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About to have that major meeting with your clients, co-workers, or stakeholders and looking for the best conference hotels in London? Say no more. Tagvenue has you covered with our latest list of the best hotels with conference rooms in central London and beyond! Whether you’re looking for an intimate boardroom style space, or a large hotel capable of holding hundreds, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for with us.

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Hotel Conference Venues Hire Guide

Here’s some of the key things to keep in mind while browsing for the perfect conference hotel for hire in London:

  • Budget and guests – Here at Tagvenue, we offer you a variety of ways to filter the highest rating event spaces in hotels, such as price, size, location, and seating plans. The two most important factors to begin with however are your budget and number of guests as this will determine what kind of venues you can look at, as well as help put you on the front foot with your organising.
  • Pick your seating preference – Hotel venue managers typically do their best to conform to a variety of seating preferences (or standing mingles) to ensure that your conference goes without a hitch. Whether you’re looking for the traditional boardroom setup or maybe more of a classroom theme, we can help you find the best conference hotel for your needs.
  • Location, location, location – Traffic, amenities, and proximity to points of interest are all something that you need to keep in mind when choosing a conference venue. Are your guests arriving via car? Maybe by train or plane? Have a look at our map and find the hotel that works best for your guests geographically.
  • Accommodation - If you have guests travelling from afar and needing a place to stay for the night then it’s especially important to think about hiring conference facilities with accommodation. This will put your guests minds at rest and ensure they have a comfortable and convenient space to relax and stay the night.


Conference Hotels in London FAQ

How much does it cost to hire a hotel conference room in central London and beyond?

More commonly, hotel venues work on a hire fee. This can be further split into a per day/evening fee or simply per session, but this can be an excellent option if you’re not sure how many participants will visit. The hire fee rates for hotel conference spaces range between £500 to £8000 hire fee per day. You can also opt for a per conference delegate package model, with many locations charging per person price. This can be ideal if you’re expecting a smaller number of participants for private conferences, with rates ranging between around £30 but rising to £80, depending on location. (All data from

Which parts of London have the best hotels for a conference?

While your inclination may be to head straight towards central London, there’s also a huge range of conference hotels near London, or in the suburbs that are well worth a look. With many hotels providing modern amenities mixed with a dash of old-world class, you can’t go wrong with hotel venues around Marylebone with its slew of easy railway link options to ensure your guests get to where they need to be on time. Looking for something south of the Thames with a view of Westminster? Check out hotels near western Waterloo by Archbishop’s Park and Jubilee Gardens. Eastern St. James and the area around Charing Cross also provide a variety of hotels with conference facilities, putting your guests a stone’s throw from Piccadilly and the beating heart of London. If you’re looking for something away from the crowds, areas of West London and Heathrow Airport have some of London’s best convention hotels, alongside more relaxed conference venues in residential areas.  

Will there be hotel staff on hand to help with the running of the conference?

Most hotels will have dedicated staff to help with your conference and take away the stress of finding your own staff or organising everything yourself. This includes anything from serving and clearing food, setting up the main conference space, or installing technical equipment, while providing maintenance and support during the event.

Our attendees will be traveling from afar and need to stay the night. Can they stay in the hotel?

One of the main advantages of booking a conference room in a hotel is that it does indeed provide accommodation for traveling guests. Keep in mind however that the hotel is also open for public use and attendees should be encouraged to book early with the hotel so as not to miss out. In certain cases, you may be able to ask who needs accommodation prior to the event and include the prices of their rooms in the overall event space package.

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