How venues become #Supervenues?

Every #Supervenue is unique, but they've all reached these minimum hospitality criteria:

High response rate

Responding quickly and consistently to clients builds trust and makes the booking process a joy. #Supervenues have a 90% response rate or higher.

Quick response time

Timely communication is key when organising an important event. #Supervenues' average response time is within a day or faster.

Venue of choice

Customers love what #Supervenues have to offer and they want to host their events with them. This is why #Supervenues are booked more frequently.

Venue and event reviews

#Supervenues could write a book on how to provide outstanding hospitality. Customers rate these venues "Very good" or higher.

Communication reviews

#Supervenues know everything about great communication. They go the extra mile presenting their venues and then clients rate their communication as "Very good" or higher.

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