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Organising a press conference in London? We know how hard it can be to choose the perfect space for it. The responsibility can be overwhelming, but our shortlist of the best press conference rooms in the capital is sure to make your life a little easier. Choose from top spaces both in Central London and all over the city, enquire and book your ideal press conference venue in just a few clicks. We’re doing the legwork for you!

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Press Conference Venues Hire Guide

Planning a press conference is all about attention to detail. Some things may escape your attention, which is why we’ve created a handy checklist to help you out. Keep these things in mind while you decide on the ideal press conference room:

  • Make it easy to reach – Be sure to choose a location that’s easily accessible to the media. This is exactly why press conference venues in Central London are very much in demand. You should also arrange for parking as journalists work to tight deadlines and need to get in and out quickly.
  • Arrange the right layout – When it comes to seating at your press conference, make sure print and radio are in front, then photographers without tripods, then photographers with tripods. All members of the press should have a clear view of the presenters.
  • Make it memorable – Selecting a site that’s visually interesting or reflects your business or organisation in some way is key. If desired, position your company or organisation’s logo behind the speaker or in front of the podium so it will be included in photos of the event. Most press conference rooms in London are quite flexible when it comes to seating layouts.
  • Take care of the technical aspects – It won’t hurt to test the audio system as well as check there are enough electrical outlets for lights. Better safe than sorry!

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