Pubs for Large Groups for Hire in London

Pubs for Large Groups for Hire in London

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Top Pubs for Large Groups in London

London is filled with amazing pubs, including those that are perfect for large groups! If that is what you are looking for, you are in the right place. These venues are perfect for a birthday party with your friends, a bridal shower, a team building event or Christmas party - the possibilities are endless. Discover London’s array of pubs for large groups now with Tagvenue! Simply activate our smart filters to find your dream venue, and you’ll be scrolling through all the best options in your size range in no time at all. You are just a few clicks away from finding the perfect spot!

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Pubs for Large Groups Hire Guide

Pubs, or public houses, have been a part of British culture for centuries, before gradually transforming into what they are today. So it’s no surprise that London is home to vast amounts of pubs, in a large range of sizes, atmospheres, and locations. Whether you are looking to organise a corporate party in recognition of a successful year, a sumptuous hen or stag night, or a laid-back birthday celebration with a big friend group, we have a short list of London’s pubs that are suitable for large groups and will serve your purpose perfectly.

If you are wondering what you can expect from pubs for large groups in London, the answer is variety. Whether you’d prefer one of the most famous London pubs or a hidden gem, the possibilities are diverse and almost limitless!

  • In terms of location, many pubs are situated in central areas of London, but if the outskirts are more your thing, you can still find a range of venues there!
  • If you are looking for a place with a view, we recommend one of the many large pubs located along the Thames. Enjoying the London vibe is also possible in outdoor bars and beer gardens for hire. For those who want to do the exact opposite and forget where they are for a while, there are countless basement rooms and lounges in pubs that will help you do just that.
  • Whatever type of atmosphere you are looking for in your event, we can almost guarantee you’ll find a suitable pub in London. You can find venues for large groups with traditional pub interiors as well as more modern or elegant spaces. Want to feel like you are in a mediaeval inn? Or are charming floral climates more your cup of tea? You’ll be able to find the ideal option in London through our website!
  • How would you define a large group? The answer will vary from person to person, and that’s okay! In our London pub guide for large groups you can find venues that will fit your birthday party for your 25-person friend group, 100 employees for a corporate event or 250 guests for your grand wedding. With all these options we are sure you’ll be able to find a London pub with exactly the size you need.
  • London is known for its gastronomic variety, and that doesn’t stop at restaurants and bistros. Try a traditional British pub experience with beer and fish and chips or go for a gastropub for sophisticated meal and cocktails. 

With so many diverse possibilities, selecting the right venue and hiring it might seem like an overwhelming task. So if you are wondering how to book a pub for a large group in London, we have a guide for you:

Step one: Choosing the venue. 

When looking for a London pub for a large group event, conduct your search on a venue marketplace like Tagvenue! We offer a range of filters to help you sort venues by price, capacity, facilities, and location. 

  • Think of what type of venue you want to hire. Depending on how large your group is, what budget you have, and what type of event you are planning to organise, you might want to book a function room or a private dining room in a pub or hire the entire venue. 
  • Know what facilities you need. This may include Wi-Fi, speakers, an outdoor space and many more. If needed, make sure the venue is wheelchair accessible. Remember that you can use our smart search filters to find private hire pubs that provide exactly what you need.
  • Research the policies. Some pubs allow loud music and others don’t, so if a party is what you are after, make sure to check that. Other things to pay attention to are catering options, DJs/song requests, and the duration of the alcohol licence.
  • If you are planning a wedding, don’t forget to check if the place has a wedding licence!

Step two: Booking the venue.

Once you know what you are looking for and have checked all the options, you can go ahead and book your dream pub in London.

  • Create a shortlist. It’s good to have multiple candidates before you start the event pub booking process. It allows for flexibility in case something goes wrong with your first choice!
  • Compare the offers. A useful tip would be to create a ranking of venues you are considering. Mark your priorities and decide what order you are going to contact the venues in. Hopefully everything goes smoothly on the first try, but it’s good to know where to turn in case it doesn’t work out.
  • Contact the venue manager. On the Tagvenue page for the pub of your choice, you’ll be able to find contact information to the venue manager. All you need to do is fill in the necessary details and you can start your booking process any time!

Logistics for Large Group Events

Planning a large group event in one of London's iconic pubs can be an exciting yet daunting task. The success of your event hinges not just on the venue itself but also on how well you manage the logistics. Here's your guide to organising large group events in London's pubs, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish.

Understanding Your Space:

  • Capacity and Layout: First things first, get a clear understanding of the pub's capacity and layout. Consider the flow of the event and whether the space supports this. For sit-down dinners, ensure there's enough seating for all guests. For more casual mix-and-mingle events, check that there's ample standing room and a few seating options for those who need a break.
  • Private vs. Shared Spaces: Some pubs offer private rooms, while others might propose a sectioned-off area of the main bar. Clarify this with the venue to set the right expectations for privacy and exclusivity during your event.

Food and Beverage Management:

  • Pre-Ordering: For large groups, pre-ordering food can significantly reduce waiting times and ensure that all your guests are served simultaneously. Work with the pub to create a set menu or a selection of dishes that guests can choose from in advance. Have a look at Pub Private Dining Rooms!
  • Drink Arrangements: Decide if you'll run a tab, offer a limited selection of complimentary drinks, or have guests pay for their own. 

Audio-Visual Needs:

  • Sound System: If you plan to have speeches, music, or any presentations, check the pub's sound system capabilities. Do they have microphones, speakers, and the ability to connect to various devices?
  • Visuals: For events requiring visual presentations, inquire about available screens or projectors and compatibility with your equipment.

Reachability and Transportation:

  • Location: Choose a pub that all of your guests can reach easily. Consider proximity to public transport, parking availability, and accessibility for those with mobility issues.
  • Directions and Signage: Provide clear directions to the pub, including transport options and entrance instructions. Consider having signage or a greeter to direct guests to the event space within the pub.

Timing and Flow of the Event:

  • Schedule: Create a detailed timeline for your event, including start and end times, meal times, and any planned activities or speeches. Share this schedule with the pub management to ensure they're prepared to support your event's flow.
  • Guest Arrival: Plan for a smooth guest arrival by having a dedicated check-in area if needed. For very large groups, consider wristbands or hand stamps for easy re-entry if guests choose to step outside.

Communication with the Pub:

  • Point of Contact: Establish a clear point of contact within the pub who will be available before and during your event to address any issues that arise.
  • Final Walk-Through: If possible, schedule a final walk-through of the space with your pub contact a few days before the event to iron out any last-minute details and ensure everything is in place.

On the Day:

  • Set-Up and Decor: Confirm what decorations you're allowed to bring and what the pub provides. Arrive early to set up any personal touches.
  • Staff Briefing: Ensure the pub's staff are briefed on the specifics of your event, including any special dietary requirements, the schedule, and key contacts among your group.

Themed Parties in London Pubs

London's eclectic pubs offer the perfect setting for themed parties! Whether you're celebrating a milestone birthday, corporate achievement, or just looking for an excuse to gather friends, hosting a themed party in a London pub can transform a large group gathering into an unforgettable outing. Here’s how to plan and execute a party with a theme that will be talked about for years to come.

Choosing Your Theme:

  • Historical Elegance: Draw inspiration from London's past, with themes like Victorian London, the Roaring '20s, or a Sherlock Holmes mystery night. Pubs with historical significance or vintage decor, such as the Cellar Bar at TT Liquor, can enhance the authenticity of your event.
  • Literary Nights: Celebrate the works of famous authors or genres. Think of a Harry Potter wizarding world, a Shakespearean banquet, or an Agatha Christie murder mystery.
  • Pop Culture Extravaganza: Leverage popular culture for a lively gathering. Themes could include rock legends, iconic movies, or a royal family look-alike contest.
  • Seasonal Celebrations: Utilise the time of year to inspire your theme, such as a cosy Winter Wonderland, a spooky Halloween bash, or a vibrant Summer Solstice party.

Finding the Perfect Pub:

  • Vibe and Decor: Look for large pubs that naturally fit or can be easily adapted to your chosen motive. An older pub might suit a historical theme, while a modern bar like The Sapphire Room at Nags Head, Covent Garden could be the perfect canvas for a pop culture party.
  • Capacity and Layout: Ensure the pub can comfortably accommodate your group size and any special activities or performances you have planned.
  • Outdoor Spaces: Consider pubs with gardens or rooftops if your theme benefits from being outdoors or requires additional space for activities.

Decor and Set-up:

  • Immersive Decor: Work within the chosen party motive to transform the space. From table settings and banners to props and lighting, every detail contributes to the nice atmosphere.
  • Interactive Elements: Incorporate themed photo booths, interactive displays, or treasure hunts to engage guests and make the environment more dynamic.

Entertainment and Activities:

  • Themed Entertainment: Hire entertainment that complements your desired atmosphere, such as live bands playing era-specific music, actors to mingle with guests in character, or magicians for a mystical night.
  • Activities and Games: Plan themed activities or competitions that encourage participation and add an element of fun. Consider a costume contest, event-related trivia, or karaoke.

Themed Food and Drink:

  • Menu: Collaborate with the pub to create a themed menu, with dishes and drinks that reflect the gathering concept’s essence. Consider renaming items to fit the party motive for an extra touch of creativity.
  • Signature Cocktails: Develop a selection of special cocktails or mocktails. This could include drinks inspired by characters, locations, or iconic elements of your theme.

Dress Code and Invitations:

  • Invitations: Set the tone with funny invitations that hint at the fun to come. Include dress code expectations to encourage guests to fully immerse themselves in the vibe of the event.
  • Costume Guidelines: Provide suggestions or guidelines for themed attire to ensure everyone feels part of the themed experience.

If you have an event for a large group of people in mind, don’t hesitate! There are countless pubs for events in London waiting for you to hire them!

FAQs about Pubs for Large Groups in London

How much will it cost to hire a pub for a large group in London?

Hiring a pub for a large group in London is often priced on a minimum spend basis - in this case, prices can start at around £100 per session. You can find per person hire fees starting at around £10 to £30, depending on the venue and location. Some venues may also charge by the hour - in this case expect prices beginning at around £20. To hire a venue for a session, for example an entire afternoon, be ready to pay at least £50 for the cheap pub venues for large groups, and even £15,000+ for the most exclusive venues. (All data from Tagvenue.)

How can I get the most affordable price when hiring a London pub for a large group?

When hiring a pub for a large group in London, you are generally asked to pay according to a minimum spend model. This is a price calculated by the pub based on how much they’d expect to earn during the booking time if they were open to the public. With this in mind, it’s best to ask the venue managers whether their minimum spend will decrease if you hold your event on a less popular day of the week, for instance sometime between Monday and Wednesday. If you are hiring on a per hour or per session basis, make sure to check what is included in the price. You can also use our smart filters to find the venues that match your budget!

What area of London is best for pub hire for large groups?

You can find amazing pubs that will fit a big group all around London, especially in central areas such as Soho, Covent Garden, and the City of London. If you want to move a bit further away from the city centre, we recommend you check out our hire guide for pub venues in North London, you'll find plenty of fantastic spaces ready to book there!

Which London pubs can I go to with a large group?

If you are looking to host an outdoor party with a beautiful view of the river Thames, we recommend The Terrace at Doggett’s Coat and Badge, rated 4.8/5 stars by our users. It can fit up to 120 standing guests and is perfect especially for the summer. To create an intimate and elegant atmosphere even for a large group, we recommend the Downstairs Bar at Walkers of Whitehall in Westminster. The venue is available for exclusive hire for up to 65 guests seating or 100 standing and is rated 4.8/5 on our website. If your group is even larger, The Last Talisman in Bermondsey can host 300. The venue, rated 4.8/5 stars by guests, offers Asian grill and unique cocktails.

Guests Reviews of Pubs for Large Groups on Tagvenue

Betty W.
Booked The Drawing Room at The Marquis Cornwallis
Had a fantastic time celebrating my birthday party at Marquis Cornwallis! The food was delicious, and the private space provided us with plenty of room to relax and enjoy ourselves. The staff, went above and beyond to ensure that everything ran smoothly and that we had everything we needed. The atmosphere was great, and the spaciousness of the room added to the overall experience. Would recommend Marquis Cornwallis as the perfect spot for a private event!
Danielle C.
Booked Private Function Room at Kraft Dalston
I had a private birthday dinner and drinks and the staff was amazing and very friendly. Exceptional service from the manager and team, kept to my schedule, very organised and accommodating. All my friends complimented on the venue and the aesthetics. As the venue is connected to the hotel the events team helped me get a room for the night. I would highly recommend. Thank you for making my birthday a night to remember.
Gabrielle R.
Booked Whole Venue at Coin Laundry
From the initial point of contact with the team to the night itself, we had a wonderful with hosting our wedding reception at the Coin Laundry. It was exceptionally well organised and had great food and drink options. All our guests raved about the food and the service, and the groom and I didn't have to worry about a thing. The staff went above and beyond to make the evening great for us and ensure everything went smoothly. We had such a wonderful evening celebrating our wedding with friends and family there, would highly recommend it.
Ilka N.
Booked The Main Venue at The Saw Swee Hock Centre
We had a wonderful event at The Saw Swee Hock. It was easy to communicate and we received answers quickly. Communication was definitely high above average compared to other venues in London that we booked for similar events previously. When we arrived at the site we were met by three people that checked if everything was in place as we had imagined/ wished. They were also available during our event. So e.g when we needed more water or coffee that was fixed immediately. AV in the venue is extraordinary! Plug and play worked perfectly even though we had several presentations and everyone used their own device. AV support was on-site during the whole event. The sound system is really (!!!) good.
Booked The Fishing Smack at Boathouse Studios, Barking
We were immediately drawn to The Fishing Smack when we saw photos of the gorgeous exposed brickwork and from the first in-person visit, we were hooked - Pun very much intended! Carole is, without question, the jewel in the crown of Boathouse Studios. She put us completely at ease and accommodated every detail of our bigger picture without ever making us feel we were a nuisance - Even when we were bothering her to come in for things like testing lightbulbs! My wife and I are experienced in various areas of the events industry but walking through the space with Carole inspired loads of new ideas for the party we were hosting. Her creativity and enthusiasm for the success of not only the venue, but our event as well, was infectious throughout our months of planning and the party wouldn't have been the same without her. The venue as a whole is well-run, very clean and very well-equipped. The behind-the-scenes details, such as free sanitary products in the toilets, didn't go unnoticed and I believe speak volumes about the kind of people working back of house - Dedicated, inclusive, efficient and experienced. The spaces are also extremely versatile. It's rare to find a 'blank canvas' style space that retains the charm and focal details that Boathouse Studios does. I highly recommend using the clean-down service. Shadene and the team took immediate charge to pack up and reset the room efficiently and respectfully. It's very reassuring to know that your belongings, decor, equipment etc are in very safe hands, while your guests can slip away on a high note. In summary: Love the vibe, love Carole and the team, and we wish Boathouse Studios every continued success.
Amanda K.
Booked Private Room at The Prince Regent
The room was cosy and attractive: just the right size for 20 or so guests. The assistant manager, Em, was delightful, helpful and worked like a Trojan, full of creative ideas, helping us to set up beforehand and checking in with us regularly throughout the evening to make sure we had everything we needed. The food was very tasty - just about enough but not a huge amount - and the chef accommodated our dietary requirements as much as possible. Altogether, everyone had a lovely evening. Would definitely come back.
Isabella M.
Booked Private Room at The Prince Regent
This was the perfect venue for my 40th birthday in every way! All the staff were so kind, accommodating, polite and patient with us, the nicest people ever - even though it was a really busy Sunday afternoon for them with all the customers. We had our own separate room upstairs so we could be as noisy and joyful as we wanted and it was safe and secure for the little ones. The best bit was the fact there was no minimum spend, and that everyone could individually pay for drinks/food at the bar, which altogether meant NO nasty bill problems at the end of the day, which has always put a downer on my birthdays in the past. I only had to pay a really small deposit of £50 to secure the booking which I received at the end with no fuss. I will certainly be booking again next year!
Dominique K.
Booked First Floor Bar at The Walmer Castle
I booked the upstairs of the Walmer Castle pub and I am more than pleased I did so. Staff was very very friendly and helpful. They were very Efficient. I helped cleared some tables at some point as they were a bit overwelmed but it does not matter. In the end, they said that we were awesome and that they had a great time. Brilliant!

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