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Top Small Private Dining Rooms in London

On the lookout for London's best small private dining rooms for hire? Maybe you need a chic venue with a private room that fits less than 10 people for a cosy evening? Or are you searching for the perfect place to host a business dinner for 30 guests? Whatever small event you have in mind, we’ve got you covered! Just use Tagvenue’s array of search filters to locate the best restaurants with private rooms in London, whether you’re looking for something opulent or affordable, central or far-flung.

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Small Private Dining Rooms Hire Guide

London is rich not only in history and beautiful architecture, but also in the sphere of gastronomy. The options here seem almost unlimited and ever-growing - from laid-back gastropubs and bistros to high-end restaurants serving the most luxurious meals, England’s capital offers something for everyone. A perfect opportunity to enjoy this bounty is to hire a small private dining room that offers everything you need for your event. No matter what kind of event you wish to organise and what the location needs to be, we are sure you will be able to find the perfect locale! And don’t worry if you are on a limited budget - you can find options at a manageable price among our vast selection of private dining areas for hire in London.

Despite their limited size, London’s private dining rooms can be the perfect fit for many different types of events. We can help you choose just the right location, no matter if you are planning a small business dinner or just inviting your friends! Here are some ideas that we find these venues serve best:

  • Family get-together - We all know how stressful it is to prepare a dinner for your entire family, but sitting in loud restaurants and bars takes away from the personal atmosphere you have at home. Hiring a small, private room in one of the amazing venues near you is the perfect solution - you can save yourself the stress of cooking and just enjoy the time with your nearest and dearest.
  • Fun (or cosy!) evening with your friends - Finding a date when everyone in your friend group is available is hard work, so success should be celebrated accordingly! Organising an event your squad would enjoy in one of the private rooms in London comes with a ton of possibilities - consider a plate sharing evening, a cooking class, or just a laid-back dinner in a cosy atmosphere.
  • Unique food experience - London offers a huge variety of food types and cuisines, and whether you live there or are just visiting, it would be a great loss not to dive into the local food scene.  Find a private dining room that allows you to try something new and one of a kind - this kind of experience is great both for team bonding and sharing with your closest friends.
  • Intimate client dinner - If you run a business, it might be a good idea to keep those small dining spaces in mind when you need to host a meeting with a client. A refined setting and a calm, private atmosphere will be just right for any negotiations and discussions in a professional context.

Whatever kind of event you’re planning, there are a few things to keep in mind before booking the private dining room in London that suits your needs. We have a few tips that will make it all a much easier and more pleasant experience:

  • Consider the capacity of the space – First and foremost, booking a private dining room means knowing how many guests you’re expecting. Some of the rooms may sit at fewer than 10 people, while others will allow you to invite 20 or even 50. Make sure you know how many seats you will need and filter venues based on that criteria for best results!
  • Be flexible and think ahead – The best small rooms in London’s restaurants are perpetually busy, so we highly suggest having a few different places in mind and booking as far in advance as you can. Compiling a list of multiple venues that you are happy with will help you avoid rescheduling and organisational issues!
  • Check on dietary restrictions – Are any of your guests vegan? Or perhaps gluten-free? After you check with your guests, make sure to also look into the options provided by the places you’re planning to book. You wouldn’t want some of your dinner guests to leave hungry! The food scene in London is incredibly diverse, so we are confident that you can find just what you need.
  • Mark down all your requirements - Before starting your search, determine all the additional features you want from the venue. Do you need it to be wheelchair accessible? Would you like the room to have air conditioning? Will the guests need parking spaces near the restaurant? Searching for venues that offer these options is easy with our smart filters.
  • Don’t forget about the location - How will you and your guests get to the restaurant? Are any of them going to stay in a hotel? Before choosing the dining room you want to go with, it’s good to make sure the area it’s located in is convenient for everyone attending. Whether you are looking for a place in Covent Garden, Kensington, or any other area of town, our search features can help you find the perfect fit in just the right location.


Small Private Dining Rooms in London FAQ

I want to host a quiet dinner with the family but all the private dining rooms near me are huge! Any small private dining rooms in London that work for 10 people?

Check out the Boardroom at The Alfred Tennyson near Knightsbridge, the Apple Vault at Crusting Pipe near Covent Garden, or the Fruit & Veg private room at Arthur Hooper's near London Bridge for intimate dining rooms in London that will fit your party comfortably and avoid echoing!

My company is looking to host a private function with excellent food and a vast array of drinks for about 40 people. What are our best options?

Can’t go wrong with the Private Room at Brasserie Blanc Chancery Lane, which features an old-school interior with excellent food and drinks menu. You can also check out Vinoteca Marylebone if wine is the order of the evening, as their private dining room will have all you need.

Can I play my own music in a private dining room in London?

It depends! Some venues allow you to choose the music or even hire a DJ for the evening, but others do not give you that possibility. It is best to use our filters and mark all the facilities and additional options you want to include in order to find the best fit for your needs.

How much does it cost to hire a small private dining room in London?

Many small private dining rooms in London operate on a minimum spend model, meaning you pay nothing to hire the room but agree to spend a set amount on food and drinks. You can always find something in the £300 to £3600 range.

When looking at places with a flat hire fee, you’ll find that it averages between £300 - £500. Other options include fees around £20-85 per person. (All data from Tagvenue.)

Guests Reviews of Small Private Dining Rooms on Tagvenue

Daniela Fernanda Baeza Breinbauer
Booked Private Room at Bobo Social CS
Everything was absolutely perfect! Poppy and Mira were extremely helpful during the planning stages, and super flexible to our needs! During the event itself, all of the staff and chefs were super friendly and really understanding when people arrived a bit late (managing 35 friends can get stressful!). They did everything possible to make sure we had a good time. The venue is beautiful and comfortable, and fantastic value - I cannot recommend this place more!
Buse S
Booked The Tasting Room at Fortnum & Mason
We had the best experience with Ieva and her team. From the day we booked the private dining, she has given her hundred percent. Amazing service and food. We had an unforgettable ceremony dinner thanks to Ieva.
Alexander Hart
Booked The River Room at The Blue Anchor
Overall a top venue that I’d recommend. It’s a beautiful room in a really nice location. Good dedicated bar and restroom facilities too. The staff were also great, very friendly and helpful. The minimum spend also seemed reasonable, so I didn’t have any concerns about reaching it which was nice.
Isabella Brickhill
Booked The Terrace at Near & Far Camden
I had my 21st Birthday here and the restaurant looked amazing inside, the terrace at the top was perfect for a large sit down meal and had a lovely view. Food and drinks were also great and very good value. Staff were very friendly and happy to help with any requests. My friends and I had a lovely evening.
David Adley
Booked Green Room at The Crooked Well
The Green Room was a lovely little room with nice decor and close to the hustle and bustle of the kitchen, which gave a good atmosphere. The food was very good, particularly the breaded halloumi. We very much enjoyed the family-style serve yourself way of enjoying everything.
Lorian Pitman
Booked Whitehall Suite at One Whitehall Place
Communication and attention from the staff was first class. Our international (and local) delegates loved the venue. The food was superb and all round we had a very successful event, thanks to One Whitehall.

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