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Pub Private Dining Rooms for Hire in London

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Top Pubs with Private Dining Rooms in London

On the lookout for pubs with private dining rooms in London? Well, look no further because we know where to find them. At Tagvenue, we list the best pubs for a private dining experience, from hip gastro pubs to local haunts serving mouthwatering pub grub. No matter what you’re after, with us, your ideal private dining room in a London pub is just a few clicks away. Go to our search bar, set your requirements, and book your private dining room today!

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Pub Private Rooms Hire Guide

London is often named the world’s gastropub capital – and after trying these delectable Sunday roasts, crunchy Scotch eggs and other delicacies, it’s no wonder. Planning to celebrate your special occasion over a nice cold pint and some delicious plates to match? We’ve got you covered – our collection of the best pubs with private dining rooms in London is sure to have what you’re looking for, whether it’s a small or large group, with a view or outdoor space, for a corporate event, wedding, or birthday party. We even have cheap, affordable, and budget-friendly pubs available:

Discover the very best pubs for a beer-infused feast; book your spot with us, and you’ll soon find yourself celebrating with friends and loved ones in no time!

Here are some events that you can organise in pubs with private rooms:

Birthday - Celebrate the special day with your friends and family over a nice meal accompanied by a fresh drink in a unique pub. When organising a birthday party in a pub, you can look for ones that offer special entertainment, like live music events or stand-up comedy nights. While you’re having your meal in a private room, you can visit the main room later to continue your celebrations.

For your birthday party, try The Tattershall Castle. Located on the Thames, it offers amazing views of The London Eye. With many rooms available for hire and live events happening regularly, this place will be great for hosting both intimate and big birthday celebrations. Guest rating: 4.8/5

Anniversary - Organising an anniversary party in a unique pub with a private dining room in London is a great way to commemorate a special occasion and bring back fond memories. Celebrate your victories, rejoice in overcoming adversity, and bring together friends and family who were a part of the journey for a celebratory feast in a small or large group, with a view or outdoor space, or for a corporate event, wedding, or birthday party.

Check The Perseverance. With a name like that, it’s bound to be a wonderful spot to celebrate the endurance and dedication that anniversary celebrations represent. Here you can try the traditional and freshly prepared food and ales beloved by every Brit. Guest rating: 4.8/5

Hen or stag party - Celebrate the last moments of your unmarried status in one of London’s many unique pubs with private dining rooms. Pre-wedding celebrations let you unwind before the big day and are yet another occasion to celebrate with your friends and family, whether it’s a small or large group.

Queen of Hoxton is a great spot for a night out. With many private rooms available for hire, including a Discotheque, the Rooftop, or an Arcade games room, you will definitely find a space that fits your party best. Guest rating: 4.6/5

Baby shower - Encourage and honour the mama-to-be, and welcome the new arrival with a baby shower. Although a pub may not be the first option that comes to mind when considering such celebrations, in London, you will surely find fitting venues to celebrate the joyous occasion. When looking for the right venue, search for private rooms in pubs that feature beautiful decor, delicious food, and, most importantly, a vast selection of non-alcoholic drinks.

For a baby shower party, try The Adam & Eve. The lovely decor of the place will make a great backdrop to your celebrations. With vegan and gluten-free options and comfortable private rooms, this venue will cater to the needs of the future mom. Guest rating: 4.8/5

Engagement party - Celebrate this special moment of your life with your friends and close ones. Hiring a private dining room will grant privacy to your event, but choosing one in a pub will let you party as you like. When looking for a venue for the engagement party, pay attention to the cocktail menu - you want to toast the future marriage with a good drink in your hand!

If you’re looking for a romantic setup for your celebrations, definitely check out The Angelic. The Instagrammable decor will look beautiful in your photos, and the craft beers will make the occasion even better. Guest rating: 4.8/5

Wedding - Organising your wedding in a pub may seem like an unorthodox idea, but if you can imagine any other party taking place in a pub, then why not a wedding one as well? Featuring a range of food options, or the option of an external caterer, a pub can be a great spot to host your wedding celebration. Look for places that are licensed for weddings so you can hold the ceremony and reception in one place.

Clarence Hall at The Admiral Hardy, blending traditional decor and modern vibes, is a great spot for a city wedding. With a private bar, large dance floor, and high ceilings, this venue has everything you need for a grand reception. Guest rating: 4.9/5

Corporate event - Whether you’re organising a product launch, a team-building away day, or any other corporate event, choosing a pub as an event venue is a good idea. Encourage conversations between colleagues in a more relaxed environment, or connect with your clients in a friendly pub atmosphere. With a selection of drinks and different menu options, everyone attending will find something they can enjoy.

If you’re looking for a spot in Canary Wharf, where all the professionals meet, try Rocket. With a high-quality bar but an informal atmosphere, it’s a great spot for laid-back conversations with your teammates or clients. Guest rating: 4.8/5

Entertainment and Activity Guide for London Pubs  

When hosting a private dining gathering in one of London's charismatic pubs, incorporating fun activities can transform a simple gathering into an unforgettable experience


  • Live Music: Partner with local musicians or bands to provide live entertainment that complements the vibe of your chosen pub. From acoustic duos providing background melodies to lively bands that get everyone on their feet, the right music can set the tone for the evening.
  • Personalised Playlists: For a more budget-friendly party, create a customised playlist. Consider the theme of your event and the demographics of your guests to select songs that will resonate with the audience, enhancing the dining experience without overpowering conversation.

Interactive Pub Quizzes and Games

  • Custom Pub Quiz: Organise a pub quiz tailored to your group's interests or the occasion. Incorporate questions about the guests, the reason for the celebration, or fun facts about London's history and culture to spark engagement and laughter.
  • Classic and Digital Games: Offer a selection of board games for a laid-back entertainment option, or set up digital trivia games that guests can play from their smartphones. These activities are perfect for encouraging interaction and breaking the ice among attendees.

Themed Nights and Dress Codes

  • Theme-Inspired Evenings: Elevate your private dining event by choosing a compelling theme that excites your guests and encourages participation. From a Roaring '20s speakeasy to a British literary greats night, themes can inspire decor, attire, and even menu choices.
  • Dress to Impress: Encourage guests to dress according to the theme for a fully immersive experience. Offer prizes for the best costumes to motivate participation and add an element of competition to the fun!

Culinary Competitions

  • Foodie Face-Offs: Engage your guests with a light-hearted culinary competition. Whether it's a contest to create the most innovative cocktail using a set of ingredients or a dessert decorating challenge, these activities can be both entertaining and delicious.
  • Tasting Sessions: Organise a tasting session that allows guests to explore the depths of whiskey, gin, craft beers, or even non-alcoholic beverages. Pair this with insightful stories about each drink's origin and production process for an educational twist.

Creative Workshops

  • Craft and Cocktail Classes: Combine the enjoyment of sipping on a bespoke drink with learning a new skill. Workshops like cocktail making, beer brewing insights, or even a short painting class can offer a memorable takeaway from the evening.

Remember, the goal is to complement the dining experience with entertainment that ideally resonates with the spirit of your occasion! If you’d like to take a deep dive into how to tune up your event, check out 17 Fun Dinner Party Ideas and Themes for Adults!

Mastering Networking and Corporate Functions

London's pubs with private dining rooms offer a relaxed setting for hosting corporate events and networking functions. Away from the conventional boardroom, these venues bring in a casual atmosphere, fostering connections and conversations. This guide provides insights into organising effective and memorable corporate gatherings in these distinctive settings, ensuring your event stands out.

Selecting the Perfect Pub Setting

  • Ambiance Alignment: Choose a pub that reflects your company's ethos or the event's purpose. A historic pub might suit a gathering focused on heritage brands, while a modern, chic pub could align with tech or creative industries.
  • Location Logistics: Opt for a pub that's easily reachable for all guests, considering proximity to public transportation and parking. Central London locations are often preferred, but charming pubs in quieter neighbourhoods can offer a more intimate setting.

Tailoring Your Event to Foster Connections

  • Structured Networking Opportunities: While the informal setting encourages natural interactions, structured activities like speed networking or 'find a match' games can enrich the experience, ensuring attendees meet a whole bunch of people.
  • Themed Breakout Sessions: Utilise the private dining room for focused discussions or workshops. Themes can be aligned with industry trends, challenges, or innovations, providing a platform for deeper engagement among attendees.

Curating a Menu to Match the Occasion

  • Bespoke Catering Options: Work with the pub to create a menu that caters to various dietary preferences and reflects the event's tone. Whether it's canapés for casual mingling or a sit-down meal for formal gatherings, the food should complement the event's flow.
  • Signature Drinks and Tastings: Add an element of novelty with a signature cocktail related to your event theme or industry. Beer, whiskey, or wine tastings can also provide a talking point and break the ice among attendees.

Making the Most of the Private Dining Experience

  • Personalised Decor and Branding: Use the private space to reinforce your brand or message through thoughtful decorations, displays, or branded materials. This not only personalises the experience but also enhances brand recall.
  • Exclusive Entertainment: Consider hiring a speaker, industry expert, or entertainer who can add value to your event. This could be a keynote address, an insightful talk, or a performance that aligns with your corporate culture.

Facilitating Follow-Up and Feedback

  • Post-Event Engagement: Ensure the momentum of the event continues by facilitating follow-up among attendees. This could be through sharing contact lists (with permission), LinkedIn groups, or a post-event newsletter highlighting key takeaways and connections.
  • Collecting Feedback for Future Events: Use online surveys or direct feedback channels to gather insights from participants. This will help refine and improve future networking events, making each one more impactful than the last.

To ensure your event is planned with attention to the smallest details, check out our Definitive Event Planning Checklist! This blog post features the key elements of putting an amazing event together, such as picking the ideal venue, arranging a delightful menu, and hiring the most professional vendors. Good luck!

FAQs about Pubs with Private Dining Rooms in London

Which areas of London are best for hiring a private dining room?

London offers many pubs with private dining rooms, so whatever area you’re interested in, you will find the fitting venue there. Search around the City, Westminster, Islington, Canary Wharf, and London’s business districts to find a suitable room for a corporate event. Search along the Thames River to add views of the river or London’s skyline to your event. Check Covent Garden, Waterloo or Chelsea for some great riverside options. If you want the ultimate London party experience, look for a private room in Soho or Shoreditch, known for its vibrant nightlife featuring rowdy clubs and fantastic bards.

How much does it cost to hire a private dining room in a London pub?

Minimum spend is a popular pricing option for pubs with private dining rooms and can usually be found around £100 to £1000 per session. The hire fee can be set as low as £25 per hour, and the per-person rate is, on average, around £30. (All data from Tagvenue).

Can I customize the catering menu when booking a private dining room in a London pub?

This highly depends on the pub. Some pubs will let you select from several options and create your own menu, while others can only offer you a delicious menu that has already been set for the night. If this is an important detail for you, make sure to inquire about it with the venue manager before finalising the booking.

What services are included in the price of hiring a private dining room in a London pub?

When hiring a private dining room, you will receive exclusive access to the area you booked. Some private rooms may come with a fully functioning bar which you and your guests may use. Some venues may even offer security that will restrict outsiders from entering your room. When choosing a dining package, you will receive selected food and drinks. If you decide to hire a pub with BYO options, then you will just be granted the use of the room. If you want to use some extra facilities or equipment, like mics or projectors, ensure their usage comes in the hire price or whether you need to pay extra.

Guests Reviews of Pubs with Private Rooms on Tagvenue

Amelie G.
Booked Front Bar Area at The Last Talisman
Perfect venue for our work get together. Staff were incredibly friendly and helpful and had the whole area all set up before we arrived. Atmosphere was great with fabulous music that wasn't too loud, so we could still have good conversation. Would definitely recommend The Last Talisman and we'll likely book again!
Tom C.
Booked Bar at The Lighthouse
The events team, as well as the bar team and manager James, were absolutely fantastic, resourceful and welcoming to myself and our guests. We had such a brilliant time and there were no hiccups whatsoever. We also had more guests than expected and were able to order extra catering just days before the event. I will certainly be recommending The Lighthouse to any other friends wishing to have a party!
Ria V.
Booked Botanical Bar at The Oliver Conquest
Literally everything was perfect: - Great space for 40-50 people. Nice wooden panels, spacious, and you can open the windows so it doesn't feel too stuffy or loud - Amazing drinks (they have 230 types of gin and really nice cocktails!) - Great pizzas - Extremely reasonably priced - Nicest, chillest, most helpful team ever. Craig was super easy to communicate with beforehand to organize food, and the barman Cosmir was so nice and fun! I could go in early to decorate as well. - Upstairs bathrooms were clean and well-stocked - Stayed open til 12am
Suzy B.
Booked Discotheque at Queen of Hoxton
I had an amazing time! I had my 22nd birthday here on a Friday - the infinity dancefloor was really cool, everyone had a great time, and the bartender (I'm so sorry, I can't remember his name!) got me a birthday cake that they brought to me at midnight, which I thought was so sweet. My party was supposed to end at 1am but we stayed later until close at 2am. Also, I was supposed to put my phone on the aux but didn't have a Apple-jack converter, so everyone from QOH tried to help find one for me - even contacting Colours to see if they had one there. So attentive and lovely, I would definitely book another party here
Alex W.
Booked Back Room at The George & Monkey
We had our family Christmas meal at G&M today. We had lots of kids with us so it wasn’t a quiet affair, but Julija, her staff and even a couple of locals were so friendly and accommodating, even when we had to slightly change and add to orders. On top of that, the food was delicious! For reference we had all the roasts (beef, chicken, vegan and vegetarian cauliflower steaks). Also if you’re hungry try out the baked Camembert - it’s to die for (as is the vegan chocolate slice). Julija helped with all the planning and coordinating and made it all very easy. We’ll definitely be back!
Teresa W.
Booked The Rooftop Terrace bar at Doggett's Coat and Badge
The venue location is absolutely next to none, the terrace is such a lovely space with glorious views of the city and St Paul's. The staff are very friendly and extremely helpful, making a huge effort to look after the guests and provide for all their needs. We asked them to move various pieces of furniture round and they were very accommodating. The venue specifies that music has to be turned down to a conversational level at 11pm but the staff were flexible and allowed us to keep it on a little longer with the doors to the terrace closed. The food is really good and was enjoyed by everyone at our event. Personally we experienced no negatives at all throughout the whole process and would highly recommend to everyone.
Helen F.
Booked Function Room at The Joker
The space was great - we were able to arrive earlier to decorate it how we wanted and play our own music, even til quite late on a Sunday! The staff were all really friendly and attentive, and Roxy was also great beforehand answering any questions I had and organising the food order. She was even going to order in extra Aperol Spritz's for us! Which we didn't go for in the end but she was willing to accomodate what we wanted. I booked it for a surprise 30th birthday of around 50 people and it went amazingly well, would definitely recommend this venue for a party. The food was really tasty too!
Lucy S.
Booked Whole Venue Hire at Hope and Anchor
Organising the event was so easy. Jamie was so helpful and they had everything we needed. The pub itself is a great space and the room upstairs was perfect for is. Really fun venue. Food great, beer great, service great.

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