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Planning a business function, fundraising night or professional association event on a tight budget? Community halls might just be the right choice for you, as this type of venue has many advantages. First of all, community halls are usually much cheaper than other spaces. They’re also quite versatile and easy to tailor to your needs. What’s not to like? To top it all off, with Tagvenue finding the right community hall for your next event is easier than you thought.

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Community Halls Hire Guide

What to consider when you hire a community hall in London:

  • Location. Searching for a community hall to hire in East London or North London? Our smart search engine will help you find what you’re looking for. Also, make sure to check the transport links and parking facilities, so all guests can get to the community hall easily.

  • Capacity. Make sure there will be enough space for all the guests attending the event. Check the community hall’s seating layout to see if it fits your requirements.

  • Audiovisual facilities. Does the agenda include slideshows or other presentations? Some community halls have all the gear included in the hire fee, but it’s always better to check in advance.

Here at Tagvenue, we list a range of community centres or community halls for hire. No matter which part of London you’re interested in or how big your event is – we’re here to help you out.

Community Halls in London FAQ

How much does it cost to hire a community hall in London?

The cost to hire a community hall in London will vary depending on the type of hall you're looking for, but it can range from £20 to £300 per hour. The cost of hiring a hall is largely determined by the type you choose. For example, if you're looking for a large exclusive space that can hold 100 people, expect to pay around £100-250 per hour. If you're looking for something smaller, then your rental fees will be much lower—from around £20-£60 per hour. (All data from Tagvenue.)

Which parts of London are the best for finding community halls?

If you're looking for a community hall in London, we suggest searching for one in these areas:

  • North London is a mixed bag, but there are plenty of community halls in this area. Islington and Hornsey are good places to start your search. You might have to travel a little further than usual to reach them, but they're worth it!
  • East London has long been associated with diversity, creativity, and affordable living—and it's also home to many excellent community halls. You can find them in areas such as Dalston, Shoreditch, and Bethnal Green.
  • If you're looking for a community hall in West London, consider Notting Hill. This area is known for its beautiful architecture and vibrant community and has some great offers.
  • If you're looking for a great community hall in South London, look no further than Brixton! This area is also known for its multiculturalism and thriving arts scene, so you're sure to find a community hall that fits your needs.

What occasions are great for hiring a community hall in London?

There are many occasions when you might want to hire a community hall in London:

  • Wedding reception. Community halls can be a great way to celebrate your nuptials in style, and they have plenty of space to accommodate your guests.
  • Business conference. If you need to host an important business conference, hiring a community hall might give you the space and flexibility to make it happen.
  • Birthday party. If you're planning a birthday party for your child, then hiring a community hall could be the perfect solution if you want to ensure everything goes smoothly.
  • Art exhibition. If you're running an art exhibition, it's important that your artwork is displayed in the best possible light, which is where hiring a community hall comes in.
  • Fundraiser. If you're organising a fundraiser, community halls can provide the space and facilities you need to make it a success.
  • School event. When you are planning a school event, community halls are ideal because they have lots of space and can be adapted to suit your needs.

Guests Reviews of Community Halls on Tagvenue

Wan Jauhari
Booked Keith Chapman Room at Katherine Low Settlement
Thank you for allowing us to book the Chapel room even at last minute notice. The room size is just nice for our guests (approximately 50 adults). The room did get a bit warm and despite switching on the fans, it still felt quite warm. The room was good value for money and we were able to use the Wifi.
Hawaa Empowerment
Booked Chapel Room at Katherine Low Settlement
Easily accessible area, good parking, lovely Chapel Hall, tables and chairs provided, good space, lovely caretaker, Easy to book and organise.
Amy Herring
Booked Chapel Room at Katherine Low Settlement
The feedback from the guests is that they had no problem with the facilities. The room served it's purpose for holding a network meeting of people. My main point though is that the staff were great on the day. They were really useful and helpful in guiding people to the room and helping refill and bring up the hot water canisters. They were really friendly as well which we all thought and agreed on. In terms of myself arranging the booking of the venue the staff were again incredibly useful and made the process really clear and straight forward. Everything I had requested was there on the day. About 4 weeks prior I needed to alter my booking to add another hour to the hiring, which they had no problem with and were able to do it straight away with no problem. The cost of the venue to hire is also good for value, considering how great the staff were and the venue was easy to find from the train station. Would definitely recommend to anyone and will consider hiring again in the future if another of these network meetings are held in London.
Sasha Maisel
Booked Main Arch plus Bar/Cafe at Sunshine International Arts
Great, friendly and understanding team.
Sian Henderson
Booked Main Hall at Osmani Centre
Easy to find from station, big space, friendly and helpful reception and brilliant communication with bookings team prior to event.

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