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Do you want to organize a meeting and are searching for a space where your creativity will spark? You’ve come to the right place! Meeting spaces in Las Vegas provide a perfect backdrop to any gathering, be it a board meeting, a brainstorming session, or any kind of team-building activity. Sounds good, doesn’t it? But do you know what sounds even better? An easy way of finding the perfect spot! All you need to do is decide on your preferred venue, put the details into our smart search engine, get to scrolling, and book the place that meets all of your needs.

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Meeting Spaces Rental Guide

Las Vegas, Nevada’s economic center, boasts fantastic spaces to do some networking, make new connections, and come up with great ideas that’ll bring lots of revenue. This is why it comes as no surprise there is a huge demand for meeting spaces! Don’t worry - there is still a huge selection of places.

No matter which part of the city you’re interested in, you’ll find fantastic venues with inspiring and well-equipped meeting rooms all over the place. And no matter what your purpose is, we’re certain you’ll be booking the perfect spot in no time! But before you start your search, you have to think carefully through what kind of space would fit your meeting the best. Are you looking for a place to seal your next deal? A meeting room where your team could brainstorm and exchange new ideas? Or perhaps you need a space for a team-building session? As we’ve already mentioned, you’ll love the selection in Las Vegas! So don’t wait any longer - just browse our listings, compare the city’s meeting rooms and pick the one that ticks all of your boxes!

But in case you need more information, have a look at our tips below! We’ve put together a short list of meeting spaces you can find in Las Vegas and we hope it’ll give you a better idea of what you can expect in the city. Read away and enjoy!

What kinds of meeting spaces can I find in Las Vegas?

Whatever purpose you have in mind, Las Vegas boasts a plethora of options you can choose from, including:

  • Board rooms - Business meetings are often an inevitable part of the working day. Luckily, the city offers plenty of spaces where the senior associates of an organization can comfortably meet. Board rooms, just like conference rooms, vary in size, but they usually can comfortably fit around 10 people. Apart from the basics such as tables and chairs, most of them also have AV equipment, whiteboards, and WiFi connection.
  • Conference rooms - It may happen that you’ll need a big space for the upcoming conference you’re organizing. No problem! If you’re looking for a professional setting with modern facilities and great-quality equipment, have a look at conference rooms and centers in Las Vegas. The best corporate venues can be found in The Strip or around Downtown Las Vegas. The wide variety of places of all sizes ensures that no matter the scale of the conference, you’ll find somewhere that’ll fit all of the participants.
  • Co-working spaces - If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, you can’t miss out on the city’s co-working spaces. But keep in mind that they offer less privacy than board rooms or private function rooms. In a co-working space, you’ll probably be sharing the room with other professionals, but some of them offer private or semi-private areas you can book for a confidential meeting.
  • Private function rooms - These can be found in all kinds of venues, such as hotels and restaurants. Private function rooms can serve multiple purposes, from a business meeting over lunch to a dinner with a new investor. No matter what you’ll be meeting for, booking a private function room could be a great option. You’ll have lots of privacy and, what’s more, meeting in a neutral environment can make both parties feel more comfortable.
  • Hotels - You can also find elegant meeting spaces and boardrooms in hotels! And if there is one thing you don’t have to worry about, it’s the lack of great hotels in Las Vegas! Some of them are strictly for pleasure, but there is a wide plethora of chic places especially around The Strip and Downtown Las Vegas.
  • Cafes - Not every meeting has to be strictly a business one. If you’re planning a meeting more on the casual side (even with clients), how about hosting it in a cafe? Perhaps you and your team are working on a new project and just need a change of scenery to spark up your creativity? Or you’re simply looking for a charming space to have a work brunch? Whatever the purpose of your meeting, you’ll be able to find delicious brunch spots around The Arts District and The Strip.

You already know what kinds of spaces you can expect from Las Vegas for your next meeting, so it’s time that you start the whole planning process! When looking for the ideal place for your upcoming event, make sure you have a set budget to avoid overspending, the location can be easily accessed by all of the participants, and the space has all of the necessary amenities you might need during the meeting. Sounds like a plan? Great! Get to browsing our platform and find the ideal meeting space in no time! We’re keeping our fingers crossed. And in case you have any questions, check out our FAQ section for more general aspects, or reach out directly to the venue manager of the place you’re interested in for more specific answers.

Meeting Spaces in Las Vegas FAQ

How much does it cost to rent a meeting space in Las Vegas?

Most of the meeting rooms in Las Vegas charge hourly rental rates. Prices vary from $20 to $100 per hour. Sometimes you can also find venues offering special packages where rates start at $20 and get to $25 per person. (Based on data from Tagvenue.)

Where in Las Vegas can I find the best meeting spaces?

Try your luck around Rancho Oakey or The Arts District and check out various meeting spaces of all shapes and sizes. There are also plenty of great rooms for all kinds of sessions dotted around Downtown Las Vegas. Charleston Preservation is home to many gems that are suitable for brainstorming sessions, business meetings, and all sorts of team-building activities.

How far in advance should I book a meeting space in Chicago?

Based on Tagvenue’s data, most people start looking for a meeting space at least 2 to 3 weeks in advance. Such an early search will give you just enough time to compare various offers, contact venue managers, and eventually find the perfect place that’ll not only fall within your price range but also cater to all your needs.

What kind of equipment can I find in a rented meeting space?

Most of the meeting spaces have such basics as tables and chairs to comfortably accommodate all of the participants but whether there’ll be any additional equipment available depends on the place you’re interested in. Most meeting spaces have projectors, PA systems, video call facilities, whiteboards, TVs, and WiFi connection. To be extra sure about what is included in the offer, we recommend asking the venue manager about all of the details.

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