Ballrooms for Hire in Edinburgh

Ballrooms for Hire in Edinburgh

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Top Ballrooms in Edinburgh

Discover the finest ballrooms in Edinburgh, the city of festivals, where every street corner becomes a party! If you're planning a glamorous ball, a charity gala, or a sophisticated wedding, this city has what it takes to leave your guests breathless. Our extensive selection of top ballrooms in Edinburgh offers something for every style and budget, whether you're looking for a historic venue near the beautiful Royal Mile or a modern location in the bustling New Town district. With our smart search filters and easy booking process, finding your perfect ballroom has never been easier! Browse our best ballrooms for hire in Edinburgh today, and get ready to dance the night away!

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FAQs about Ballrooms in Edinburgh

What are the best ballrooms available for hire in Edinburgh?

  • The King's Hall at InterContinental Edinburgh The George: Located on the iconic George Street in Edinburgh New Town, this magnificent ballroom can accommodate up to 300 guests. With a package deal ranging from £65-£115 per person, it also boasts an attractive Christmas party offer starting from just £25 per person.
  • The Gallery at Kimpton Charlotte Square Edinburgh: Located in historic Charlotte Square, a stone's throw away from the scenic Ross Fountain, this flexible venue has a capacity for 350 attendees. The rates begin at £65 per person for morning sessions, but there's a minimum spend requirement of £7700 for the evenings.
  • Entire Venue at Harvey Nichols Edinburgh, Forth Floor: Overlooking St Andrew Square in the heart of the New Town, this venue offers a warm ambience complemented by panoramic views of the city. With a capacity for 200 guests, the pricing varies from £4500 to £13,000 based on the chosen day of the week.

How much does it typically cost to hire a ballroom in Edinburgh?

In Edinburgh, renting a ballroom has a wide range of costs. Expect a £4500 minimum spend requirement for an evening, on average. Prices, however, can start as low as £460 per day. Some of the city's most exclusive locations may cost up to £3500 for a day's hire if you have a taste for luxury. Many venues also offer per person packages, which are often in the £60 range. (All data from Tagvenue)

Can I hire a ballroom in Edinburgh for multi-day events?

Absolutely! Edinburgh isn't just renowned for its historic charm and scenic beauty; it's also a hub for grand events, festivals, and multi-day gatherings. Many of the city's premier ballrooms, especially in popular neighbourhoods like the New Town, Old Town, Stockbridge, and Leith, are well-equipped and eager to accommodate multi-day bookings.

The venues in these neighbourhoods tend to get booked faster primarily due to their prime locations. For instance:

  • New Town: Known for its Georgian architecture and being in the heart of the city, venues here offer a blend of modern amenities with classic aesthetics.
  • Old Town: Famed for its rich history, cobbled streets, and the Royal Mile, ballrooms here exude an old-world charm, making events feel extra special.
  • Stockbridge: A trendy and upmarket area, venues here are sought after for their boutique feel and proximity to the Water of Leith.
  • Leith: With its maritime heritage and rejuvenated docklands, Leith offers venues with waterside views, creating a unique event ambience.

Whether you're orchestrating a grand wedding spanning several days or hosting a multi-day conference, Edinburgh's elegant ballrooms have you covered. Do remember to enquire well in advance, as the best ballrooms for hire in Edinburgh tend to get booked up quite quickly, especially during peak seasons. Happy planning!

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