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Top Small Function Venues in Melbourne

Space is rather limited in Melbourne and it’s priced accordingly! If you’re planning a small event in Melbourne, opting for a smaller venue could mean saving money - but that doesn’t mean you need to compromise on finding your ideal one. At Tagvenue, we’ve put together this carefully selected list of the best small function rooms Melbourne has to offer!

Small Function Venues Hire Guide

Don’t know where to start with the search? Here’s some stuff to keep in mind:

  • Catering – Hosting your function in a smaller venue naturally means there’s less room for food and drink, so think carefully about how you’ll serve your chosen menu. If you chose waiter service, keep in mind that they’ll need enough room to navigate. Similarly, if you go for a buffet-style feast, make sure there’s enough room to lay the food out.
  • Seating – Small function rooms can sometimes present a bit of a challenge when it comes to seating arrangements. With limited space, it’s not always easy to arrange tables and chairs the way you want them. It’s worth considering how you’ll want your guests sat – be it theatre style, a horseshoe or around one main table – and narrow your search to venues that will be able to seat all your guests in your chosen arrangement.
  • Facilities – Consider what you’ll need to help your function run smoothly. Will you need a projector? Audio equipment? Extra tables? Many smaller function venues are just as well equipped as their larger counterparts but not all are, so it’s definitely worth making sure the venue can provide all you need before you commit!
  • Venue type – When it comes to small function rooms, Melbourne has a particularly large range of choice. From bars to libraries, there are some really diverse types of venue on offer, so it’s worth having a think about what kind of vibe you’re looking for and what will work best for your event.

As well as providing a more cosy space for your event, many small rooms have the added benefit of being budget-friendly! But what exactly does Melbourne have to offer and at what price?

There’s a whole range of hotels in the city, each with a different ambience, and many of them have great small function rooms for hire. You can expect to pay hire fees from $100 to $1500 and above. Hotels also often offer a package option, costing around $65 per person, or minimum spend rates, which are usually between $1000 and $2500.

As bars are naturally more intimate spaces, rooms within bars can make ideal venues for smaller functions. With something for every budget, packages for small bar function rooms tend to range from $21 to $70 per person. Some spaces within bars are also priced with minimum spends from $350 to $2150 and higher.

With Melbourne’s amazing cafe culture, it’s not surprising that cafe venues are also a popular option. Some cafes have specific small rooms they hire out, while others will offer entire place. Price wise, you’ll find that minimum spend rates are around $500 to $1500 and per person packages range from $25 to $50 and beyond.

Of course, if finding a venue that’s a bit different is a top priority, there’s a whole range of more unusual small-scale options too, with libraries, studios and designated creative spaces, all ready to provide the perfect backdrop to a memorable function!

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