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Well-equipped, comfortable meeting roomsin New York City are waiting for your and your guests! Are you on the lookout for a small meeting room in Manhattan or a lecture hall somewhere in Brooklyn? No matter your needs, with Tagvenue’s help you will be able to find the meeting space of your dreams within a matter of minutes! We’ve searched high and low to create a list of the best places for all kinds of gatherings the city has to offer. All you need to do now is provide your meeting’s details, use our search filters and get to browsing the platform until you find the spot that ticks each of your boxes.

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Meeting Rooms Rental Guide

Is the date of your meeting coming up quick but you don’t know where to start? Don’t stress! We’re happy to share our experience and event planning knowledge with you. So without further ado, read away and become an expert yourself!

What to consider before booking a meeting space:

The location. Always choose the location of your meeting space carefully! People will probably be travelling from all parts of the city (and even from outside), so make sure getting to the meeting won’t give them a headache. This is why it would be a good idea to have a look at spaces located somewhere near Penn Station or Grand Central Station. Since we’re talking about transportation, don’t forget about those who will be travelling by car - we suggest you ask the venue manager whether any parking is available near whichever venue you’re planning to book.

The size. Before booking the space, you should think carefully about the number of people that will be attending your meeting. The last thing you want to do is miscalculate! New York is filled with plenty of meeting spaces ready to accommodate both intimate gatherings of 10 people (or less), as well as much bigger conferences. So make sure to always check the venue’s possibilities before you book it.

The facilities. Audiovisual equipment, WiFi, flipcharts, whiteboards, sticky notes or whatever else you’ll need for your meeting - if the space doesn’t provide this information in advance, ask the venue manager prior to the booking. Most meeting spaces in New York have all the basic meeting facilities available on-site (without any additional fees), but it’s always better to confirm everything. Sometimes, there is also a kitchenette adjacent to the meeting space where you’ll be able to make your favorite hot beverage or heat up a lunch you brought from home.

Catering. Yes, you read it right! Before making any final decisions and booking a meeting space, check the catering options offered there. Even for a small meeting, it would be nice to have a cup of coffee and a small snack. In case of a gathering that will run for hours, think about sorting out lunch for all of the participants. After all, nobody is able to focus on anything when they’re hungry. Ask if the venue’s policy allows you to bring your own food or whether they will provide it on-site. Keep in mind to ask in advance whether the venue offers food suitable for all kinds of diets - we’re sure you’ll want to take care of each of your guests and ensure they don’t leave hungry.

You already know what should determine your final decision before booking the meeting space. But what types of meetings can you host? Here’s a short run-down!

What are the most popular types of meetings?

Board meetings. Once every few months, each organization holds a meeting for its board of directors during which they review the past performance of the company and determine the overall business strategy for the future. If you’re planning a board meeting and are on the lookout for a good meeting space to do so, we suggest you pick somewhere close to the company’s main office and easily accessible from the rest of the city. As for the room itself, make sure there is crucial equipment available, such as video call gear, WiFi and a projector in case anyone wants to give a presentation.

A brainstorming session. A good brainstorming session lets the energy and creativity flow. It’s also a meeting where ideas, both good and bad, are born, pitched, and either rejected or developed. To keep the brainstorming on track, it’s important to set an agenda that clearly outlines the creative goal. But what can also make a big difference is the space where your session will be held. A cozy place with all of the necessary equipment and perhaps a small break room will keep the energy and creativity levels high without a doubt, so keep that in mind when looking for somewhere to rent out.

A conference. Conferences can be of any size, both large and small. There are plenty of versatile meeting spaces around the whole city where you’ll find everything necessary for a conference. Some of them even have adjoining breakout areas, so each participant can relax and enjoy a cup of coffee.

A company meeting. Once in a while, entire companies get together to discuss various things from past progress to future plans and objectives. It may happen that your office doesn’t have a suitable space for a company meeting and you’ll have to rent somewhere in the city. In New York, you’ll be able to find fully-equipped rooms for gatherings of all sizes, so you can have a look at our selection and easily book a place for your next company meeting. 

A training. To ensure a training or workshop runs successfully, every detail has to be carefully planned. The most important aspect is the size of the group: we recommend you keep the number of participants quite condensed. This will minimize the noise and ensure everyone can express their opinions and ask any questions they may have. In a meeting space of the right size every person will also have enough room to feel comfortable.

Meeting Rooms in New York City FAQ

What are the best NYC areas for finding great meeting spaces?

If you want to find a fantastic meeting space in Manhattan, we strongly suggest that you have a look around Midtown, Chelsea, SoHo and the Financial District. In case you prefer the other side of the East River, you should check out Brooklyn as well, especially Park Slope, Williamsburg and Brooklyn Heights, where you’ll find meeting spaces of all types. And let’s not forget about Queens! You can hold your next work meeting in one of the rooms located in Dutch Kills, Astoria or Ditmars Steinway.

What are some of the best meeting spaces in New York?

A fruitful meeting calls for a comfortable space, so check out some of our recommendations and get to planning your next gathering:

  • Blender Workspace - A luxury workspace located in NoMad. You’ll find everything you may need for a successful meeting in each of Blender’s rooms. They offer video conferencing equipment, a TV, a whiteboard and even catering upon request. 
  • Midtown East Jay Suites - If you're looking for a venue that is both central and modern, look no further. This space is located in the proximity of Central Park and it's perfect for conferences and seminars, but it also has rooms for small meetings. It's equipped with everything you need to make your event successful!
  • Loft in Flatiron - A private loft in the heart of the Flatiron District! The space’s setting is ideal for any kind of corporate meeting as it encourages creativity in everyone and has all of the basic gear available on-site.

How much does it cost to rent a meeting space in New York?

New York has meeting spaces suitable for all budgets and various gathering sizes. Rental fees start from $50 and go up to $255 per hour. However, that’s not your only option. Some places offer a full-day buyout with prices ranging from $1040 to $5000 per day. (Based on data from Tagvenue.)

What is usually included in the meeting space rental?

Apart from the space itself, you can expect the use of all available equipment to be included in the rental fee. Meeting spaces usually have things such as projectors, whiteboards/flipboards, WiFi, video-call gear and obviously chairs and tables. (Based on data from Tagvenue.)

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