Auditoriums for Hire in London

Auditoriums for Hire in London

Find the perfect auditorium venue in the capital

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Top Auditoriums in London

With a great selection of top auditoriums for hire, London is an obvious choice for hosting large-scale events! Whether you’re planning a film screening, a guest lecture, or a conference, these versatile venues will make hosting your event a breeze. From dance studios, exhibit halls, and cinemas to state-of-the-art lecture theatres, Tagvenue is sure to have a space that suits all your requirements. So start browsing now, and you’ll be on the right track to hiring the perfect auditorium in London.

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Auditoriums Hire Guide

Finding the perfect auditorium for your event

London offers fantastic and flexible auditoriums for hire that can accommodate various types of events, from conferences and seminars to performances and presentations. In this guide, we'll walk you through the essential steps to ensure you choose the best auditorium for your event and create an awesome experience for your audience.

  • Define Your Needs: Before you start searching for an auditorium, clarify the purpose and specific requirements of your event. Are you planning a corporate conference, a theatre production, or a music concert? Defining this aspect of your event will help you determine the size, technical capabilities, and amenities you need in an auditorium.
  • Location: London is a vast city with various boroughs and neighbourhoods. Consider the venue’s proximity to public transportation hubs, major roads, and parking facilities. Easy reachability will certainly enhance the overall experience for your guests!
  • Capacity: Auditoriums come in various sizes, so matching the seating capacity with your expected audience size is key. Ensure that the auditorium can comfortably accommodate all your attendees while allowing for proper spacing if needed.
  • Technical Facilities: Depending on your event type, technical facilities are essential. Check if the auditorium is equipped with state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment, lighting, and sound systems. Ensure that technical staff are available to assist during your event.
  • Amenities: Consider the amenities and additional services offered by the auditorium. Does it provide dressing rooms, catering services, or breakout spaces? These amenities can refine the experience for both presenters and attendees.
  • Budget: Choose an auditorium that aligns with your financial constraints, especially if you’re on a tight budget. Keep in mind that additional costs may include equipment rental, staffing, and catering.
  • Visit the Auditorium: Whenever possible, schedule a site visit to the event spaces you're considering. This will allow you to assess their condition, acoustics, and overall suitability for your event.
  • Booking: Once you've identified the ideal auditorium, check its availability for your desired event date. Be prepared to secure the venue by booking well in advance.
  • Read Tagvenue Reviews: Research online reviews and seek recommendations from event planners or colleagues who have experience with auditorium rentals in London. Their insights can provide valuable information about the venue's reputation and service quality.
  • Plan for Contingencies: Finally, have a contingency plan in case unexpected issues arise. This may include technical glitches, weather-related challenges, or changes in attendance. Being prepared will help you manage any unforeseen circumstances.

Choosing the right location for your event

Selecting the ideal location for your gathering is a significant decision that can greatly influence your planned event. London boasts a diverse selection of auditoriums across different neighbourhoods. It can be tricky to pick the best area in such a big city, but don't worry! Let's explore your options and discover the ideal spot to ensure your event is a standout success!

  • Central London: Central London is well-connected by public transport with multiple tube stations like Westminster, Embankment, and Charing Cross. It's easily reachable from major railway stations such as Victoria and Waterloo. You'll find auditoriums of varying sizes in Central London, including many iconic venues capable of hosting large audiences. Enjoy the energetic aura of central areas like Covent Garden or the sophistication of Westminster, surrounded by historic landmarks like the Houses of Parliament and Buckingham Palace.
  • East London: East London provides excellent reachability via the London Overground and Underground network, with stations like Shoreditch High Street and Canary Wharf. Explore trendy auditoriums in areas like Shoreditch, including unique event spaces. While East London may be less about traditional landmarks, it's known for its street art, markets like Brick Lane, and the O2 Arena for larger events.
  • South London: South London has excellent rail links, including stations like London Bridge and Waterloo, making it conveniently located. You'll find auditoriums in historic settings, such as Southbank Centre's Queen Elizabeth Hall, as well as contemporary venues along the South Bank. Enjoy the artistic and cultural scene near Southbank, with the Tate Modern and Shakespeare's Globe Theatre nearby. South London offers views of iconic landmarks like St. Paul's Cathedral and the Shard, creating a fantastic setting for events.
  • West London: West London boasts convenient connections via the London Underground, with stations like Earl's Court and Hammersmith. Explore elegant auditoriums in areas like Kensington and Chelsea, perfect for upscale events. Embrace the charm of West London, characterised by its leafy streets, museums like the V&A, and fashionable districts like Notting Hill. Choose venues near landmarks like Hyde Park, Kensington Palace, and the Natural History Museum for a touch of London's heritage.
  • North London: North London offers good transport links, including the Northern Line of the Underground, with stations like King's Cross and Camden Town. Discover great event halls in trendy areas like Camden, known for its alternative scene and music venues. Experience the energy of North London, with bustling markets, live music venues, and quirky event spaces. Explore numerous historic sites, ideal for events blending tradition and modernity.

FAQs about Auditoriums in London

How much does it cost to hire an auditorium for an event in London?

Most of the time, auditoriums are priced based on hire fees per day or per session. They can fluctuate anywhere between £300 and £35,300, but you should be able to find a good variety of venues within the £1,000-£5,000 range. When it comes to hourly hire fees, expect them to begin at around £60 for London’s small auditoriums and reach as high as £600. In addition, some venues offer per person event packages, which usually cost from £36 to £90 per event. Finally, some other auditoriums in London use minimum spend. This means that you will not have to pay a hire fee, but you do agree to spend a set amount of money on food and drinks at the venue. Minimum spend in London ranges between £550 and £10,000, but you can also find some large venues and theatres that ask for as much as £35,000 minimum spend per session. (All data from Tagvenue.)

What types of events can I host in a London auditorium hall?

London’s auditoriums are generally used for events that involve a big audience. This can include lectures, workshops, seminars, and corporate training sessions. They’re also an amazing setting for meetings and conferences, especially for large groups of attendees. If you hire a dedicated conference auditorium, you’ll find all the equipment needed to run audiovisual presentations and sometimes even conference calls! When you want to put on a show and make it opulent, for instance during an award ceremony or product launch, these venues work great. Finally, auditoriums are made for performances of all kinds, including theatre productions, castings and auditions, and music gigs. We think it’s pretty clear that whatever event you have in mind, you should probably consider booking one of London’s auditorium venues to host it in!

Can I hire a small auditorium in London?

Absolutely! Auditoriums usually make us think of large-scale events and big crowds, but sometimes you need to hire something more compact, like a small theatre or concert hall. London has much to offer for those looking to host an auditorium event with a relatively short guest list or a rehearsal before an important performance. Some of the smaller London venues for hire you’ll find on our website include:

What are the best auditoriums available for hire in London?

London is home to a wide selection of excellent auditorium venues. Thanks to the guest ratings system on our website, we can recommend some of our favourites:

  • The Auditorium at Huckletree Shoreditch - this vibrant venue is in a central, convenient location on Finsbury Square. The creative design of its interiors makes it a great setting for innovative seminars, product launches, presentations, and performances. It has a capacity of 100 seats and a superb rating of 4.9/5.
  • Weston Theatre at Museum of London - the great equipment and facilities make this lecture hall a perfect spot for hosting conferences and presentations. It has a 4.9/5 rating from our users. Situated in Barbican, it can host up to 230 seated guests.
  • Auditorium at Paddington Works - if you're searching for a more laid-back, modern space with unconventional seating, this 60-seat venue is for you. Guests clearly appreciated this Paddington auditorium, because they gave it a 4.9/5 rating! 
  • Speech Room at Harrow School - when it comes to venues a bit further away from the bustle of the city centre, this opulent and spacious auditorium in Harrow is worth checking out. It has a perfect rating of 5/5. We'd recommend this Outer London venue for large events, as it seats 550 people!
  • Council Room at SCI Belgravia - in case you're on the lookout for a very straightforward venue, this auditorium with a 4.8/5 rating will not disappoint! It's conveniently located in Belgrave Square, Central London,  fits up to 100 guests, and has excellent service plus contemporary facilities to help you run everything smoothly! It’s also one of the more affordable auditorium spaces in the capital, with per session fees starting under $1,000.

Guests Reviews of Auditoriums on Tagvenue

Ivan V.
Booked Media studio at TheGreatSyndicateStudios
The host is amazing: helpful, polite, and a nice person. The studio is nice, too, it was the right fit for what we wanted.
Daryl H.
Booked The Den at The Book Club
Location was great, easy for guests to find. The curtained area was perfect for our private party but could still feel the fun and vibe of the club. Music was just right. Guests enjoyed the food and was generally a fun night. They allowed us to bring a birthday cake and lit the candles for us, which made the occasion really nice for the birthday girl.
Nadach M.
Booked The Bedouin Tent & Garden at St Ethelburga's Centre
Great venue - a secret gem in the bustle of London, providing peace and serenity. I had my Nikkah ceremony here and it was perfect for an intimate group of 20. Nelson was amazing in helping us set up and also helped the caterer set the food up as we were in the middle of the ceremony. I couldn't have asked for a better evening. Amazing and so easy!
Nemesis L.
Booked Sir Francis Ronald at Richbell House
All the facilities are of a very high quality. Everything is clean. The tables are very comfortable to place, with a very effective positioning and blocking system. The best display screens on the market. Bright and tactile. Easy and fast to connect with computers. A lot of light. New carpet. Air-conditioning. The excellent staff in their treatment. Michael, thank you so much for everything. We will make presentations with you again.
Agi D.
Booked Private Cocktail Lounge at Patch St Paul's
Liked the adjustable lighting and the mirrors which made the room look bigger. Lots of seating too. Looked after very well by Paul and Greg who despite being rushed off their feet were very helpful and accommodating. Appreciated being able to bring my own sweets and chocolates for guests. Communication with Natalie was very good in the run up to the event.
Nila M.
Booked The Vienna Salon at Fidelio
Ashley and his team helped organised an incredible night for our engagement party. Communication was always clear and easy and the whole process was completely stress free!
Sahiththiyan S.
Booked Whole Venue at City Prohibition Bar | Public Space
One of the best nights ever! Bar staff were amazing and everyone loved the vibes of the venue! Allowed us to bring a custom themed drinks menu which was well adapted to by the staff!
Sukhi S.
Booked The Martini Den at Dirty Martini St. Paul's
Everything, so amazingly organised and staff were always at hand, drinks were fast! Such a great experience having that space to ourselves too.

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