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Have a meeting in Oxford and need to source an amazing professional space? Are you seeing so many offers that you don’t know where to start? No worries! Tagvenue can help you find all the great meeting rooms in Oxford that the city has to offer. From formal boardrooms to relaxed meeting rooms. Whatever your preference. Check out the venues on our platform, and you will be able to start planning that meeting in no time at all! Book your favourite meeting room within minutes!

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Meeting Rooms Hire Guide

Oxford has a large amount of new businesses and high income levels. It also offers many solutions to grow business in the city such as meeting rooms, which are perfect places to take your business meeting to another level! With helpful staff and proper equipment you have almost everything it takes to run a productive gathering. You may be wondering about “How to choose the perfect venue for the assembly?” To answer your questions we’ve prepared a guide on how to choose the right venue:

  1. Set the budget. Setting your budget will help you narrow down possible locations and decide whether you can afford additional expenses.
  2. Decide on a location. A location close to public transportation hubs will make it easier for participants to get there.
  3. Choose the capacity. If you know how many people are going to attend the meeting, you will be able to decide on the size of a venue.
  4. Check the equipment. Proper equipment is one of the most essential aspects of a successful meeting. It helps to present information in a much more attractive way.
  5. Prepare the agenda. A well-prepared agenda will help you stick to the topic and manage time for the meeting much better. 
  6. Decide on the date and hour. If you are extra-careful about the budget, this information will be useful for you. On off-peak hours and in the week the prices for hiring a venue may be cheaper than on the weekends at working hours.
  7. Choose seating layout. The seating layout should be determined by the number of attendees and the purpose for which you are going to gather. Check out our guide on which seating layout to choose for detailed information.

FAQs about Meeting Rooms in Oxford

How much does it cost to hire a meeting room in Oxford?

Hire fees for a meeting room in Oxford can cost as little as £25 per hour. Larger-sized meeting space hire for 100+ people will start around £1500 per session. (Based on Tagvenue platform data.)

What are the most popular locations for hiring a meeting room in Oxford?

Popular locations include the north of the city, which is easily reached from London Oxford Airport. Other favourite locations include those near centrally-located St John Street Area which offers easy access to downtown, the rail station and the university. East Oxford is also popular for its conference centre and larger meeting spaces.

What is included in the price of a meeting room?

Most standard meeting room hire fees will include WiFi, basic beverages, emergency office supplies, a flip chart and/or a whiteboard. Extra equipment that should be available on-site for an extra fee includes laptops, AV equipment, conference call tech, projectors and monitors or screens. Per person packages should include the addition of coffee and tea.

How do I determine the meeting room size I will need?

A meeting room size should be determined by the number of participants as well as the needs of any particular activity you might organise, i.e. design sprint, brainstorm sessions, etc. Check the room attendee allowance on Tagvenue to help you to filter the room selection by the number of attendees, so you will always be looking at the properly sized space.

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