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Top Bars for Groups in London

Planning a night out and hoping to hire a bar for a large group in London? You can rest assured you will be spoilt for choice as the city’s bar scene is one of a kind. From cheap and cheerful to mind-blowing and one of a kind, London has every kind of bar you can imagine. Just bear in mind that when you’re planning for a large group, it’s best to start your search off right. Lucky for you, on Tagvenue you can set the search filters to match your group size, and start scrolling through only the venues that are right for your needs. Trust us, you’ll be finalising your booking in no time at all!

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Bars for Groups Hire Guide

What are the best bars for large groups in London?

The best bars for large groups in London are: 

Nordic Bar, Scandinavian joint near Oxford street able to host 12-200, guest rating: 4.8/5
Ninth Ward London, a New Orleans-themed bar in Farringdon with room for groups from 12-140, guest rating: 4.9/5
Lost Society, an iconic and atmospheric bar in Battersea good for groups from 12-300, guest rating: 4.6/5
SAMA Bankside, a popular bar near Blackfriars Bridge with event space for groups from 12 to 350, guest rating: 4.6/5

How much does it cost to hire a bar for a large group in London?

Minimum spend for bar hire in London will generally start around £100-200 per session. This can vary widely depending on the venue and day of the week. Some other venues offer packages starting from £20 per person. (All data from Tagvenue.)

How can I find a bar for a large group in London?

When searching for a bar for a large group in London try heading over to a venue marketplace, such as Tagvenue. On platforms like ours, you can set your search to show only the venues that offer the capacity you need. Further on you can filter by location, price and type. Once you have compared all the offers of your favourites, make your choice and then contact the venue manager to settle your booking.

What is included in the minimum spend for a bar in London?

When agreeing to a minimum spend hire, you basically agree to spend a set amount of money at the venue for food and drinks during your event. Generally, the minimum spend shouldn’t be a problem for large groups, as the cost is spread across many guests. If you are a stickler for details though, we advise that you should expect to pay from £8-12 for a cocktail and £5-6 for beer or wine. Prices will vary, of course, depending on the venue.