Large Event Venues for Rent in New York City, NY

Large Event Venues for Rent in New York City, NY

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Top Large Event Venues in New York City, NY

New York’s venue scene is as vibrant and diverse as the city itself. You can be quite sure that you will find an ideal space for whatever type of event – private or corporate – you’re planning to host. There are plenty of options you can choose from! What’s even better, at Tagvenue you will find a curated list of event spaces fitted according to your needs! Whether you need an airy space for a conference, a spacious hall for a workshop, or a comfortable setting for a private party, make sure to check out our listings of large venues across New York! 

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Large Event Venues Rental Guide

Large venues are a perfect choice when you need to accommodate a bigger crowd all at once. To give you an idea of how to use large venues to your advantage, we’ve listed below some of the types of events that large venues are perfect for. Make sure to check it out, and take these tips into account when searching for a space for your next event!

Event types suitable for a large venue rental 

1. Conferences - Large spaces are perfect for conferences, especially when you plan to gather everyone interested in a specific topic. As most take place over the course of a few days, a conference space has to be secured as early as possible and should be suitable for the estimated number of attendees. If the space is too small it will make the event uncomfortable, and if it is too large will make the event feel empty, so don’t forget to check out Tagvenue’s list of large venues and filter your search based on the number of attendees!  

2. Seminars and lectures - As their main goal is to share information and training over a longer period, renting out a spacious surrounding is a key element for a successful experience. An airy location will contribute to the engagement of the participants by helping them stay energetic throughout the whole seminar/ lecture session. 

3. Workshops - The best workshops are the interactive ones where attendants have a chance to engage in group activities and make their own contribution to the topic at hand. Large event spaces are an ideal solution, allowing the participants to move comfortably and enjoy themselves while honing their skills.  

4. Expos - These events are fun and engaging, and are known for their high energy and engagement with attendees. A large exhibition space is a must for companies to arrange their pavilions within the venue where the attendees can interact comfortably.   

5. Company parties - Maintaining team spirit is essential to maintain a healthy company culture and hosting a big party for all their employees is one of the best ways to do it. Most companies pick spacious environments to enable company workers to interact with one another, take a break from the office, and recharge their batteries by having a blast together. 

6. Weddings/ Birthday parties - If you plan on celebrating in the company of a larger crowd, then why not book a space in a large venue? Securing an ample location will add to the guests’ enjoyment and allow you to feel at ease in a space that is large enough for everyone to dance and mingle.

7. Product launch - These events are designed to help build a buzz about a new product debuting on the market. Depending on the budget they are often organized on a bigger scale. Potential clients, company workers, and partners will add up a big number of people, so find an amazing spacious (and unique) location to build hype and surprise guests with your new product. 

Key points to take into consideration when planning an event

Date of event - When choosing a date, make sure it doesn’t collide with any public holidays and other affairs. We recommend picking one fast to secure your first choice venue when making your booking. Start your search with Tagvenue’s smart filters – you can pick your date, number of guests and choose among a range of specialized filters to create a list of the perfect venue for your needs in no time! 

Location - Make sure the chosen venue is easily accessible. Compare options, check which one is located a stone’s throw away from popular areas, such as Grand Central Station, or Times Sq., as well as bus stops and public parking. Location can have an immense impact on attendance rates, use it to your advantage for attracting as many guests as you would like to attend!   

Budget - Set your budget and track it, as costs tend to add up fast. Make a spreadsheet, calculate which venue option is the best one for what it offers. Include key points, such as food and drinks, equipment, additional attractions, etc. in your calculations. And based on those key points decide how much you can spend on the venue rental. Don’t rush the process! Evaluating each cost will help you stay within the budget you have established and pick the best option possible. 

Equipment & Facilities - Check if the venue provides the equipment you need, as well as facilities that are fully accessible, and meet your needs for event space, water and electricity supplies, etc. Always ask the managers what is included in the offer, as it will be helpful to cater to the needs of all participants. 

Whatever type of event you’re planning to host, remember that thorough planning will get you there! Carefully plan your needs before starting the search for an ideal event space, and then take our smart filter for a spin! You will book the best one for your needs and budget in no time! 

FAQs about Large Event Venues in New York City, NY

How much does it cost to rent a large venue in NYC?

The cost will depend on the purpose of your event and whether you include catering options. For conferences, seminars or lectures expect to pay anywhere between $600 to $2000+ per hour. Renting out a large venue per session costs from $3000 up to $10000+. For private events, such as weddings, birthdays, etc. you can find offers charging per person where food options are included in the price. In New York per person, rentals start at $60 up to $300+. However, don’t hesitate to ask managers for individual offers and discounts. (All data from

What to focus on when searching for a large venue in New York?

Make sure to check out whether the venue that interests you has the proper equipment for your event, such as microphones, WIFI, sound system, whiteboards, etc., and facilities you need. If they are not listed, ask the managers directly about their offer. Also, check if the venue is spacious enough to accommodate the desired number of people.

Where can I find a large venue in Queens?

Lucky for you, Queens has many great and large venues up its sleeve! Check out venues in Astoria and Long Island City. But you will find many great options are also available near Forest Park, in the area of Ozone Park district.

How far in advance should I secure the large venue?

Generally, the rule of a thumb recommends securing the venue as quickly as possible after deciding on the number of participants, budget, and date. Don’t delay the booking, as there might be a chance the venue you like isn’t available on the date you have selected. Some venues on Tagvenue are extremely popular, so make sure you book early as they fill up fast!! 

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