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Death in the Red Light Murder Mystery

An award-winning noir murder mystery puzzle game that your team will love.

10am-10pm, Mon-Sun
From £25/28$ pp
Group size
120 mins

Activity highlights

Not one way to solve the crime
Curated by professional hosts
Teams can be pre-selected or randomly assigned
No downloads required

Event description

It's 1980. Amsterdam is exhilarating and wonderful. But behind the bright city lights and commotion, something horrendous has occurred. A man has been murdered, and the killer is on the loose.

Become a team of grizzly detectives who must face the mean streets of Amsterdam and investigate the crime scene. You reach the scene and start examining evidence that indicates the killer is not far from you. Connect the dots, and solve puzzles to understand why the victim was murdered and who the killer is. It seems like another junkie, yet things are not that straightforward.

Who will figure it out first? Find out what the clues mean and what the key found next to the body leads to. Is it just another useless piece of evidence, or is there more to it than meets the eye?

Story-driven murder mystery games are ideal for brainstorming ideas and building long-lasting relationships among your colleagues. As they work together to work out the case, teams interact and communicate their ideas with each other all while having a terrific time. The host will be on hand to tell the story, give clues, and keep track of the winners.

How does it work?
Virtual Murder in the Red Light is based in Amsterdam, where players can virtually explore the city streets and choose their path to victory, but you better choose wisely. You only have two hours to solve the mystery! Be quick and sharp as otherwise the other teams might win the bragging rights. Along the way, the host/game master will tell you about the true story of one of Amsterdam’s unsolved murder cases.

Murder in the Red Light is a thrilling experience for teams that need a break from work and want to put their detective skills to the test!

What's included

  • Exclusive event host

What you need

  • PC or mobile device

Pricing and capacity

Up to 10 players
Up to 15 players
Up to 20 players
Up to 30 players
Up to 40 players
Up to 50 players
Up to 60 players
Up to 70 players
Up to 80 players
Up to 90 players
100+ players
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Cancellation policy

All sales are final and non-refundable.
One-time courtesy reschedule possible up to 7 days before the event date.
No rescheduling possible for no shows or last-minute cancellations.​


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