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A Death in the Red Light

An award-winning noir murder mystery puzzle game

10am-10pm, Mon-Sun
From £16/23$ pp
Group size
120 mins

Activity highlights

Not one way to solve the crime
Curated by professional hosts
Teams can be pre-selected or randomly assigned
No downloads required

Event description

Competing teams take on the role of a grizzly detective on the mean streets of Amsterdam in the 1980s. The Red Light District is a hive of scum and villainy. They've been called out to investigate a dead body... but there's something different about this case. Who will figure it out first?

Players will explore a virtual Amsterdam, choosing their own paths to victory. Along the way, they will learn the true story of one of Amsterdam's most mysterious crime scenes.
Teams work together to explore the city, collect clues, and solve puzzles in order to crack a real mystery. The Game Master (a real person!) will be on hand to tell the story, give clues, and keep track of the winners.

It's a wonderful way for teams to get together and experience the excitement of teamwork.

What's included

  • Exclusive event host

What you need

  • PC or mobile device

Pricing and capacity

Up to 10 players
Up to 15 players
Up to 20 players
Up to 30 players
Up to 40 players
Up to 50 players
Up to 60 players
Up to 70 players
Up to 80 players
Up to 90 players
Up to 100 players
100+ players
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Cancellation policy

All sales are final and non-refundable.
One-time courtesy reschedule possible up to 7 days before the event date.
No rescheduling possible for no shows or last-minute cancellations.​

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