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Been searching the web for San Diego’s best meeting spaces? If you're like us, you're probably not interested in stuffy conference rooms and uncomfortable chairs and would prefer something a little different. Perhaps a space that shows your clients how much you care about the details, and how much thought went into planning their meeting? If that sounds like something you’re after, we've got just the thing. Tagvenue offers meeting spaces in San Diego with all the amenities to impress your boss, coworkers and potential clients. Check out our list of venues and prepare to have a meeting like never before!

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Meeting Spaces Rental Guide

You’ve looked through the list, and you’re ready to get down and book the perfect meeting space. What’s the criteria that you need to fulfill? Are we going to look for a space which will impress your boss and push him just a little bit closer to offer you that long-awaited promotion? Or would you simply like to rent a workspace that's more than just a desk and some office chairs? It’s a good thing that Tagvenue has you covered. We have a fab selection of meeting spaces, conference rooms, and coworking spaces in San Diego.

The locations which you can find on our webpage are available for rent by the hour. Stay flexible with the renting time, and book a space for only as long as you need. So whether you need to grab something in order to show up to the next meeting with a boardroom-quality meeting room, or if you're just looking for a place to work that's more comfortable than your home office, Tagvenue has everything you could possibly need. Are you after any additional amenities when renting the meeting spaces? Monitors, air conditioning, (maybe) free coffee and snacks… explore our list of venues, and find everything you need! 

But before you book, there might be a couple of details you may wish to take care of in order to make your meeting as successful as it could possibly be. 

Meeting productivity boosters

Here’s a small checklist to help you ensure that your meeting runs smoothly.

Incorporate technology into your meeting.
Technology is a huge part of our lives these days, so why not make the most of your meeting and incorporate the best tools available to make your meeting a success. We know that for most companies it doesn’t have to be said twice to use software and technological amenities, but have you thought about every solution which could make your meeting not only shorter, but also better? Here at Tagvenue, we love to digitize our work as much as possible, which is why we recommend tools like virtual meeting spaces (such as Google Meet or Zoom) in order to connect with those who cannot participate in the same meeting space. Make sure to check out the best touch screen technology, check out event apps with real-time interactions, and make sure any remote attendees can participate.

Don’t forget about everyone’s wellbeing.
If the meeting is planned to take up more than 2 hours, make sure that you schedule enough breaks for the participants to feel good throughout. Plan some smaller breaks, and one bigger one that will enable participants to grab some food (although you could also order catering for the meeting, which is bound to make everyone feel even better). Make sure you let the participants stretch their legs, and have water available for everyone. Some meeting spaces include coffee in the rental price, and we all know how important coffee is for most people to start their day off right. We also recommend checking out meeting spaces which offer more natural daylight. Since we all stare at computers all day and surround ourselves with artificial lights, it’s a nice change to keep things neutral. 

Have a good meeting plan before you start.
There’s nothing worse than showing up to a meeting and seeing that the person in charge isn’t 100% sure what they’re doing. Don’t waste your own time and everybody else’s. If it’s a presentation or speech you’re preparing, make sure to practice a couple of times before the official meeting day. Have a checklist of things that you need to cover in case you have a tendency to forget about important things. Check that all the necessary equipment is working before everyone comes, we all know how annoying equipment failure is. Of course, it’s not always up to us whether something works, but minimize the potential damage by arriving some time before the rest of the participants. Have a backup plan in case the worst happens, and prepare an alternative which doesn’t rely too heavily on technology. Remember that all of these things show the participants that you respect them, and in turn they will respect you for all of this as well. 

Consider the end result.
What is the goal of the meeting? Why did you rent the space, and what’s the plan after the meeting concludes? A successful work event is definitely one which has a certain goal in mind. Did you accomplish what you set out to do? Without a main concern, the whole point of the meeting might go undetected, and the last thing you want is having your coworkers thinking that you’re unsure about whatever it is that you're doing. State the goal clearly at the beginning of the session, and end with summing up information on whatever it is that you learned from the day. Send everyone a message after the meeting concludes with the points that you covered, and a follow-up with what to do next.

FAQs about Meeting Spaces in San Diego, CA

How much do meeting spaces in San Diego cost?

Book meeting spaces in San Diego by the hour, and expect a range of prices between $25 and $100 per hour. The cost of the rooms or venues largely depends on the location, capacity, and the available amenities. Check with your company what type of costs they’re willing to accept and plan your budget accordingly.

What are some of the best meeting spaces in San Diego?

Check out San Diego’s Conference/Meeting Room at Hardihoof Cowork. This professional space is perfect for any small company meetings, and for only $40 per hour it’s a really fantastic offer. Also take a look at Large Conference Room at Premier Workspaces @ MV1. A little different from the last location, this space offers a unique look, modern equipment, and you can order the venue's catering if you wish as well. For $95 per hour, it’s a pretty good deal for the space offered.

What equipment can I expect to be included when I rent a meeting space in San Diego?

Meeting spaces in San Diego can offer tables, chairs, whiteboards, flip charts, projectors, Wi-Fi, etc. If you’re in need of a certain amenity, then make sure to contact the host and ask what they have to offer, and what you need to bring to the meeting by yourself. You can also sometimes expect some refreshments, but when it comes to food, we suggest that you get some external catering if the venue allows it.

What should I remember about before booking a meeting space in San Diego?

Before booking a meeting space in San Diego, remember to figure out the budget (preferably with your company, so that you can throw it into the expenses), time and date, location, equipment needed, list of participants, parking space availability, and refreshments or catering if you’re going to spend the whole day in the meeting room.

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