Marquee Wedding Venues for Hire in London

Marquee Wedding Venues for Hire in London

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Top Marquee Wedding Venues in London

Marquee wedding venues can be a great option if you’ve got a larger wedding party or you’re looking for a blank canvas that provides a little more creative control. There are plenty of different types of marquees to choose from—from the classic white canvas tent to rustic wooden structures that look like they belong in any outdoor space. Whether you’re planning to set up a marquee or tent in a vineyard, inn or B&B, Tagvenue is here to make sure you find the perfect place to tie the knot.

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Marquee Wedding Venues Hire Guide

There's a considerable amount of legwork and orchestration that goes into planning an alfresco celebration. While gorgeous scenery and natural landscapes mean you can embrace a less-is-more approach when it comes to decorations, you may need to hire generators, lights, flooring, portable toilets and kitchen equipment.

Some expert tips for organising your marquee wedding:

  • Preparing your guest list is an important step toward establishing a budget
  • Think about the style of reception you want as well as your marquee venue hire options (traditional, frame, giant tipis, etc.)
  • Make a contingency plan for bad weather
  • Check if your catering team provides hospitality staff
  • Consider whether to provide a dress code (like black tie, cocktail attire or fancy dress)

Things to consider when hiring a space for your event:

  • Ease of accessibility for the elderly or disabled
  • Time of the event (try to schedule your ceremony after the hottest part of the day so the sun won’t be so strong for your guests)
  • Lighting (this is key for events that carry on into the evening)
  • Catering options and licences (like whether the venue has an alcohol licence or can cater to special dietary requirements)

A Beginner’s Guide for Marquee Wedding

What is a Marquee Wedding?

Imagine a highly customisable space for your wedding set out in the open and bathed in sunlight or strung with twinkling fairy lights. That's the essence of a marquee wedding. These temporary structures, typically made of high-quality fabric and supported by sturdy frames, provide an open and adaptable space for your ceremony and reception. Marquees provide endless possibilities to personalise the space, from the décor and furniture to the lighting and ambience.

Why Choose a Marquee Wedding in London?

London offers stunning backdrops for your marquee wedding. From private gardens and parks overlooking the city skyline to picturesque riverside locations and hidden urban oases, the possibilities are endless. But what truly sets marquee weddings apart are the unique advantages they offer:

  • Personalised Ambiance: You can design your dream wedding from scratch! Choose the size, layout, and decoration to match your guest list and vision perfectly. Either go for a cosy and intimate setting or create a grand and extravagant atmosphere - the choice is yours.
  • Outdoor Advantage: Indoor weddings can be beautiful, but there's something special about exchanging vows surrounded by nature. With a marquee wedding, you can embrace the beauty of London's green spaces, allowing for stunning photo opportunities and a unique atmosphere that can't be replicated indoors.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Compared to traditional venues, marquees are a more affordable option.

How to Plan Your Marquee Wedding:

  1. Set Your Budget: Determine your overall budget and allocate portions for bridal venue hire, catering, decoration, entertainment, and other essentials. London is known for its wide range of marquee hire options, so research different suppliers to find one that fits within your budget.
  2. Choose Your Location: Consider factors like guest capacity, desired ambience, accessibility, and proximity to amenities like restrooms and parking. Additionally, think about the weather conditions in the area and whether the marquee venue offers any provisions for climate control. It's also important to visit potential locations to get a better sense of the space.
  3. Select Your Packages: If you're interested in a wet-hire or flexible wedding, make sure to inquire about the services and amenities included in the package. Additionally, consider any additional costs or upgrades that may be available, such as extra decorations or entertainment options. By selecting the right package for your wedding, you can ensure that all necessary elements are taken care of and that your special day runs smoothly!
  4. Planning the Logistics:  Make sure to have a plan for the logistics of the wedding, this includes transportation for you and your guests, especially if the bridal space is located in a remote area.
  5. Embrace Creativity: Last but not least, don't be afraid to think outside the box and add personal touches to make your wedding unique and memorable! Consider incorporating DIY elements, personalised vows, or even setting a dress code. Remember, this is your special day, so let your creativity shine through in every aspect of the wedding planning process! 

Tips for a Dream Marquee Wedding:

  • Weatherproof Your Plans: Don't let a surprise shower dampen your spirits! Have a backup plan in place, like hiring transparent sides or walls for the marquee. Consider providing cosy blankets and umbrellas for guests or even setting up a covered walkway leading to the venue. Remember, a little rain can add a touch of magic to your photos!
  • Consider Seasonality: Embrace the changing seasons! Choose a marquee that comes with heating options for a cosy winter wedding, complete with twinkling fairy lights and warm blankets. In summer, pick a well-ventilated marquee with open sides or a tent that can be easily transformed into an open-air space. Embrace the natural beauty of the season by incorporating seasonal flowers, fruits, and colours into your decor.
  • Lighting is Key: Transform your marquee into a magical wonderland with a thoughtful lighting plan. Use ambient lighting to create a warm and inviting atmosphere, task lighting for areas like the buffet or bar, and accent lighting to highlight key features like the dance floor or your sweetheart table. String fairy lights overhead for a whimsical touch, or use lanterns for a rustic vibe. Don't forget to consider the time of day your wedding will take place and adjust the lighting accordingly!
  • Maximise Space: Don't be limited by the walls! Utilise the full height of your marquee by hanging beautiful floral arrangements, chandeliers, or fabric draping. Take advantage of the surrounding area by creating designated spaces for mingling, photo booths, or a lounge. You can even set up an outdoor bar or fire pit for a truly unique experience. Remember, clever space planning can make your marquee feel intimate and inviting, even with a large guest list.

By following these tips and adding your own personal touches, you can create a marquee wedding in London that's truly unforgettable. Remember, the most important ingredient is love, so let your love shine through in every aspect of your wedding day.

FAQs about Marquee Wedding Venues in London

How much does it cost to hire a marquee wedding venue in London?

You can expect to pay between £1,500-10,000+ per session. However, the cost of hiring a marquee wedding venue in London can vary widely depending on the size and capacity of the space. Small venues with space for a tent that holds 100 people might cost as little as £2,000-£2,500 per session while a larger venue with an extensive garden that can accommodate 500 people or more could cost upwards of £6,000-£9,000+ per session. (All data from Tagvenue.)

Which areas of London are best for hiring a marquee wedding venue?

The most well-known places for marquee wedding venues in London are Hackney and Kingston upon Thames. Both of these districts have a high concentration of greenery and landscaped gardens, which are ideal for creating a romantic backdrop for your wedding. In Hackney, you may find wonderful venues for a wedding reception in areas such as Victoria Park and Kingsland Road. In Kingston upon Thames, you can rent out one of the many marquee wedding venues with stunning views of the river. If you are looking for a more traditional setting, then you may want to consider hiring a marquee wedding venue in Farringdon or on the outskirts of Wimbledon.

What are some of the best marquee wedding venues in London?

  • The Orangery at Black Lion is a modern, relaxed space for your wedding. Located on the banks of the Thames, this venue has a beautiful garden that makes it the ideal place to celebrate your marquee wedding. The menu offers a wide variety of delicious British and European dishes, but it’s the garden setting that makes this place so appealing.
  • Garden at Freud Museum London is a serene space surrounded by large trees, which makes it perfect for your marquee wedding. The venue offers both privacy and tranquillity and feels like it's far outside of London, despite being in its heart. It's a place to escape from the hectic pace of city life and enjoy nature's beauty while celebrating your special day.
  • The Wedding Pavilion at Easthampstead Park is a beautiful marquee wedding venue that's intimate and luxurious. This private pavilion is tucked away in a beautiful garden, providing privacy for your ceremony and reception. Nestled among lush gardens, with views of the lake and rolling hills, this charming venue is the perfect place to exchange your vows under the lights of lanterns.

What's the best time to organise a marquee wedding in London?

London's marquee magic shines brightest in spring and early summer (May-June). Picture balmy evenings, guests mingling under fairy lights, and the delicate scent of blooming gardens wafting through the marquee. While July and August offer sun-kissed days, be mindful of potential heat waves that can turn festive into frantic. Autumn (September-October) brings a touch of whimsy with golden leaves and crisp air, perfect for cosy soirées with warm lighting and fireplaces crackling. Winter (November-February) is undeniably charming but requires extra planning for heating, potential rain, and muddy grounds. Remember, marquee weddings are all about flexibility – consider off-season dates for lower costs and unique seasonal touches!

Guests Reviews of Marquee Wedding Venues on Tagvenue

Felix M.
Booked The Loft at Low Profile Studios
Brilliant venue, staff were super friendly and helpful, and made sure everything went smoothly. Would highly recommend for a special event.
Teleola A.
Booked Cocktail Cavern at Dirty Martini Hanover Square
The celebrations went really well and the customer service was really good. Staff made sure myself and my guests were seen to
Mark W.
Booked Whole venue at Patch East
I booked Patch East for my 40th birthday. The venue is perfect and has everything you need for a private party. There is a built in PA/lighting system, so you can bring your own DJ should you wish. The staff were lovely, very accommodating and nothing was too much trouble. Special thanks goes out to Ema, Paolo and Dina. Would 100% recommend and would use again.
Lauren C.
Booked The Party Room at The Regent at The Regent
Adam was so great from start to finish helping me put the event together - the room is even better than the photos and ideal for a private event. He and his team at The Regent were on hand throughout the night to help with any queries and ensure everything went smoothly. The night went perfectly! Thank you all
Helen V.
Booked Studio 249 at Studio 249 - Liberté Concept
We booked life drawing for 17 people for a hen do at studio 249. It was amazing! The booking process was very smooth and they were keen to accommodate our requests. On arrival, the team went out of their way to ensure we had the best time. It was particularly great that Becky was able to give instruction on different ways of drawing and added a fun competition element to the day. A great time was had by all. Thanks to everyone at studio 249.
Shore D.
Booked Basement at The Cutting Room
The food was good and we were able to preorder ahead of the event. The venue was set up as requested and was clean and tidy and ready for our arrival. The venue is also very affordable given its location - the staff made planning very easy, they were responsive, flexible and I would definitely come back again!
Amy S.
Booked First Floor Function Room at The Angelic
Perfect room for a 30th birthday party of between 50-60 people. We were allowed to decorate the room how we liked, staff/bar service was great, music system & projector were easy to use. Would highly recommend!
Linda D.
Booked Balcony Room at Swan, Shakespeare's Globe
Stunning room, breath-taking view from balcony over the Thames. Staff was cooperative, accommodating and very helpful. The food was good and expertly hand-delivered by a great staff of servers. Everyone attending our Reception raved about the room and the experience. We appreciated the help making a good impression on our clients.

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