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Big things often have small beginnings. The Clash, Blur, Led Zeppelin, The Police and Dire Straits are just a few examples of groups that started out playing in London’s small live music venues  Who knows, maybe your band will be next! Want to find an awesome venue for a show you’re planning? With Tagvenue you can browse the best small gig venues in London. From legendary jazz clubs to New York-style dive bars, we list hundreds of small London music venues at the lowest rates!

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Small Gig Venues Hire Guide

Whether you’re searching for a small music venue in south, north, east or west London, we’ve got it covered. Still not sure how to find the perfect place? Here’s what you need to think about when booking a show in a small gig venue:

  • the acoustics – the crucial part of any live music event. Talk to the venue manager and agree on the soundcheck conditions.

  • the type of music venue that would best suit – small concert venue, small night club venue, small pub venue, small field, etc.

  • the capacity of the music venue – look for a venue you can comfortably fill, which is why hiring a small live music venue is often a good option. It’s always better to sell out a smaller show than to have a half-empty venue.

  • the vibe of the space – there’s no point organising a jazz concert in a small venue that’s well-known for hardcore punk gigs. The same applies to London’s different neighbourhoods, as some of them are associated with specific music genres. For example, Camden Town is famous for its punk and alternative scene, while Covent Garden is associated with classical music.

After booking the perfect small gig venue, it’s time to take care of some final touches:

  • double check the live music venue’s opening hours – see when you can open the gates and what time the show needs to end.

  • review the setlist – mix slow tracks with more upbeat ones. And don’t forget about the encore, too!

  • make sure you have all the gear you need – including extra cables, guitar strings and a repair kit.

  • have a chat with the manager and technicians – in small music venues the atmosphere is usually more laid-back. Getting to know the venue’s staff is a nice way to begin the night.

  • gather up some good vibes and let the show begin!

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