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Free venue hire in Melbourne is possible! We have a list of venues in Melbourne that do not require a hire fee. If you choose one of these spaces, all you will be paying for will be the food and drinks. At Tagvenue, we make it easier for you to find low-cost, minimum spend spaces in Melbourne. Simply use our smart filters to suit your needs!

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Minimum Spend Venues Hire Guide

Melbourne is a large city with an ever increasing number of businesses. Among these businesses, you will find an abundance of bars, pubs, and restaurants that work on a minimum spend basis and are happy to hire their space for private events. We look forward to helping you find, and choose, the best one for the event you are planning!

Many of Melbourne’s minimum spend venues are located in high skyscrapers and offer a great view of the city’s most beautiful sights. You will see sights like the Federation Square, the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, and the Eureka Tower.

There are a couple of ways to price a venue, and minimum spend is one of them. Because it’s different than others, we’ll give you three tips to look out for:

  • Know what’s included in the price – Most minimums spend venues in Melbourne state that you need to meet a minimum amount on drinks, food, or both during the hours of the event.
  • Talk to your guests – Once you hire a minimum spend venue in Melbourne, calculate the price per guest and think about what you need to do to assure the minimum spend amount is reached. Don’t hesitate to tell your guests how it works and encourage them to spend enough (or more than enough) to meet the minimum spend requirement.
  • Event hours – When you hire a minimum spend venue in Melbourne, be sure to double-check the amount you will need to spend for the hours you choose. The amount will differ with every venue manager, so make sure you read the small print. It’s crucial to know these details, as you might be charged extra if you exceed the time.

How much does it cost to hire a minimum spend venue in Melbourne?

Minimum spend rates for Melbourne vary from $500 per day (for about 30 guests) to $4,000 per day (for about 1,000 guests). This comes down to $4 to $17 per person.

Do you have any more questions before you pick your (practically) free venue in Melbourne? We have answered some of the most frequently asked questions below.

What is a free venue for hire in Melbourne?

What most people mean when they talk about a free venue, is one that requires a minimum amount of money to be spent in order for the venue to be hired for free for private use. So the place itself is free as long as the minimum spend amount is reached.

As long as every guest spends enough to reach a total that’s higher than the required minimum spend amount, you won’t have to pay an extra amount.

Do I need to arrange the catering?

Most likely you will not need to arrange for catering. In most cases, a minimum spend venue in Melbourne offers in-house catering. Simply make sure you read all the details of the venue you reserve in Melbourne before you decide to pick one.

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Great venue and fabulous service

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