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Very Faulty Christmas

See if you can solve who killed Santa in this festive-themed murder mystery!

Group size
90-120 mins

Activity highlights

Team up with your colleagues and solve the mystery
Interact with real suspects and find the murderer

Event description

Set in the bustling touristic scene of Torquay, you find yourselves trapped in a ho-ho-homicide of…. Santa!

Mrs. Bookin, who retains a small staff, welcomes local residents for a traditional Christmas meal but at the start of the festivities, something unimaginable occurs, the man playing Santa is found dead in his room.
Could it be food poisoning? You suspect that it’s a murder and start investigating right away.

Five suspects, played by professional actors, are brought to you. Do you have the problem-solving skills needed to find out who among these five could have committed such an atrocious crime? Examine clues, decipher riddles and interrogate suspects to find out whodunit.

A detective, played by an actor, will lead your group and help you in case you are stuck. At the end of the activity, all teams will announce their suspicions and our detective will announce which one of you was right and why!

Enjoy some Christmas-themed teamwork this season and claim victory as you find out who committed the murder!

What's included

  • Zoom link
  • Digital copy of all game materials
  • Five suspects played by professional actors

What you need

  • Installed Zoom
  • Sense of humour
  • Pen and paper (optional)
  • Computer or PC (phone)

Pricing and capacity


Cancellation policy

1. Tagvenue will make every effort to run the event as arranged, Tagvenue reserves the right to change or cancel the event by reason of unforeseen or unexpected events rendering the originally intended format impracticable. Should the event be cancelled, no fee shall be paid by the client except in wholly exceptional circumstances and wholly at the discretion of the client.

2. By the client. The event will be considered cancelled by us when the client, by written notification to Tagvenue (emails are accepted as confirmation):
2.1. Cancels or postpones the entire event.
2.2. Cancels or postpones any element of the event.

3. If an event is cancelled by the client Tagvenue shall have the right to impose a “cancellation charge” which shall be calculated as a percentage of the total price as detailed in the table below.

4. Timing of cancellation – percentage of total price:
4 weeks – 2 weeks prior to the event – 50%
Less than 2 weeks prior to the event – 100%


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