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It appears that you’re in search of a good Manchester hotel with conference facilities for your event. Look no further, because we have a complete list of all the best hotels for meetings and conferences in Manchester. Whether you’re planning a small company conference or a huge industry convention, you’ll find all the best hotels with meeting and conference space below!

Conference Hotels Hire Guide

Manchester is a major city in northwest England; it is rich with thriving young businesses and factories alike. Manchester began its wealth in business during the Industrial Revolution, particularly in the textile manufacturing area, and the city continues to present an appealing atmosphere for businesses to thrive. Largely because of the successful business history in the area, hotels with business facilities seem to be on every street. We’ve taken the best of the best and listed them on this page to help you find the right venue for your event.

Need some tips before choosing a conference hotel in Manchester? Here are some of our favourites:

  • Facilities – Choose a hotel that has all of the components that you will need. Examples: audiovisual equipment, stages, podium, microphones, etc. By choosing a venue that includes these things, you will save a lot of money having to rent or buy them elsewhere.
  • Compare venues and services – We’ve done our best to make it easy for you, nonetheless, don’t forget to compare your top venue choices before booking your event. Click on each venue that seems like a good fit and weigh your options by considering their differences, pros and cons. A lot of smaller hotel meeting rooms my fit the style you want but can’t provide other needs like larger hotels are able to.
  • Staffing – Check with the hotel and make sure that they will have sufficient staff on site during your event. The last thing you want is to have to move your own chairs when you have other important matters on your mind.

Prices of hotel conference venues in Manchester can vary, that is why we prepared the three most common pricing models for you to take a look at:

  • The hire fee pricing structure is a charge you will see the most. This typically includes the use of a conference room only. The cost ranges from £400-£2,500.
  • The per person pricing structure is also a charge you will likely come across, especially with hotels that could cater your conference as well. The per person cost ranges from £50-£140 per person.
  • The minimum spend pricing structure is a less common charge that you may see on occasion. The minimum spend charge means that as long as you pay a minimum price for food and drinks, you won’t have to pay for the venue. This cost usually ranges from £450-£1,200.

Still have some questions, or just lacking inspiration? Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that can help you out:

How early should I reserve the hotel venue for my conference?
Availability varies greatly with each hotel, depending on its popularity and time of year – we recommend reserving your conference venue at least three months in advance. For larger conventions, you should book the venue even up to a year prior.

Will conference hotels allow commuters?
Yes, although most conference packages at hotels come with special room rates, there isn’t typically a requirement to stay at the hotel.


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