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Halls for Hire in North London

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Top Halls in North London

You can find everything from medieval to modern-day halls for hire in North London. Would you like to have a conference in a community hall as big as a football field? Or would you prefer having a wedding reception in one of the banquet halls that looks like a chic restaurant? In North London anything is possible. See for yourself!

Halls Hire Guide

North of the River Thames, North London is a place of elegance, organic markets and live entertainment. Most people who visit North London also take the time to visit Kensington Gardens and Buckingham Palace to get a taste of the culture.

The best way to get around in London is via the famous Underground. With access to 250 stations, you can travel to any part of London on the tube. Consider walking or cycling when you don’t have to go too far; you may find something interesting on the way to your destination.

Here are some frequently asked questions:

How much does it cost to hire a hall in North London?
There are lots of halls for hire in North London. If your budget is tight, you may prefer to select one of the cheaper halls to hire in North London. We have summarised the price ranges for you below, so you know exactly what to expect.

  • Hire fee – The cheapest halls to hire in North London start at £25 per hour (for 220 guests) and go up to £25,000 per day (for 10,250 guests). Big party halls like that can be found amongst the halls for hire in Haringey, especially in Highgate and Crouch End.
  • Minimum spendAre you looking for a free venue to hire in North London? Then community halls with a minimum spend rate are for you! Spend a minimum of £200 per session (for 600 guests, this is less than £1 per person) to £25,000 per evening (for 800 guests it’s £31.25 per person) at the bar and you get the venue for free.
  • Price per person – Do you want to filter out the unreliable folk that may forget to attend the party? By picking a party hall with pay-per-person pricing, you won’t have to worry about them. Starting from £60 per day (for 120 guests) to £114 per day (for 500 guests), paying per person is a viable option.

I’d like to hire a hall in North London. Which locations would you recommend?

  • Islington – This used to be an overcrowded neighbourhood but it has turned into a place with upper-class status. The pubs have been turned into wine bars and boutiques. It’s the perfect place for social gatherings inside the many banqueting halls that Islington offers.
  • Chelsea – Chelsea FC, that’s what you’ll hear everyone talking about. Football clubs are very popular in the UK, and London hosts a whopping 11 of them. Chelsea is another great place for formal gatherings and parties. Party halls are part of the culture here, so make sure to check those out!

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