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Finding the perfect place for a ball can seem daunting. You'll need to balance your budget while securing a venue with the facilities that'll make your event sparkle. Happily, we're here to make this task headache-free. We’ve picked the best ball venues in London and listed them all in one place. Our advanced venue search engine showcases the most sought after ball venues right here in the capital, from beautiful banquet halls and dinner dance venues to elegant hotel ballrooms and school ball venues. So, you can focus on your main priority – making your special evening a memorable one.

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Ball Venues Hire Guide

So, you’re trying to hire a ballroom for your next party, conference, or event. We know how important it is to make this evening special, so we've made the venue search as simple as possible. We provide all of the information you need about each venue and list it in one place for your convenience – saving you hours of research. So all you have to do is see what's available and pick from our carefully selected listings. That way you can focus on the smallest details to make this event a success.

If this is your first time hiring a space as special as this, we want to help you make the best decision possible. That’s why we made this guide on how to compare and book a venue that will cater to your needs. Here’s a list of things to consider while searching for ball venues in London:

  • Local facilities - in what type of neighbourhood should your ball take place? Do you want to find yourself in beautiful, historical areas like Westminster or Kensington and Chelsea, or would you rather host a party in a modern ball venue in the South Bank? If you want to take care of every single detail, you should think not only about the sights, but also more useful features such as private parking, cloakroom/storage space, and on-site accommodation.
  • Style of the ball venue - light or dark, modern or historical? London’s full of wonderful choices and we’re here to guide you. From ultra-modern halls with state-of-the-art facilities to stunning Grade I listed buildings, there’s something for any kind of ball you may have in mind. You’ll be surprised by the variety!
  • Seating and size - would you like a separate dance hall, a combined ballroom, or just some space with seating for an exquisite dinner party? Thanks to Tagvenue’s smart search engine, you can look for ballrooms with the space or seating requirements that fit your needs.
  • Outside space - this one’s particularly important if your grand ball takes place in the warmer months. Who doesn’t love good old English gardens, after all? It’s always nice to have some green space to rest and take a deep breath after dancing. When it’s warm enough, you don’t even have to plan for all the events to be inside the venue – how about a little bit of al fresco dining?
  • Adjacent rooms - the dancing and the most formal parts will probably take place in the central part of the ball venue, but it’s a good idea to hire a few adjoining spaces as well. These may be convenient for buffets or wine tasting. Check if there are enough bathroom facilities and remember to provide enough space for cloakrooms, too.
  • Acoustics and visuals - does the ball venue provide audiovisual equipment? Some venues will be happy to help you find the right sound technician. It’s always better to do a few sound checks prior to the event. Such precautions will make the ball less stressful for you. If you’re planning a presentation, check whether the venue offers a projector and a screen.
  • Food and refreshments - catering will be a fairly important part of your preparations. Even if you don’t plan on having a full-blown, multi-course meal, you should at least provide some drinks and hors d'oeuvres.

How to organise a classy ball

You’re on your way to hire a beautiful ball venue, but do you want to make your party even more memorable? Tagvenue has a lot of experience in helping our customers with high-class balls and events. We want to share some of our ideas for making your guests feel celebrated for just a little bit of extra effort.


We live in an era of online invitations, but who said it has to be that way? Create and print out some custom invitations, fill in all the guests names by hand, and make sure to include all the necessary details like date, dress code and venue address.


Depending on the purpose of your event, you should consider making a consistent theme throughout all the elements. Since your ballroom will be beautifully decorated from the get-go, maybe you should plan the theme around it?

Live music

Hiring a DJ or sound technician would be enough to help your guests to the dancefloor, but if you still have some extra budget left, having an actual musician or group perform for you would create a wonderful atmosphere. How about a classical string quartet or a talented pianist?

Looking for someone to point you in the right direction? When it comes to ball venues in London, we know our stuff. Look through our selection of elegant old mansions, charming townhouses, and swanky hotels to find a ball venue that’s best for your use case. No matter what your requirements are, we’re sure to help you find a venue that will impress your guests. And you will be able to do that easily and quickly online!

Ball Venues in London FAQ

Where in London should I look for beautiful ballrooms?

The best places for ballrooms in London are close to the historical centre of the city. Westminster, especially the area close to Buckingham Palace would be the easy choice, with its abundance of beautiful historical buildings and the close proximity to the Thames. Holborn is another neighbourhood to look for some of the most beautiful ball venues in London, including Lincoln’s Inn and Somerset House.

How much does it cost to hire a ball venue in London?

Prices for medium-sized ballrooms (around 60-100 people), or spaces that could serve as ball venues start at around £400/day and can cost as much as £8000 for a 4-hour session. Venue offers are going to vary depending on the location, payment model (dry hire, per person, or minimum spend) and the headcount of your ball event. (All data from Tagvenue.)

How to choose the best ball venue for your needs?

There are a couple of things you can do with Tagvenue’s search filters to make this process easier. Try searching for ball venues based on your budget, amount of seats you’re going to need, or the date you want your event to take place on. You can also, if you’re looking for stellar customer service, consider ball venues that participate in our Supervenue program.

How much time in advance should I book a ball venue?

For an event as big as a ball or gala, you should finalise the booking at least 2 months early. That way the managers will have some time to make all the necessary arrangements and make sure that everything will be to your liking.

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Zara Kazmi
Booked Large Meeting Rooms at Grand Connaught Rooms
Great Venue, great Event co-ordinator, understood our needs, good relationship
Louis Seller
Booked The Cellar at The Gable
Very organised, friendly and helpful staff - including bar staff and security.
Faith Chin
Booked The Conservatory at N/A
Prompt communication with Event Manager. Great service, flexible, made the event very easy to organize.

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