Beer Gardens for Hire in London

Beer Gardens for Hire in London

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Top Beer Gardens in London

When the weather gets warmer, is there anything better than relaxing in a fantastic beer garden with a nice, cold pint? Many drinking spots in London have outdoor spaces for private hire, from family-friendly lawns to leafy courtyards. If you’ve been searching for an ideal place to hang and chill out, then beer gardens in London are going to steal your heart. What better way to spend the weekend? Take a look at our fab selection of spaces, and book a gorgeous venue today!

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Beer Gardens Hire Guide

Dreaming of some summery sun-soaked sipping in a great London beer garden? Whether you’re after a small sun terrace, shady outdoor area, or one of the city’s most amazing rooftop spaces, Tagvenue can point you in the right direction. So what are you waiting for? Check our shortlist of the best beer gardens in London today, so you’ll know exactly where to go next time the sun comes out. The great thing about London is that you can get a variety of venues in every part of the city, so no matter where you plan to have your next outing, you can be sure to find something special for you and your guests!

Beer-drinking culture in London

There is one thing that’s certain about London, and that is its magnificent beer-drinking culture. No matter where you go, you’ll see football fans sipping lager or groups of friends having a pint or two to relax after a long day. As long as you’re not underage or in a bad state, no one will bat an eyelid that you’re sipping beer, even at an unusual time of day. Whereas some used to associate drinking beer with smelly pubs, nowadays the beer drinking culture has evolved and many enjoy drinking in London’s fancy beer gardens! 

Why are beer gardens gaining in popularity, and why doesn’t everyone prefer to stick to pubs instead? Well, people visit beer gardens because they offer a more relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Guests of the beer garden are less likely to be judged, for example, by the way they dress, than in an indoor bar setting. So the difference between beer gardens and bars is the atmosphere. A beer garden is commonly known as a relaxing place for friends to hang out, whereas a bar or pub is a more lively place with loud music and high energy. Of course that’s not to say that beer gardens can’t have great live music or other fab music in the background. 

And what about football fans who often like to visit a space and enjoy a game of footie played by their favourite team? Although they might have to do some digging, there are actually plentiful chances to watch football either on a projector screen outdoors (if the space offers such an option), or sometimes there are tvs hung up on walls right by the doors or outside (but shielded from the rain and the sun). Isn’t that just great news? There are absolutely no excuses as to why anyone shouldn’t try out a beer garden. Well, there may be just one - the British weather. But with that, you just have to be up-to-date!

So what can you expect from a beer garden in London?

You may have had the opportunity to grab a pint from a beer garden before. In that case, you know exactly what to expect! But if for some reason you are still a newbie, you might like to know a couple of things before going. 

For example, did you know:

  • That beer gardens originate from 19th century Germany and were later disseminated throughout British culture? The beer garden was actually an extension of the brewery, where it was less hazardous to keep the overheating equipment (which did accidentally cause some horrible fires!)
  • The beer garden, as the name suggests, is a space outside, usually hidden behind  trees and other plants, making it a perfect place to chill in the sunshine in a relaxing atmosphere!
  • You can order many delicious beers in beer gardens, including but not limited to: wheat beer, stout, lager, pale ale, porter, Irish stout, kriek and many others!
  • There are often cool events organised in beer gardens, from organised parties to private ones. If you’re looking to host a private party for a birthday, anniversary or other types of celebrations then beer gardens are great places to do so!
  • You can order food. Usually you can expect delicious appetisers, BBQ snacks, pizza, chips, fish and other finger food. But the good news is that many locales allow you to bring your own external catering if you wish to take your beer garden adventure to the next level.
  • There are actually rules in beer gardens that some may not expect. These include things like: not drinking the last mouthful of beer, respecting closing times and making space for people who come to join you in beer gardens. Of course if you’re booking a private event the last point may not be applicable.

Now that you know a bit more about the drinking culture in London and a few fun facts about beer gardens, you may still be wondering about the venue booking process. In that case we welcome you to check out the FAQ section below which will give you some insight on the best ways to rent spaces here at Tagvenue. Let the beer garden hunting begin!

Top 10 Themes for Your Beer Garden Event in London

Choosing the perfect venue is important when hosting an unforgettable event in London. Beer gardens offer a unique blend of outdoor ambience and social buzz that's hard to beat. Whether you're planning a casual after-work gathering, a lively celebration, or a sophisticated soirée, here are the top 10 themes for your beer garden event that promises to make your occasion stand out, especially if you're considering the best beer garden for hire in London.

  1. London's Historic Pubs Tour - Transform your beer garden experience by incorporating elements from London's historic pubs. With each area of your garden representing a different historic pub, complete with traditional British snacks and ales, guests can enjoy a tour around London without leaving their seats. Imagine integrating the charm of an East End pub right in the centre of a beer garden in Shoreditch.
  2. Garden of World Beers - Take your guests on a global journey with a selection of beers from around the world. Each section of your beer garden could represent a different country, offering specialty beers and corresponding cultural performances or decorations. It's a worldly adventure, from the lively beer gardens of Camden to the serene settings near the Thames.
  3. Shakespeare in the Garden - Dive into the rich literary history of London by hosting a Shakespeare-themed event. Performances, Elizabethan decorations, and Renaissance fare can transport your guests back in time, all within the magical setting of a beer garden in Southwark, reminiscent of Shakespeare's Globe.
  4. London's Landmark Celebration - Celebrate London's iconic landmarks with a themed beer garden event. Each table or section could represent a famous site, such as Tower Bridge, Big Ben, or the London Eye, complete with themed drinks and decorations. It's a creative way to explore London's heritage, perfect for a venue in Westminster or the chic surroundings of Mayfair.
  5. Vintage British Seaside - Bring the charm of the British seaside to the city. With striped deckchairs, sandpits, and traditional seaside games, your beer garden can offer a nostalgic escape. Serve classic British seaside snacks and craft beers to complete the experience, which is ideal for a summer event in a Greenwich beer garden.
  6. Urban Jungle Oasis - Transform your beer garden into a lush urban oasis. Combining greenery, bamboo structures, and tropical plants can create a serene environment. Add exotic beers and tropical cocktails to transport your guests to a hidden paradise suitable for escaping the concrete jungle of London's financial district.
  7. Art and Ale - Merge the worlds of art and beer by turning your beer garden into an open-air gallery. You can prepare painting materials (like canvas, brushes and paints) for your guests to sip and paint as they wish. This theme is perfect for the creative hubs of London, such as a trendy beer garden in Hackney.
  8. Festival of Lights - Inspired by the famous Diwali and Christmas lights, light up your beer garden with fairy lights, lanterns, and candles. This theme is perfect for evening events, offering a magical and cosy atmosphere. It's a brilliant choice for a winter gathering in a beautiful beer garden in Kensington.
  9. London's Music Legends - Celebrate the city's rich musical heritage with a theme dedicated to London's music legends. From the Beatles to David Bowie, curate playlists and decorate with memorabilia. This theme resonates well in areas known for their musical history, like a vibrant beer garden in Soho.
  10. British Garden Party - Embrace the traditional British garden party with a modern twist. Think lawn games, picnic-style seating, and a selection of fine British beers and ciders. It's a quintessentially British experience, ideal for a sunny day in a spacious beer garden in Richmond.

By choosing one of these unique themes for your beer garden event in London, you're not just offering your guests a place to gather; you're providing them with an unforgettable experience that celebrates the diverse culture and history of one of the world's most vibrant cities.

Top 5 Beer Gardens in London for Large Events

Here's a captivating guide to the top 5 beer gardens in London for large events, combining ample space with unique features to ensure your gathering is unforgettable:

  1. The Skinny Kitchen's Outside Terrace, located in Islington, can accommodate up to 200 guests. This beer garden combines a vibrant atmosphere with a focus on health-conscious dining, making it an appealing choice for events where wellness and enjoyment go hand in hand.
  2. Lost Society's Lost Garden in Battersea stands out with its whimsical decor and capacity for up to 120 people. The garden's chic design and versatile space are suited for everything from corporate events in a beer garden to casual get-togethers.
  3. The Lighthouse Garden can accommodate up to 120 guests and offers a spacious outdoor area with a laid-back vibe. It's an ideal spot for large gatherings looking for a mix of comfort and casual sophistication, highlighted by its welcoming ambience and versatile catering options.
  4. The Montague on the Gardens' Beach Bar, located very close to Russell Square, transports you to a tropical paradise in the middle of London. This unique venue accommodates up to 200 guests. It swaps traditional beer garden vibes for a sandy beach setting, complete with palm trees and a thatched roof, offering a novel backdrop for events.
  5. Between the Bridges' Summer Garden embraces the outdoor essence with a capacity of up to 200 standing guests. Located by the Thames, it presents an unparalleled view of the London Eye. It enhances any event with its scenic setting and a vibrant selection of food vendors, creating a lively festival atmosphere.

Each venue brings its own charm to your event, from health-conscious menus and eclectic styles to beach vibes and riverside views, ensuring a memorable experience for all attendees.

How to Select the Best Beers and Complementary Food Items for your London Party.

Curating a Beer-Inspired Menu

Selecting beers and pairing them with the right food is an art form that can elevate your event. A broad range of beer styles, from the deep and dark stouts to the crisp and clean lagers, allows for a diverse menu catering to all tastes. For instance, the bold flavours of an IPA complement the richness of grilled meats, making them a match made in heaven for barbecue-themed events. On the other hand, lighter beers like Belgian wheats pair beautifully with seafood or salads, offering refreshing options for summer parties.

Catering to Diverse Palates

An inclusive menu ensures that every guest finds something to their liking. Incorporating vegetarian and vegan options and dishes catering to various dietary restrictions shows thoughtfulness and care in planning. Pair these dishes with suitable beers, such as a refreshing Saison with a vibrant vegetable platter, to enhance the dining experience for all attendees.

Interactive Beer Tasting Stations

Consider setting up beer-tasting stations to add an engaging element to your event. This allows guests to explore different beer styles and their food pairings and serves as a conversation starter, creating a more dynamic and interactive atmosphere. Placing these stations against the backdrop of London's scenic neighbourhoods or near famous landmarks can also provide guests with a memorable visual and gastronomic experience.

Reflecting London's Multicultural Essence

Include international cuisines in your menu alongside local British favourites. This approach not only caters to your guests' cosmopolitan tastes but also reflects the multicultural fabric of the city. From traditional fish and chips paired with a classic British ale to exotic dishes accompanied by international beer styles, your menu can be a culinary journey that celebrates the global influences on London's food scene.

By addressing these key aspects in your planning, your event in one of London's premier beer gardens is sure to be an unforgettable experience that delights the senses and brings people together in celebration.

FAQs about Beer Gardens in London

How much do beer gardens cost in London?

Expect prices to start  as low as £10 per person. Despite being increasingly popular for events, these amazing spaces really come at a very good price! So if you’re looking for a space that you don’t have to splurge all your money on, we definitely recommend one of London’s fab beer gardens!

How many people can I invite to a beer garden in London?

London will surprise you with its amazing selection of venues. Depending on whether you’re looking for a very traditional beer garden (hidden away from the prying eyes with a relaxed outdoor space) or for something that’s a bit of a beer garden/luxury venue mix, you can expect to invite anywhere from 20 to 400 guests. Of course, the latter is usually either a big space outdoors or a venue with indoor and outdoor event spaces.

What are some of the best beer gardens in London?

To choose just one or two seems like an impossible mission. But if we had to recommend a space then it would definitely be the Garden at the Museum of Brands. This gorgeous space just lives and breathes nature, and it’s a total must-go for all beer lovers. It is available only in the evening though, so plan accordingly!

Which parts of London have the best beer gardens?

Although you can find locations all over town, we definitely recommend checking out venues which are located near the River Thames. Check out the areas of Waterloo and Westminster for a great beer garden experience! You’ll be sure to feel a bit of fresh air, find yourself in a great location, and maybe even enjoy a nice walk with a lovely view afterwards.

Guests Reviews of Beer Gardens on Tagvenue

Nikki M.
Booked Upstairs Bar & Café at Zombie Games Café & Bar
Everything was perfect, the venue was amazing. The staff were so helpful, friendly and professional. I had a fantastic night.
Caitlin C.
Booked Terrace - Semi-Private Area at The Union Regents
Had our work summer party here and it was amazing. The staff, the food the service could not have been better. Thank you to everyone who helped!!
Booked The Gallery at LIMIN Southbank
We have booked the Limin' Beach Club for our work party for 100 people and it is safe to say that out of all previous venues that we've booked in the past, the experience at Limin' Beach club was the best! The service was top-level. I never worried about anything as Wiktoria and her team were on top of everything. Everyone at Limin' was super kind and helpful to us - always with a smile on their faces. The food and drinks were beyond expectations as well - lots of different tasty food options to match everyone's dietary requirements. Highly recommend this place to everyone! All 100 of our attendees were super happy and we are looking forward to booking this place again.
Georgina C.
Booked Whole Venue at The Vineyard
We held our work summer party at Vineyard, the whole process from booking the venue to the night of the party and everything in between has been superb. I would highly recommend Vineyardif you're looking for a venue for a party. The staff we're very attentive and went above and beyond to make sure everything ran smoothly. Thank you!
Lucia P.
Booked Whole Venue at PITCH Stratford
Tommy and his team were absolutely amazing at catering for, and attending to all our needs and requests at our Staff summer party. We had an absolute ball and you guys made it really special for us. Thank you so much!!!
Annabel H.
Booked Whole Venue at PITCH Stratford
Pitch is a really cool venue in a good location, close by to the Stratford tube station. Staff were quick at serving and helpful, the food and drink was great and the toilets were clean. There is a big TV screen if you wanted to play a film and the music plays at a good volume all around the venue. They have lots of cool additions to bookings such as games (pool, ping pong etc), bean bags and the team were really flexible.
Booked Lost Garden at Lost Society (Battersea SW11)
Lost and Co is a fantastic venue, i would highly reccomend it for hosting any type of function. Jack and his team are very flexible and work really hard to ensure that your event runs very smoothly and is memorable. We had a BBQ on the terrace, which was fantastic, the food was really excellent, significantly better than what you would normally receive in a pub.
Amelia C.
Booked Mercury Lounge & Secret Garden at The Champion
Great space for private party with own bar and nicely decorated courtyard. Food was delicious and service throughout the night was excellent with staff friendly and helpful. Everyone really enjoyed themselves - thanks The Champion!

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