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Superheroes Murder Mystery

Super Team assemble! Solve a complex murder mystery and figure out who killed the city's top superhero.

Mon-Sun,8am-10pm ET
£47/$60 pp
Group size

Activity highlights

Virtual room that allows private conversations
Fun and complex plot line, surprising obstacles
Detailed character backstories
Photos of physical evidences

Event description

Have you been secretly wearing your Superman or Wonderwoman suit lately? Well, thanks to this epic online murder mystery, you can now totally be a superhero for ‘real’!

Planning a Halloween Party at the office or maybe you simply need a fun brainstorming session that will put your team’s creativity to the test? Whatever you are planning, our online murder mystery will surely satisfy your event needs!

Golden Guy, the leader of the Super Team has been found dead and only the Super Team (You!) can avenge him. Take control of the situation, navigate your superpowers, challenge evil masterminds, unravel secret identities and prevent an eventual doomsday! But be careful…the murderer is hidden among you!

Mingle, collaborate and solve the riddles to avenge your dear friend! Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Casting and Prep: Fill in a quick survey so that we can cast your participants in each role. We’ll send out a character list and individual character secrets ahead of the game session, so guests can prepare a costume if they choose, and the murderer can prepare their lies.

Step 2: Party time: Players chat, gossip, lie, cheat and steal to get in their characters’ shoes. A host, who plays a minor character so as not to distract from the mystery, will gently guide the game by periodically emailing out individualised prompts to encourage guests to find a clue or share a secret.

Step 3--Accuse a Murderer: The group votes for whomever they think is the murderer and everyone's secrets, including who murdered Golden Guy, are revealed.

At the end of the game, you will have discovered new things about each other’s shady but fun side! The game is extremely engaging and collaborative, making it a good pick for your next event!

What's included

  • In-character game host
  • Exciting and complex clues
  • A link to a themed virtual room
  • Cool team photo

What you need

  • Exactly 12 participants
  • Webcam & headphones
  • Laptop or desktop computer
  • List of participants' emails provided via a brief survey

Pricing and capacity

£47/$60 per person

Cancellation policy

By booking, you're agreeing to provide exactly 12 guests. Please be aware that the following actions may result in cancellation of your event without refund:
-A guest not showing up, or arriving more than ten minutes late
-Failure to respond to our emails by the deadlines outlined in them (we require a small amount of communication from you prior to the party)

If you're concerned a member of your group may not be able to make it, we offer No-Show Insurance (labeled NSI in our store) for an additional $60. If you purchase NSI, we will have a team member on hand to step in in case of a no-show or technology issues that prevent someone from joining so that the party will not have to be canceled.

If, after booking the event, you find that the date you have selected no longer works for you, we will be happy to refund you fully or reschedule your party as long as you inform us NO LESS THAN FIVE DAYS before the event. If you need to reschedule within five days of the party, you will be charged an additional $100 fee to account for the additional prep time required by our representative; if you need to cancel within five days of the party, we will unfortunately be unable to refund you.


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