activities in London parks, like yoga, pilates, or boot camps – a healthy way to start your birthday.

59. Street Art Tour in Shoreditch

Explore the famous Shoreditch street art on your own or join one of the free walking tours to discover hidden gems and learn about the artists.

60. Explore the Leake Street Graffiti Tunnel

For an edgier experience, visit the Leake Street Tunnel near Waterloo Station, a legal graffiti area that’s always changing and vibrant with street art.


Well, there you have it – a treasure trove of splendid ideas to make your birthday in London truly unforgettable. Whether you fancy a classic brunch, a quirky art experience, or a dash of luxury, there’s something in this magnificent city for everyone.

So go ahead, choose your adventure, and let the charm of London make your birthday extraordinary. Cheers to a fantastic birthday celebration!

It’s not just another birthday, it’s your day to shine!

Browse and book London’s best party venues and make this year’s celebration a dazzling affair.


What are some unique things to do for a birthday in London?

For a unique birthday in London, consider exploring the city’s quirky side. Visit the eccentric Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities in East London (and don’t forget about their characterful Absinthe Parlour!), take a street art tour in Shoreditch or explore the Leake Street Graffiti Tunnel, and end the day with a celebration at an unusual venue.

You’re spoilt for choice with options like enjoying the eclectic ambiance at Bonkers Bar or soaking up the sunset views at Sugar Cane. Arts enthusiasts will adore the Whirled Cinema or the behind-the-scenes look at Eastcheap Records. And for those seeking something out-of-the-ordinary, hiring an exclusive space at the Crafts Council Gallery could be just the ticket.

How can I celebrate my birthday in London on a low budget?

Celebrating on a budget in London is surprisingly easy. Plenty of venues, such as Brixton Jamm or The Riverside, offer great food and drinks without a hefty price tag. Street food markets, such as Borough Market, abound in affordable and delicious food choices. Additionally, consider a scenic walk along the South Bank or a visit to the Sky Garden, which offers free entry with a pre-booked ticket. You can also immerse yourself in the city’s culture with a free gallery or museum late opening.

Can I have a birthday party at a public park in London?

Yes, you can have a birthday party at a public park in London. Many parks, such as Regent’s Park or Hampstead Heath, provide ample space for picnics and gatherings. Do remember to respect park rules, such as avoiding open fires or excessive noise, and ensure you clean up afterwards. For larger gatherings, it’s a good idea to check with the local council for any specific regulations or required permits.

What are some ideas for a solo birthday in London?

Celebrating solo in London can be a delightful experience. Treat yourself to a day at a luxury spa, enjoy a solo dining experience at a top restaurant, or take a guided tour of a historic site. A shopping spree in Covent Garden or Oxford Street or a leisurely walk through the galleries of the V&A Museum could also be delightful ways to celebrate.

How can I celebrate my birthday in London other than having a party?

London offers diverse non-party birthday experiences like cooking classes or theatre shows, perfect for those seeking a more intimate or unique celebration. Enjoying a river cruise or a sophisticated afternoon tea offers a blend of relaxation and luxury, making your birthday special without the need for a traditional party.

What are some last-minute birthday ideas in London?

For a last-minute birthday celebration, consider visiting one of London’s many pop-up bars or restaurants for a unique dining experience. You could also grab tickets to a comedy show or a late-night museum opening. Alternatively, explore the vibrant street food scenes at markets like Camden or Spitalfields, or simply enjoy a casual evening at a traditional London pub.

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