Top 16 Ideas for Team Building in London

17 mins read
Top 16 Ideas for Team Building in London
Written by: Jessica Sirotin
May 7, 2024
17 mins read
Reviewed by: Ewelina Dunkley
Corporate Events Lead, META

Are you looking to give your fellow employees a chance to bond over something besides the usual 9 to 5 slog? Team building activities are a great way to bring staff together in a fun and enriching way that can also improve morale and business – and London is just the place to do it!

Top Ideas for Team Building Activities in London

London is a great city for team building, with a vast number of exciting, unusual, and fun team-building activities on offer. You will definitely be spoilt by choice, but don’t worry, we’re here to help you plan that corporate day (or evening) out! Take a look below at our list of the best team-building activities London has to offer.

1. Cooking Masterclass – Cook Up Something New

cooking workshop team building
Participating together in a cooking class will let the team members build trust and coordination. | Enrica Rocca Cooking School, Notting Hill

London offers many fun chances to cook up a good time and be able to nibble on it as well. There are many places that will offer your team a chance to whip something up together.

Just make sure to check that none of your staff has any food allergies that you should take into account before choosing a dish. All these venues will save you time on preparation as they provide ingredients, kitchen space, and recipes. You have the choice of whether to make it a good-natured baking competition or simply a fun time in the kitchen.

Start the experience at the Cookery School at Little Portland Street, or have a custom-built intimate event organised by The Avenue Cookery School. Other exciting cuisines are another option, you can take your team out to make Asian or Caribbean dishes. Altogether, this could be a fun, filling, and memorable event!

Be sure to check out venues that end the experience with a chance to share a meal or at least a nibble. The chance to bond while preparing a dish – from start to finish – can be a powerful way to bring a team together.

  • Pricing: as from £50 pp
  • Group size: 8 to 30
  • Activity type: Food & drinks 🥙🧑‍🍳

2. Escape Rooms – Problem Solved!

escape room team building
Looking for clues and solutions in an escape room helps the team build mutual understanding and cooperation. | Mission: Breakout, Camden

Escape rooms are a great chance for a high-energy team experience. You can choose amongst many different types of rooms at chains like Aimscape or Breakin’ Escape. Some escape rooms like Sherlock: The Game Is Now also offer themed packages specifically for team building.

This type of team building may require your group to be split into smaller teams, but this can be a chance to mix up people who don’t usually get a chance to interact. Some locations even have more than one of the same room, allowing your team to enjoy the same thrilling experience.

Working together to solve a puzzle is a great chance to bring employees together, as both the reflective employees and the high-energy ones will have a chance to contribute equally to the team’s success.

  • Pricing: from £25 pp
  • Group size: 4-8 players per room
  • Activity type: Games & entertainment🏅🎯🔎

3. Wine Tastings – Team Spirits

Vinoteca Farringdon Venue
Uncork a perfect blend of camaraderie during wine tasting with your team. | Vinoteca Farringdon, Farringdon

London has a lot of speciality venues that offer curated tasting experiences and tours. These tasting events are a great way to team build, especially if they offer snacks and a chance to mingle. Wine tastings especially are a great way to bring people together and offer them a delicious bonding experience.

Consider arranging a gin tasting event at one of London’s many gin locales, such as Gin Bar at Fulham Football Club, where you can enjoy a variety of gin cocktails.

Food and drink have a special way of bringing a group together, whether indoors or out, so take a chance on this singular experience.

  • Pricing: as from £20 pp
  • Group size: 8 and above
  • Activity type: Foods & drinks🍷🍷

4. Bingo Halls – Cutting Loose

Dabbers Social Bingo Venue
Indulge in retro nostalgia with your team with a round of bingo. | Dabbers Social Bingo, City of London

Maybe you want to take your team out for a raucous evening at one of London’s new favourite vintage past times? How about some Bingo? The city has a wide range of new Bingo venues that can host your team or even be rented for the evening.

Places like Dabbers Social Bingo cater to the nighttime crowd and will give your team a chance to go head to head with their fellow bean counters in a vibrant setting. For a slightly different take on this old favourite consider Musical Bingo, instead of number-letter combinations, your team will have to test their musical knowledge and match songs to their cards. For those with a more modern taste, consider the Bingo remix experience offered by Hip-Hop Bingo.

This is a great fit for a competitive crowd – but won’t arouse any ill wishes – as everyone has an equal chance to win.

  • Pricing: as from £20 pp
  • Group size: Any
  • Activity type: Games & entertainment🎰🎲

5. Bowling Lanes – Strike!

bowling team building
Roll strikes and build a winning spirit in your team with a round of bowling. | Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes & The Kingpin Suite, Bloomsbury

If your team is active and ready for some friendly competition consider bowling at one of the city’s many bowling/bar venues.

London’s nightlife has embraced nine pins with vigour and there are a number of locations that will let you throw a few balls around in a convivial atmosphere. If your team is large, you can hire the whole venue in a place like Queens Skate Dine Bowl. If you would like to give your team a more diverse option, a place like All Star Lanes in Holborn offers nine pins, along with a large bar and old arcade games, so your staff can mix it up in the way that suits them best.

Great for a high-spirited team that loves to play. 

  • Pricing: £9.50 pp
  • Group size: 8 and above
  • Activity type: Entertainment & fitness🎳🤾

6. Baking Masterclasses – Heading Yeast

Cakes from Elvira's Secret Pantry
Rise your team up with a baking masterclass. | Elvira’s Secret Pantry, Bromley

This may be the most out-there suggestion of all, but if anyone has made bread, they will know what an intensive yet relaxing experience it is. London’s bakery school Elvira’s Secret Pantry, will offer you a chance to take your team to a master class in bread baking. When you are done, why not head back to the office with your bread and a few bottles of wine?

Great for a team that loves to get hands-on in their problem solving – baking is never as easy as it seems!

  • Pricing: from £20 pp
  • Group size: 4 and above
  • Activity type: Food & drinks🧁🧑🏼‍🍳

7. Comedy Clubs – Laughter Brings People Together

The Comedy Store, Main Auditorium
Laughing together will bring down any walls in your team. | The Comedy Store, Westminster

Is there a better way to bond than laughing along with your co-workers?  Take your employees out to one of London’s amazing comedy clubs and treat them to a relaxing and stress-free evening.  Check out The Comedy Store for professional stand-up, or give your team a chance at the open mic at a place like The Cornershop Bar. For a chance to make sure everyone gets out of their comfort zone, mix up the table seating and make sure that everyone mingles before the show starts.

A great night out for a team that enjoys each other’s company and has a great sense of humour.

  • Pricing: from £4 pp
  • Group size: Any
  • Activity type: Art & culture🧑‍🎤😂

8. Mini-Golf Courses – Fore!

mini golf team building
Team up with your team for a hole-in-one adventure. | Birdies, Islington

Mini-golf doesn’t have to stay in Brighton anymore! Once solely a beach time experience, mini-golf has reached the big city. Birdies offers mini-golf experiences, with a side of good food and delicious cocktails. Consider Puttshack White City for an ultra-modern take on an old favourite. Set your workers free to relive their childhood and remember that while very few are actually good at mini-golf, everyone can definitely enjoy it.

This is great for teams with an interest in fast-paced and friendly competition.

  • Pricing: from £35 pp
  • Group size: 4 and above
  • Activity type: Wellness & fitness 🏌️⛳

9. VR Experience – Is This the Real Life?

vr experience team building
Unleash the power of VR for dynamic team building. | DNA VR Camden, Camden

Is your team in the mood to get out of the office? Well, how about not just out of the office but anywhere they want? With VR, it’s possible to do anything and go anywhere, while staying in the city. So if your team’s motto is “Reach for the stars”, then, well, start reaching!

VR brings a sense of novelty and excitement to team building. It can spark curiosity, boost engagement, and create a positive and memorable experience for team members. Places such as DNA VR Camden (available also in Hammersmith and Battersea Power Station) or OTHERWORLD offer unique experiences to their visitors, so make sure to check them out with your team!

  • Pricing: from £15 pp
  • Group size: 4 to 6 persons per group
  • Activity type: Games & entertainment🕶️🌌

10. Boat Tours – Take to the Water

Summer Party at West End on the Thames
Working with your team will be smooth sailing after this unique, on-board team building session. | West End on the Thames, Westminster

Ever consider taking your team for a day out on the water? Moocanoe offers boat-based team-building events. You can take your team out on guided canoe tours along the river. This is a great way to get everyone in the fresh air and take them out of their comfort zone just a bit.

For another alternative, you can lease a larger boat such as The Elizabethan or West End on the Thames which offer catered experiences for a mid-week lunch or early evening get-together with drinks. 

Make sure your team doesn’t have motion sickness problems that might slow them down.

  • Pricing: from £50 pp
  • Group size: 10 and above
  • Activity type: Party & fun⛵🌊

11. Sweet Workshops – Sweet Treats

Christmas Cookies
Making cookies together will sweeten up the relations between team members.

The modern passion for meringue has finally entered the team-building world! Consider a venue like The Meringue Girls and learn how to make those annoyingly delicious sweet treats that always come in a box that is too small. Even better, they offer you Prosecco along with the experience so your team building can have a relaxed and sweetly memorable feel.

If meringues aren’t to your liking, perhaps you would like to consider some biscuits? The Biscuiteers will usher your staff through a 2-hour journey into the world of biscuit decorating.

Preparing food with a team is an exceptional way to bond, especially when everyone gets to taste the results of this grand effort!

  • Pricing: from £50 pp
  • Group size: 4 and above
  • Activity type: Food & drinks 🍪👩‍🍳

12. Charity – Do Some Good

charity team building
Charity team building will help more than just your team.

It’s an exciting prospect to combine team building with community service. Look for a charity that works with your company’s values, or ring around to local service organisations and see if they could use a cadre of willing volunteers for a few hours.

Use services such as Team Tactics, which offer a wide variety of experiences for your team. You can choose what kind of team building activity to choose and which organisation your team will support. 

Working together for the greater good is a rewarding experience for everyone and builds empathy among team members.

  • Pricing:
  • Group size: 6 and above
  • Activity type: Giving back 🤝💖

13. Lunch Out – Surprise!

the glass box room with stnning rooms at the Aviary Rooftop Bar & Restaurant in london
Views like that will surely elevate your team’s lunch! | Aviary Rooftop Bar & Restaurant, Central London

This might be an oldie, but it is still a goodie. Not every team building experience needs to be a huge effort, nor does it need to break your budget. You can simply surprise your team with lunch or a happy hour one day! Never underestimate the goodwill that can be generated by sharing a meal together, especially if someone else is paying 😉 Warn your staff in the morning that they will be going out together and make sure that you mix up the seating so everyone gets a chance to get to know one another. 

London has a tonne of amazing venues that will encourage your team to really get into the experience. Consider Aviary Rooftop Bar & Restaurant and its terrace with absolutely stunning views. In the warmer weather, a restaurant like Brasserie Blanc Southbank can offer a delightfully green and delicious experience, rain or shine. Or consider the distinctive atmosphere of The Princess of Wales pub where your employees can enjoy a private and one-of-a-kind luncheon.

The choice is yours, but nothing can replace the goodwill among co-workers that a shared meal and a convivial atmosphere can inspire.

  • Pricing: from £15 pp
  • Group size: Any
  • Activity type: Food & drinks 🍽️🏢

14. Getting Musical –  Hitting the Right Chord

Lucky Voice in Islington
Great tunes and good company will make this team building activity a hit. | Lucky Voice Islington, Islington

Everyone loves to sing, don’t they? Apart from singing being great for your health, it’s also an amazing activity to loosen up the team and let them engage together in a stress-free activity. Take them out to any of the city’s many karaoke bars like Lucky Voice in Islington or The Exhibit.

If you have a group of employees who prefer to strum and not sing consider taking them out to one of the city’s many ukelele hootenannies. Places like the Queen of Hoxton and the floating ukulele appreciation group Ukelele Wednesdays offer a chance to explore your employee’s creative side. They offer a chance to hire instruments, or perhaps some of your staff have a hidden appreciation for this tiny instrument. Whatever the case, with a few drinks, this can be a great experience for your team.

Making music and being silly is a great way to defuse any stress – consider this activity at the quarter’s end.

  • Pricing: from £5 pp
  • Group size: 6 and above
  • Physical Activity: Party & fun🎵🎊

15. Art Workshops – Get Creative

art workshop team building
No matter the type of art workshop you decide on, your team is sure to have a great time!

When you give creative endeavours a chance to feel like a party you might be surprised at how enthusiastic your team can get! So give your employees a chance to get creative with an art workshop. Places like Paint the Town or Paint Jam offer team-building events that will allow your team to show off their creative side.

You can also get out those potter’s wheels at a place like The Crafty Hen. Giving your staff a chance to get their hands dirty will definitely take them out of their workplace rut and can be an amazingly rewarding experience. Consider planning refreshments afterwards so everyone can mingle and share their own experiences of the day.

This is a wonderful experience for smaller teams that enjoy feeling creative.

  • Pricing: from £15 pp
  • Group size: 4 and above
  • Activity type: Arts & crafts✂️🖌️

16. Free Team Building Activities – Who’s Ready to Play?

Office Games
Office team-building games are easy to organise but are sure to bring a lot of laughter!

Not every team-building activity needs to break the bank. Taking the time to get to know your team members better is also not just a once-a-quarter endeavour. That is why there are plenty of free activities you and your team could enjoy during the work day. After all, asking your team to give up their personal time for a required wine tasting may not be something they want to do. 

Consider team-building games or activities at a prearranged time during the week. Board games or other types of ice breakers can certainly get colleagues talking with each other. Or perhaps organise a breakfast or lunch where everyone agrees to bring in a dish to share? There are even some tried and true favourites, such as a walking group or a lunchtime book group. Your imagination is the limit if you are looking to bring your staff together.

Remember, the most important thing is that they have fun.

  • Pricing:
  • Group size: any
  • Activity type: DIY office games 😄🎯

Team Building 101

One important thing to remember when planning an effective team-building activity is that bringing everyone together requires your activity to be fully inclusive. Avoid challenging activities that might be impossible for less active employees. Also, be careful not to plan activities that do not allow your employees some degree of choice. If there is an event that features alcohol, for example, ensure that there are also soft drinks, and nibbles for those who do not drink. Finally, it is a good idea to create a team-building opportunity that will give employees at least some chance for casual conversation. 

The most important aspect of team building is to help your employees start communicating better. One MIT study showed that when team members have productive opportunities to connect effectively outside the office, in-office communication improves significantly. Sharing an experience together, and then talking about it afterwards, is a great way for a group of individuals to come together as a true team. So, whatever the activity, consider ending the evening with a drink at a pub if you like.

Check out our ideas on indoor and outdoor activities for more inspiration for your team building session.

Find and book the perfect team-building package online

Looking for a team-building activity that would meet both your team’s needs and your wallet? Or maybe need an all-inclusive party package for stress-free team bonding? We’ve got you covered!


What types of team building activities are available in London?

London offers a wide range of team building activities, and whatever your team’s needs are – you will find a way to satisfy them in this city. Among the most popular team building activities in London are a team meal, beer or wine tasting, cooking or baking workshops, and art classes. Your team can also enjoy going out to karaoke or a comedy club, on a boat trip, or experiencing virtual reality. One of the best types of team building activities though are where teams can work together for a good cause, which are plentiful in London.

What are the best team building venues in London?

London offers a diverse range of team building venues, each with its own unique appeal. Look for something near your office, or ask your employees for their favourite spots. You can also use services like Tagvenue, which offers a comprehensive selection of venues suitable for team building activities, workshops, and corporate events.

Can team building activities accommodate large groups?

Yes, team building activities in London can cater to both small and large groups.  Activities such as a team meal, a boat ride, visiting a comedy club or going to a concert can be easily accommodated for large groups. Many providers have the flexibility to scale their activities and venues to accommodate varying group sizes, so always inform them about your group size to get the best offer for your team.

Can team building activities be customised for specific team needs?

In most cases – yes! Many team building providers in London offer customisable options to align with your team’s specific needs and goals. Whether you want to focus on improving communication or leadership skills or you want to foster creativity, providers can tailor activities and workshops to address those areas and create a unique experience for your team. Always talk to the host to make sure your team’s needs are met with the activity of your choosing.

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