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Top Riverside Venues in London

Bring on those long summer days! Are you ready to break out the Pimm, cocktails and beer bucket? There’s no better place to do it than one of the city’s best riverside venues. Whether you're organising a company picnic, cocktail party or casual drinks with friends, Tagvenue is here to help you fast-track the venue-finding process. Make sure to check out our favourite London riverside venues – our selection of quirky beer gardens, nautical-themed spaces and the hottest rooftop bars is sure to keep you happy.

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Riverside Venues Hire Guide

If you like, you can even hire a boat for an unforgettable cruise along the Thames. Just relax and soak up the sun while Tagvenue finds the perfect riverside venue for your next special event.

The Ultimate Guide to Riverside Venues in London

Experience the magical charm of riverside venues in London, where the tranquil backdrop of the Thames creates a breathtaking setting for any occasion. Whether you're planning an elegant party or a professional gathering, choosing a venue along the riverside will surely provide a memorable experience for both hosts and guests. This guide provides essential tips for selecting the perfect waterside location, ensuring that your event stands out against the serene flow of London's iconic river.

Key Considerations for Choosing Your Riverside Venue

  • Event Type and Ambiance: The nature of your event dictates the ideal venue. A chic riverside banquet hall might suit a formal gala, while a laid-back waterfront pub or restaurant could be the perfect match for casual gatherings. Consider the event's format—will it be a seated dinner, a cocktail reception, or a conference? Each scenario requires a different layout and amenities.
  • Capacity and Space Layout: Assess the guest list size to ensure your chosen venue comfortably accommodates everyone. Venues by the Thames offer a variety of spaces, from intimate terraces for small groups to expansive halls for large assemblies. Also, think about the flow of the event and whether you need separate areas for different activities.
  • Views and Location: One of the prime benefits of riverside venues is their scenic views. Select a spot that showcases the best of the Thames, with views of landmarks like the London Eye or Tower Bridge. Being able to get to the location easily is crucial—consider how easy it is for guests to get to the venue via public transport or if there's ample parking for those driving.
  • Facilities and Services: Ensure the venue has all the necessary facilities, from audio-visual equipment for corporate events to catering options for banquets. Some riverside venues offer bespoke services to tailor the event to your preferences, providing a unique and personalised experience.
  • Budget: Waterfront venues in London come with a wide range of price points. Establish your budget early in the planning process, and seek venues that offer transparent pricing without hidden costs. Remember, the exclusivity of a riverside setting might command a premium, but the ambiance and views are often worth the investment.

Spotlight on London's Best Riverside Venues

  • Winchester House: Offering an idyllic riverside setting, Winchester House is a historic venue with private gardens, a reception area, and a ballroom. It can host up to 100 people, providing a charming atmosphere for more intimate weddings or events.
  • The Terrace at Doggett's Coat and Badge: This venue has unparalleled views of the Thames, offering both a terrace and indoor space for a versatile event setup. It's perfect for intimate weddings or gatherings of up to 90 people, allowing for a personalised experience with the city skyline as your backdrop.
  • Elizabethan - Thames Luxury Charters: Imagine tying the knot or celebrating a special occasion on a boat cruising the Thames. Thames Luxury Charters offers an adaptable space for up to 140 guests, making your event truly memorable with 360° views of London's iconic landmarks.
  • The Pavilion and Edgson Room: Located at Westminster Boating Base, this venue features ceiling windows and a large balcony, providing breathtaking views of the Thames. It's an enchanting location for weddings, especially for fans of the film "Love Actually," as it was featured in the movie. It can accommodate up to 300 standing guests.
  • The Gun at Isle of Dogs: If you dream of an outdoor or indoor riverside venue with exquisite British cuisine, The Gun accommodates up to 100 guests for a private dining experience. It's an ideal choice for those looking to combine great food with stunning views.

Top Riverside Themes for Your Event

  1. Thameside Grandeur: Explore the majestic halls and historical rooms that line the Thames. Venues like the Tower Bridge of London and The Rooftop at Monument combine regal history with breathtaking views, which are ideal for weddings and gala dinners.
  2. Modern Marvels: Opt for contemporary elegance at locations like the OXO2 or the Bankside Gallery close to Tate Modern. These venues offer sleek spaces with stunning river views, perfect for art exhibitions, corporate events, and chic receptions.
  3. Intimate Gatherings by the Water: Discover hidden gems like the riverside pubs in Richmond or Greenwich. These spots are perfect for more casual or private celebrations, offering a cosy atmosphere with scenic views.
  4. Floating Venues: Make your event memorable with a unique celebration on a party boat. Options range from historic ships to modern yachts, providing a dynamic setting for parties, product launches, and more.

Event Types and Riverside Magic

  • Corporate Events: Enhance your conferences, meetings, or team-building events with the serene background of the Thames. Riverside venues offer the tranquillity and the advanced facilities necessary for a successful professional gathering.
  • Weddings: Say "I do" against the setting of London's iconic river. Riverside venues offer romantic settings, exceptional photography opportunities, and exquisite catering options that can be tailored to your theme.
  • Social Gatherings: From milestone birthdays to anniversaries, riverside venues add a touch of elegance and a memorable ambiance. Enjoy bespoke menus and entertainment options that utilise the unique features of each location.
  • Cultural Events: Art shows, music performances, and literary evenings find a vibrant home along the river, where the inspiring surroundings enhance the cultural experience for guests.

Tips for Seamless Event Flow at Riverside Venues

  1. Timely Planning: Book your location early to secure the best riverside spot. Consider the tide schedules and any seasonal changes that might affect your event.
  2. Transport: Ensure your guests can easily get to the venue. Check for nearby public transportation links and provide clear directions. Consider arranging shuttle services if needed.
  3. Weather Contingency: Riverside venues offer stunning views but can be susceptible to unpredictable weather. Have a plan B for outdoor events, such as marquees or indoor spaces.
  4. Collaborate with Experts: Work closely with the venue's event team. They can offer invaluable advice on utilising the space best and assist with logistics, catering, and decoration to ensure your event runs smoothly.
  5. Leverage Technology: Use event management software to streamline guest registration, seating arrangements, and schedule updates. This can help manage the flow of the event and keep everyone informed.
  6. Customise Your Catering: Many riverside spaces offer in-house catering. Work with the chefs to create a menu that reflects the riverside setting, possibly incorporating local and seasonal ingredients.
  7. Enhance with Entertainment: Select entertainment that complements the riverside ambiance. Consider live music, riverboat rides, or fireworks over the Thames to make your event unforgettable.

By carefully selecting the right riverside venue in London and employing these strategies, you can ensure your event not only runs smoothly but also becomes a memorable experience that leverages the unique charm of the Thames. Whether you're basking in the historic grandeur of London's landmarks or enjoying the modern elegance of a contemporary space, the river adds a dynamic and scenic element to any gathering.

FAQs about Riverside Venues in London

How much does it cost to hire a riverside venue in London?

The answer is: It depends. There are so many factors to consider, like the capacity of the space and what you need from the venue. If you're just looking for a small venue for an intimate gathering, we have options that cost as little as £200-£500 per session, but if you want something more elaborate—say an indoor or outdoor space with access to patio furniture and a bar—expect to pay closer to £3,000-£5,000+ per session. (All data from Tagvenue.)

What are the most popular locations for hiring a riverside venue in London?

Let's start with the obvious: Southbank. It's one of the most popular districts in London—and it has some of the most impressive views of the River Thames. If you want something extravagant and flashy, consider hiring a venue in Covent Garden. This district is home to some of the most beautiful and ornate buildings in London with views of the Thames, which means you can be surrounded by a wealth of history and culture while enjoying the beautiful views of riverside London. If you're planning an event around Southwark Bridge, consider hiring a venue in Bankside. It's close to the Thames and has some of the best riverside venues with everything from indoor and outdoor spaces to beautiful rooftop terraces overlooking London's most iconic landmarks.

What kind of riverside venues can I find in London?

The Thames River is home to many restaurants where you can enjoy a meal while looking out over the water—or even while taking a boat out into the river! You may also find plenty of venues at the Regent's Canal. Here, you can take in some beautiful architecture and hire some of the most spacious large venues a few steps away from St. Pancras and King’s Cross.

What are the most in-demand neighbourhoods for riverside venues in London?

The most sought-after neighbourhoods for riverside venues in London include South Bank, renowned for its cultural landmarks and stunning views; Canary Wharf, offering modern, upscale spaces; Greenwich, known for its maritime history and classic charm; Richmond, popular for its scenic beauty and tranquil settings; and the Tower Bridge area, prized for its iconic views and historical significance. These areas are in high demand due to their unique blend of scenery, easy access to public transport, and the variety of venue options available, ranging from luxurious banquet halls to casual, cosy pubs by the water.

Guests Reviews of Riverside Venues on Tagvenue

Shimu K.
Booked West Terrace at Wagtail
Loved the location, the food, drinks, staff all very helpful and nice! They accommodated to our needs for all our special day! They even allowed our music to continue on the 9th floor after midnight. Loved the staff and how helpful they were in sorting out issues. Thank you!
Ryan D.
Booked The Lower Deck at Tamesis Dock
Had an absolutely brilliant night, the staff were attentive and helpful and even helped the entertainment set up. Food was excellent and all delivered as promised so thrilled all round, would 100% host another party here.
Tamara S.
Booked The Artist's Loft at Woolly Mammoth spaces (3)
We had an amazing shooting experience at this venue! The apartment exceeded our expectations, being even more elegant and spacious than depicted in the pictures. Its ideal location offers a peaceful environment and abundant natural light. The directions provided were clear, and communication throughout the process was outstanding. Without a doubt, I would love to shoot at this venue again and highly recommend it as a prime shooting location!
Booked Private Cocktail Lounge at Patch St Paul's
Amazing service from start to finish! The event manager were really pleasant and answered all of my queries and concerns. The space was STUNNING!! We had a party of 15 and the space was extremely cosy and intimate. The venue managers were very friendly and made us feel very welcome. We had our own bar staff who really went the extra mile to ensure we had a great night. Cannot wait to visit again!
Anna I.
Booked The Rooftop Terrace bar at Doggett's Coat and Badge
I booked the venue for my husband's belayed 50th birthday party. Just managed to catch the sunset with some fantastic views of London. There was enough room for the guests to mill about and have a great time. The option to hire the boardroom as a Godsend as we had children at our party, who spent most of their time playing and socialising there. Food was absolutely delicious. We had Florin and Sasha behind the bar and we found them to be very helpful and efficient. Would definitely recommend and book again. Fantastic venue!
Linda R.
Booked Cambridge Room Library at In and Out (Naval & Military) Club
I had to make a last minute booking literally days out from my event and got an immediate response from their wonderful staff. We had a private room (the Canning Room) that had beautiful decor and atmosphere. To top it off the location is right in the beating heart of London. Divine!
Yetunde S.
Booked Ground and Lower Studio Rooms at The Living Room Place Furzedown Venue
Venue very smart and well kept. Easy access. Space is larger than appears on photos. Good parking.
Rachel L.
Booked The Office at Anomalous Space
Excellent location with parking. The booking process was smooth and managed very well by Geraldine O'Reilly.

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