Meeting Spaces for Rent in Miami, FL

Meeting Spaces for Rent in Miami, FL

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Top Meeting Spaces in Miami, FL

Are you in a rush to find the best meeting spaces in Miami? Hosting a business event, conference or just in need of a locale for a special gathering? If you’re short on time and in need of meeting rooms now, then you’re certainly in the right place for that. Organizing a meeting space with Tagvenue is a piece of cake, and it can be done with just a couple of clicks. If you happen to have a bit more time on your hands, then we encourage you to check out our Miami meeting spaces rental guide, and make sure to take a look at our venue recommendations as well.

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Meeting Spaces Rental Guide

Despite the fact that Miami is mostly known for its beaches, nightlife and laid-back climate, The Magic City has actually become quite the business hub in recent years. Its rapid growth, rising start-up scene and multiple tech companies is why it's getting to be known as the next Silicon Valley. With companies such as Oracle and Palantir moving to this sunny town, alongside some important people (like the founder of Shutterstock) you can expect more and more business to flourish in these vibrant areas. Even the city’s mayor is doing everything in his power to help Miami’s residents get higher paying jobs through encouraging companies to make their headquarters right here in the city. So if you’re looking for a meeting space in the center of the city, you can be sure to find spaces which offer essential amenities for your business conference or gathering, as well as some extra luxuries to make your business hours a lot more enjoyable. 

With the city committing to the next business successes and entrepreneurial growth, you’ll be sure to find meeting spaces in demand more than ever. If you find yourself a great spot, don’t hold off with booking it for too long if you don’t want to keep postponing the meetings! Do you know what you need to keep in mind before booking and organizing a successful meeting? Keep scrolling to make sure your organization stays impeccable.

Miami meeting spaces rental guide

Hosting a meeting, conference or a seminar? You’re going to need a couple of things before you start. First of all, have you thought if the meeting space location is convenient for you and your crew? You’re going to be renting a space most likely for a couple of hours, and later the people involved will have to travel either to other locations for business, their homes or will head out to eat. Consider if any important work related issues in the area need to be taken care of, and plan it from there. Renting an inexpensive space on the other side of the city is going to do you no good if you’re going to have to travel for hours after the meeting to get to another location. 

What’s your company’s budget situation? Renting a meeting space will be a cost which you will have to throw into the company’s expenses (which could be a good thing). But if you’re not so keen on spending more, then you can always opt for either a hybrid meeting or simply a zoom call. Meetings online, especially after the COVID-19 fiasco, are more popular than ever, saving people’s time and money. But of course, not all meetings can be thrown into the internet space, so once you’ve got your agenda, just check out all the budgeting nuances and rent a space accordingly. 

Are you planning for the meeting to take all day? In that case some catering options should be available for you and your guests. Don’t want people to be hungry and complain! Check out if the venue offers catering (some business venues have buffets inside), and if not then perhaps they’ll allow you to bring something inside. Check if you can order take away, and worst case scenario if you can head to a local restaurant to have a quick meal before you continue the business you set out to do. 

Will you be needing specific amenities? You might need a whiteboard and a place to show your powerpoint presentation. WiFi is most likely a must, and some comfortable chairs won’t have you in pain after the long day. What's the situation with mics, projectors, monitors and can you do any printing and scanning while in the meeting room? If we can give a suggestion, then we strongly recommend taking a space with natural lighting if you’re planning on having a longer meeting. Artificial lighting tends to make people feel drowsy, lose focus and give a headache after many hours. 

What should you look at just before the meeting? Definitely get your gear going, check if you have everything you need (and if you packed everything for the meeting as well). Test laptops, projectors and any other equipment which could potentially not work. And since electronics often become faulty, have a backup plan prepared. There’s no point in dragging everyone only to have them leave half an hour later. Check the connectivity of your WiFi network and keep the AC on so you don’t overheat (too high temperatures also lead to members of the meeting feeling sleepy). We recommend having regular breaks, probably around every hour, since it’s almost impossible to keep focused for very long periods of time. If you have a hybrid meeting and half of your team is online, then keep your finger on the pulse and don’t have them disconnected by mistake. 

With all that down, hopefully you’re ready to check out the meeting spaces we have prepared for you. Get to booking!

FAQs about Meeting Spaces in Miami, FL

What’s the price range for meeting spaces in Miami?

Meeting spaces in Miami are booked usually by the hour, and you can look for average prices of $45 to $80. Expect the cheaper meeting rooms to offer a smaller space for around 5 people, and the more expensive ones to fit roughly 14 people inside. And if you want to opt for a very professional meeting space, and don’t mind it being on a slightly pricey side, then we recommend checking out this private meeting room, for $85 per hour. (based on data from

What’s the cheapest price for a meeting room in Miami?

You can rent a meeting space for as little as $35 per hour, however it will fit only a maximum of 4 people inside. If that sounds like something you need, then head over to Ives Estate and rent the York Meeting Room - Empire Executive Offices, Miami. The meeting space comes with everything you’d need, from ergonomic chairs and a desk, to WiFi and a speaker phone.

Which neighborhoods in Miami offer the most meeting spaces?

The meeting spaces we offer at Tagvenue are mostly located along the Biscayne Bay, from areas of the Downtown to Wynwood. After all, the center of the city is where the business happens! The Bay is the perfect location for grabbing brunch before or after a meeting, as well as clearing your head after all the business shenanigans you had to get done during the day.

What venues offer the best meeting spaces in Miami?

Our top picks include the Meeting/Conference Rooms at Office&Co. International Coworking located in Downtown Miami. This room is spacious and bright, giving you and your team the chance to feel your best during the business meeting. It offers external catering while the latter provides you with its own. Presentation displays and other useful facilities are included, to ensure you have a successful conference. You should also check out Quest Workspaces in Coral Gables, offering multiple small meeting rooms for your team!

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