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Online Murder Mystery

Are you ready to become a detective for a day?! Get your team together, choose one of our 9 recommendations and find out the truth!

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What’s a Murder Mystery? How do we play it online?

If you’ve ever read an Agatha Christie novel or perhaps watched a thrilling crime TV series, this one’s for you. There are a few scenarios and different games of course, but most revolve around: a crime committed, a mystery, a detective/jury (you!) and pieces of the puzzle to be put together. The logic is somewhat similar to an escape room, as you might need to use your instincts and skill to solve clues and riddles.The Murder Mysteries we offer are immersive and interactive, you can count on live actors whom you can question, talk to and observe as well as exciting plot twists, like phone calls, voicemails or texts the participants get throughout the activity.