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Are you looking for a free venue hire in Brisbane? Well, more like ‘almost’ free, because with minimum spend venues, you can hold your event in a variety of exciting, and cheap venues without paying any upfront fees. These venues are one of the best ways to keep costs down and have a party that all of your guests will remember. Check out our extensive selection of venues in Brisbane offering minimum spend and get started planning your next event today!

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Minimum Spend Venues Hire Guide

Minimum spend is a great way to enjoy the luxury of what is essentially a free venue hire. As long as you can guarantee the right amount of thirsty, and hungry guests, your event will be amazing, enjoyable and without any extra costs. Brisbane is a beautiful city with amazing venues so be prepared to enjoy your event in any of the city’s fantastic minimum spend venues.

Before you explore this choice further, here are a few things that will help ensure that your experience goes smoothly:

  • Define ‘minimum spend’ - Generally, minimum spend means that the venue agrees to provide the space free of charge, and you agree to purchase an agreed upon amount of drinks and food. Be sure to agree on whether the minimum spend applies to food and drink, or only drink.
  • Enlist help - When you hire a venue, make sure you understand the basic spend per guest to reach the amount you agreed upon. Don’t hesitate to enlist your guests’ help. Just make sure they know whether they need to focus on drinks or drinks and food. Also, ask the venue if they can provide you with an estimate of how much is being spent during the party so there are no unpleasant surprises at the end of the evening.
  • Decide on your timing - How long can the party last? Usually the venue will be available for a set amount of hours, so make sure you understand if there are penalties if you go over schedule. And remember, you must reach your minimum spend before the session is over.

Most of the venues offering minimum spend in Brisbane are pubs, bars and restaurants - you can find a great selection of these venues easily labeled “minimum spend” on Tagvenue. In Brisbane you can expect to find these function spaces charging between $500-$5,000 per session. These may seem like daunting figures - but just remember, if you invite 20 people a $500 minimum spend will equal $25 per person. If it’s $1,000, and you’ve invited 25 guests, it will only equal $40! So don’t be afraid to be a little ambitious in your planning, just make sure to communicate openly with your potential guests.

Minimum Spend Venues in Brisbane FAQ

Which are the best minimum spend venues in Brisbane?

OvoloFound in beautiful Spring Hill, Ovolo is one of the finest hotels that Brisbane has to offer and its party spaces are no exception. This hotel can handle parties of any variety and size in one of its many rooms. This is a premier location for an affordable party.

The Craft Bar at the Transcontinental HotelLocated in the luxurious Transcontinental Hotel, the craft bar is an elegant party space right next to Brisbane City Hall where you will be able to experience cutting edge cocktails and intense craft beers from all over the globe.

Grape TherapyGrape Therapy is the go-to minimum spend venue for wine parties. If you love a good pairing or a wine tasting event, then you will fall in love with this beautiful downtown party room with tons of wines both local and from around the world. Cheers!

Where are the best minimum spend venues in Brisbane?

Spring Hill has some of the best minimum spend venues and hotels in Brisbane, not only because of their elegance, but also because of their ease of access. However, if you are looking for somewhere a bit removed from the action, then Rosalie will make a great destination, as it is easily accessible by the city’s major highways.

How do I have a cheap minimum spend party?

Minimum spend venues are the best venues for keeping spending under control. You will find yourself paying at most $5000 over the course of your party, and if you invite enough people, then your per person cost could be as low as $25 per person. This is great for larger parties. If you want to stretch your dollar as far as possible, then have the bars limit their drink choices to beer and wine, and have a buffet instead of a la carte menu or full sit down dinner or lunch.

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