10 Unusual Ideas for a Birthday Photo Shoot for Adults

10 Unusual Ideas for a Birthday Photo Shoot for Adults
Written by: Julia Giec
Updated on: March 21, 2023
13 mins read
13 mins read

Celebrating another milestone? Fabulous news! We come to you with the 10 best unusual ideas for a birthday photo shoot for adults! Here at Tagvenue, we know that birthdays can be both joyful and a little thought-provoking at the same time. After all, it’s not every day that you turn another year older!

But fear not, today we have only cool ideas and great venues in store just for you. You’ll be celebrating and posing like there’s no tomorrow in no time at all. And if you feel like checking out some of our awesome locations before reading, then make sure to head to our main page.

5 Unusual Ideas for a Birthday Photo Shoot for Adults Inside Venues

There may have been a time between childhood and adulthood when you thought that some ideas weren’t appropriate anymore for your birthday; silly costumes, funny games, or party surroundings that don’t quite match the typical ‘adult image’. But who’s to say you can’t do anything and everything for your birthday? Today, let’s check out some quirky ideas, and don’t you dare feel silly executing them for even a minute! It’s time for the best 10 unusual ideas for a birthday photo shoot for adults!

Cruise Through the Years

If you want to have something cool, quirky and totally unusual for this year’s birthday photo shoot, then you must check out if you have the option to shoot on a local cruise ship or yacht. Not only can you throw an amazing party inside and dance till your legs are sore, you can also decorate the interior and shoot some amazing photos. 

So what types of shots can you take on a cruise ship (apart from the alcohol-included ones)?

  • Jumping in the water! If the weather permits, there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t jump into the water and have all the fun in the world. If you can, get a slide, maybe even snorkelling goggles or any other gear that will make this birthday photo shoot even more interesting. 
  • Luxury is all you need. Dress elegantly, pour the champagne, get balloons and decorations in gold, silver and rose. Make sure to have good lighting, and you’re bound to get those candid shots as you enjoy your night.
  • Make it vintage with Polaroids. You won’t even need a professional photographer for these photos. All you have to do is buy an inexpensive Polaroid camera, stock up on film and get going with cool and quirky vintage photography. Just make sure you get a fabulous crew for your yacht/cruise ship birthday photo shoot!

Vibe in Retro

A retro theme for a birthday shoot? Count us in! And there’s no better place to take photos for this type of photo shoot than in a retro venue. Step back into the 70s, try out a funky bohemian look, get some cool props and prepare to rock that Barbara Streisand look. Retro venues do amazingly well for photo shoots. After you’re done, make sure to play around with the edits, as they make the total look of your photo shoot stunning.

When you’ve finished the shoot, you can always use the space to have a costume party. Have fun and pretend like you’ve gone back in time straight for your birthday!

Pose for Michaelangelo

arta gallery 1
Pose away at Arta Gallery!

If you feel art flowing through your veins, then you’re bound to love this crazy idea. How about taking your photo shoot to a location which will support you in all your artistic endeavours? Book a space such as an art gallery, a theatre or a venue that supports creators and see what type of ideas you can come up with. Pose with paintings, play around with textures and sculptures, maybe even create a prop that will fit with your artistic designs? 

All art souls know that sometimes you just need a good place that will spark creative energy. So whether you’re the creative mind or your photographer is, make sure the space you choose to take photos in lets those artsy vibes shine through.

Check Out Victorian Elegance

Widen 1680 Noupsize 2
A Victorian room?

For this year’s birthday photo shoot theme, choose elegance and beauty. There is nothing that will make you feel more incredible than very nice garments and an interior that helps you travel back in time to when life seemed to be just a little more sophisticated on a daily basis. 

And with that idea, you can go ahead and rent a gorgeous space like the Victorian room that brings to life the Victorian era architecture and interior design. If you want to go one step further, you can always order or rent some great costumes online. Check out this Victorian Fashion and Beauty inspiration, you might just find some amazing ideas for a very specific photo shoot! 

And where else to buy gorgeous Victorian-inspired garments if not Etsy?

Get Inspired by the “City of Pink”

aita room 1
Jaipur – become inspired by a timeless and very distinct location

Known as the “City of Pink”, Jaipur is a gorgeous destination right in the heart of Rajasthan. The vibe of the location brings out the romantic side in everyone. The light and airy surroundings, the gorgeous colours and nature will make your photos look soft and warm anyone’s heart. The city was built around the colour pink – in order to show hospitality. If you resonate with the vibe of this theme, then prepare for photos that will captivate every soul. 

Feel like taking it one step further? You can always opt to make the photo shoot a little more sensual. Capture the beauty of this year’s hit milestone and make the photo shoot extra special by celebrating your body, and how beautiful it gets every year. We recommend coming to the space with a trusted photographer, or even renting a space where you can take the photos yourself. 

5 Unusual Ideas for a Birthday Photo Shoot for Adults Outdoors  

Get Active

rooftop 1
Sporty vibes on a rooftop? Count us in!

Jump into a sporty outfit and get ready to take some awesome sporty shots. Whether you’re a fan of sports or just a fan of sporty-looking photos, you can approach this photo shoot situation in a few different ways. 

For those of us who aren’t that keen on sports but would like the idea of having cool and sporty pictures taken:

  • Take a trip down memory lane to the times when you were running around on the football pitch. Remember when you were younger, outdoors; playing footie, basketball or netball outside with your friends? You can even jump back into your cheerleading costume if you feel brave enough. Pose alone, or get your high school friends to recreate fun pictures if you happen to have some. Plus, it’s a great idea to actually play a game or two and capture some fab candid shots – if your photographer feels up to the challenge!

For those of us who love sports and think that this would be an awesome idea to show off our active side:

  • Flaunt that rockin’ body and pose as if there’s no tomorrow. If you ever wanted to take those cool photos in a sporty outfit, body covered in baby oil (yes, that’s what they do to make those models look extra fit) and wind flowing through the hair as you effortlessly recreate some cool yoga pose, then this is your chance. Cute clothing is a must – a matching set and clean sneakers will do the trick. Fitness-guru feelings after the shoot – guaranteed!

Pose in White

White garments, a white background and white props – a photographer’s dream come true. In general, any monochrome colour motives in pictures tend to look great. You can go ahead and mix white with little details in different colours in order to make the picture even more interesting. Think about geometric shapes, and make sure to look for some patterns. Maybe change up the textures of different parts of the photo? Play around as you pose and let your artistic side guide you through the photo creation process.

Prepare for Some Pool-Side Madness

the villa 1
Book this stunning villa and create a splash!

Look, it’s your birthday. This is the time of year when you should be having fun, and hiring a venue with a pool, catering and a photographer is going to make it a day/night/weekend to remember. If you happen to totally love this idea, then we imagine it going more or less like this:

  • Arrive at the venue, dress in different cute outfits and pose in the pool. If you’re feeling like having extra fun, and you don’t mind getting your hair wet, then get a couple of pics when you jump inside!
  • When you’re done, get your friends and prepare a birthday party that will shake the entire neighbourhood. You can also photograph the process!
  • Make sure the photographer is taking pictures everywhere while your party gets going (during the day as well as the night if that’s how long you plan to party for)! That’s a whole amazing plan right there. Enjoy!

Join Forces with Nature

Sometimes you don’t need a fancy venue to pose and shoot lovely pictures (although we still recommend getting one for good photography conditions). This is why we recommend taking a step back from the hustle and bustle of the city and checking out what nature has in store for you. If you get the weekend to yourself, grab a camera, or a friend with one, and try your luck in a forest, on the beach, near a lake, or a different place out in the wild.

The idea is simple – you join forces with nature and create something beautiful. The green of the plants, the pale blue sky, and the waters which may surround you will give a beautiful effect in your shoot. Pose in a costume, match with a theme, or drop it all and pose in an act if you don’t feel too embarrassed. 

Play Around with Street Photography

Last but not least, some of the best and most creative birthday photo shoot ideas come when you least expect it. And that’s exactly why we encourage you to turn to the streets. Yes, that’s right! Pose as the next fashion week model out in the street, between houses and in the local park. Check out different shapes and don’t be afraid to experiment. You can even try to shoot in the local area, so you’d always be able to pop home and change your clothes.

Make sure you get a good photographer who can take nice body pictures as well as portrait photos. It might feel a little strange to pose in front of passers-by, but worry not – they’re no more interested in you than you are in them. So put on your best outfit and head downtown to take cool pics for your birthday photo shoot!

To Sum Up

This year is totally the year to be different. Take unusual photos and don’t hold yourself back. You never know when an opportunity like this will come up again! Since you’ve circled another year around the sun, it’s only appropriate that you celebrate it with a good old fun and quirky photo shoot. If you want to know a bit more about equipment, then check out this article, where you have all the necessary information in a clear and easy format.

For some of these ideas, it would be great to rent a lovely space that would make your photo shoot dreams come true. And while we are huge fans of taking photos at home, nothing is quite like a professional photo studio. So, if we have you convinced, why don’t you take a look at some of the spots we have right here on Tagvenue?

Don’t wait too long, it’s time to hire photo studios and get down to business!

Check out the best locations in your city!


How to set up a professional photo studio for a birthday photo shoot?

To set up a professional photo studio, you’re going to need a couple of very important things. When you rent the space, make sure that you have a camera or two, with lenses, in order to shoot the photos. Stock up on batteries and memory cards, and make sure you have a laptop and some cables ready in order to have the whole process running smoothly. These things should usually be provided by you.

As for the studio, expect to find good lighting inside – harsh lights, soft lights, ring lights, soft boxes, umbrellas, other light diffusers, etc. This also applies to light stands and tripods (your equipment has to stand on something). In some places, you will find light metres, green screens, black-out curtains, cycloramas, props, etc. Make sure to ask the owners of the photo studio what they can offer you for the day.

How much do professional photo studios cost per hour?

Professional photo studios vary in price depending on what part of the world you live in. However, we can definitely distinguish between low, average and high prices depending on the quality of the photo studio. When looking at prices, remember that some of the bigger factors that influence the price are:

✅Location – is the studio in the city centre or on the outskirts of town?
✅Size – how big is the space you’re going to hire?
✅Equipment – does the studio provide equipment and if so then take note of its quality?
✅Additional amenities – does the space offer a makeup room, a back room to eat, toilets, etc.?
✅Crew – some spaces can even come with a crew to help you set up and prepare for the shoot. These are usually among the most expensive spaces.

On average you can expect low-end prices to vary between around £20 to £40 per hour. Average price is around £40 to £80 per hour. The high-end prices can even go as high as £200/300 per hour but these types of prices are not very common. Make sure to check your budget before you rent, and don’t forget insurance!

How to pose for a birthday photo shoot if you’re not a model?

Posing can be a tough cookie to swallow. If you’re not really comfortable in front of the camera, then posing for the first time, as well as for the hundredth time, will be strange. The most important thing to remember when getting your pictures taken, is to smile, relax, and not let the tension take over your body.

There are many video tutorials on YouTube about how to pose, with this one being our favourite. Remember to relax your muscles, try a couple of poses, and see where that takes you. The best thing you can do is to hire a professional who you know you can trust completely!

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10 Unusual Ideas for a Birthday Photo Shoot for Adults