COVID-19 FAQ for Event Organisers

The COVID-19 situation has been evolving rapidly over past weeks and we understand there’s a lot of uncertainty involved in future event planning. We are optimistic that the situation will get better in time, and we commit to providing you with support during this uncertain period. To help assist event organisers, we will answer some of the most recent frequently asked questions.


Can I cancel my booking?

Most venues will allow you to cancel the booking or move the event date. Some venues have also relaxed their cancellation policies in light of the current COVID-19 situation. 

Some venues will charge a cancellation fee depending on how far in advance the cancellation takes place. 

If you wish to cancel your booking or change the event dates, please contact the venue manager as soon as possible. Most venues will also allow you to change the event date instead of cancelling.

If you need help, you can also reach out to us at

Where can I find my venue’s cancellation policy?

Some venues have their cancellation policies listed directly on their profiles, stating whether they allow the postponement of events. If the information is not available on the profile, kindly contact the venue manager to learn more about the venue’s cancellation policy.

Do venues have special cancellation policies due to the COVID-19 situation?

Most venues have relaxed their cancellation policies in light of the current situation, while others allow you to move the event date. You should contact the venue with which you have a booking in order to be informed of their cancellation policies.

Changing the event date

How can I change the date of my event?

In light of the current situation, most venues will allow you to move the date of the event for free, up to 1-12 months from the original event date. If you have a confirmed booking with a venue, contact the venue manager to check if they allow any changing of the event date.

Will I be charged a fee for changing the date of my event?

Most venues will not charge for changing an event date. Venues will usually move the deposit to the new date under the condition that it is not further than 1-12 months from the original event date.

Please contact the venue manager to learn more about the venue’s policy.

New bookings

Can I make a booking at a venue for later in the year?

Yes! Some venues may be temporarily closed as per the government’s advice, but most venues are still operating remotely and are accepting enquiries for future events. 

We understand that you may feel uncertain about booking a venue for future events right now as the situation continues to evolve. We urge you to carefully consider each venue’s cancellation policies – some venues have their policies stated on their profiles, while others will let you know their policy when you enquire with them. 

We have also created a special search filter for you to find and book a venue with a flexible cancellation policy. Check it out on the search page!

Can I make a booking for this and the coming months?

Yes. Venues that are operating will be happy to receive your enquiry. If you didn’t receive an answer to your enquiry, we’re here to help – just drop us a line at!

We also recommend that you follow the guidance from governmental and health authorities. You will find some helpful information links below, which may help you to make important decisions regarding this topic.

Can I see the venue before booking?

Previously, venues were open to viewings for clients before they made a booking. However, due to the COVID-19 situation, some venues have currently put these viewings on hold as they are temporarily closed.  

Venues are now working on implementing remote viewing solutions (such as video conferencing for viewing or a 3D tour of the venue) to enable customers to see the venue without any undue health risks. Please contact the manager of your chosen venue if you would like to do a viewing, and they will be glad to assist you.

For your convenience, we are providing links to WHO and individual government’s information on the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation.