Cheers to the Groom: Fun and Chilled Bucks Party Ideas in Melbourne

11 mins read
Cheers to the Groom: Fun and Chilled Bucks Party Ideas in Melbourne
Written by: Jaya Ramchurn
April 7, 2024
11 mins read

Get ready for a day or night of fun before the big day! You only get to celebrate like this for a short time, so why not make the most of it before your wedding day arrives?Whether you’re up for a relaxed evening at a sports bar or seeking an adrenaline rush with a Go Kart adventure, we’ve got you covered with the best bucks party ideas in Melbourne.

Make your bucks party one to remember!

Browse top party venues in Melbourne for a celebration like no other.

🥳Fun Bucks Party Ideas in Melbourne 

What’s a bucks party without a bit of fun? Boring, mate! But we are here to make sure your party’s a hit! 

Whether you’re keen on casting a line for some fishing in the bay or at sea or want to keep it classic with a visit to a strip bar, we’ve got your party sorted!

So, let’s get the party started!

🕺🏽1. Time to Hit the Club

bass lounge bucks party ideas melbourne
Hit the club for a night of fun like no other!  |  Bass Lounge, CBD

It’s a classic Aussie favourite and a club party never disappoints. Great vibes, good mates, awesome drinks, tunes, and a dance floor – sounds like a recipe for a ripper party! Now, where’s the party at?

Bass Lounge, of course! This top-notch nightclub is the place for anyone seeking lively beats, a top-notch sound system, and premier DJs. Savour your favourite cocktails crafted by experts, belt out your go-to tunes in the plush karaoke rooms, or boogie till dawn!

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🥂2. Go Pub Hopping

the wizards den room melbourne indoor party ideas 1
Throw in some magic while bar hopping at The Wizard’s Den, Newquay, where the cocktails are no ordinary beverages!

It’s no wonder locals love a good pub crawl – it’s an easy way to liven up any night out or get-together! One of the best things about pub crawling is satisfying for everyone in the group – whether it’s the drinks or the bar’s vibes – there’s a spot for everyone during a pub crawl!

King Street in the CBD is a great destination for those looking to dress up and have a blast. Its wide choice of pubs, nightclubs, restaurants, and adult entertainment venues makes it the perfect area for a bucks party!

But remember to plan transportation so everyone can enjoy the night responsibly. Consider renting a place nearby to accommodate the group. 

Whether you prefer lively beer bars with great music or laid-back shot bars with an old-school vibe, one thing’s certain – you’ll discover your new favourite hangout spot while bar hopping.

🚩3. Buckle Up for Go Karting

appic sak9rbkp p4 unsplash 1
Speed around the track and blow off some steam before your big day with a go-karting party!

Go Kart or go home! A go-karting party is a fun and exciting bucks idea that, fortunately, never gets old. With so many spots to explore in Melbourne, it is a fuss-free way to celebrate before the wedding. 

Le Mans Entertainment is one of the most popular go-to spots for a good old go-karting session. Located in Dandenong South, this outdoor racing track provides thrills with its almost endless twists and turns to get everyone’s hearts pumping. 

Whether you are a casual punter or feel like signing up for their pro-academy option – get ready for some goosebumps and hair-raising moments.

Just a heads up, this isn’t for the faint-hearted—it’s serious racing territory, with super karts hitting speeds of up to 80 km/h!

Lewis, you better watch your back!

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🎉4. Party at The Crown

kingpin melbourne  bucks party ideas in melbourne
Known for its many activities, Kingpin in the Crown, Southbank, is the perfect spot for a bucks party!

Suit up and head to the Crown! This resort is packed with entertainment options that will keep your group busy exploring the grant-winning eateries, the bowling alley, the casino, the three inns or hitting the clubhouse. The Crown is perfect for a never-ending party.

To take your party up a notch, rent a private (or multiple private spots!) at Kingpin Crown. Are you ready to party all night long?

👯5. A Last Hurrah at Melbourne Strip Bar

Enjoy your bachelor night to the fullest before the last hurrah! Dreams Gentlemen Club awaits you with its table top dancers, non-stop show and amazing service.

With various event packages that include spirits and around 4 hours of pure fun – this party will no doubt be remembered for ages to come! 

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🦸6. Battle it Out with Laser Tag

gravity zone bucks party ideas melbourne
If you are looking for an activity that’s both easy to organise and manageable, laser tag is your best bet.  |  Gravity Zone, Seaford

Laser tag is an awesome way to let loose and shake off stress, thanks to its fast-paced action and adrenaline-pumping excitement that lets you leave your worries behind and enjoy!

And at Gravity Zone, the fun doesn’t stop with a massive multi-level laser tag arena. There’s more to discover with their virtual reality multiplayer Hologate, trampolines, foam zone, and ninja challenges!

Think you’ve got what it takes to conquer all the challenges? Only one way to find out!

😌Low Key Bucks Party Ideas in Melbourne 

Not every bucks party needs to be a wild affair – some may  prefer a laid-back celebration where the focus is simply enjoying good company. Whether grabbing drinks at your go-to haunt or trying something different, there are plenty of ways to celebrate without going overboard!

Party like you’re worth a million bucks!

Celebrate at a posh nightclub or hit a local pub – the choice is yours!

🍻7. Cheers at a Beer Garden

temperance hotel beer garden melbourne bucks party ideas
Plan your bucks party at a beer garden – it’s the easiest way to party without having too much to do! | Temperance Hotel, South Yarra

Beer is like liquid gold on a hot summer day. You don’t need a complicated plan for a great time with the boys! Head to the Temperance Hotel, where you can party in a relaxed atmosphere and enjoy good vibes, local brews, and delicious food. 

If you want to take it to the next level, book their private space to party as you like and how you like with your crew!

Located on Chapel Street, this outdoor venue can accommodate up to 24 guests seated and up to 60 guests for cocktails! 

It even boasts a full-sized green flower wall with a spot for a DJ!

Get ready to party into the night!

🏹8. Try an Archery Class 

annie spratt jy9mxva15w0 unsplash 1
Learn to tune out distractions and focus on the target during an archery challenge with your group.

Whether you’ve always been a Robin Hood at heart or have been dreaming of being as cool as Legolas, we’ve got you covered with an archery class at Aim Archery Club in Cheltenham!

Bachelorhood is a unique phase of life that should be celebrated in the most memorable way possible, and what better way than by mastering a cool new skill? Archery is a great choice for those who relish physical challenges, plus it requires no prior experience.

It’s not just for adrenaline junkies; it’s perfect for anyone who enjoys big challenges, and good times.

With their doors open seven days a week, organising an archery challenge is easy. Simply book a lesson or sign up for a course – the choice is yours!

For added fun, why not dress up as your favourite mediaeval heroes? Get ready to turn some heads!

🕹️9. Organise a Gaming Soiree

boso hq melbourne bucks party ideas
Spend the night gaming, singing, and trying your luck at Jenga at Boso HQ in Prahran.

Some guys love kicking back at a chilled video game party with their mates! Whether you’re into Minecraft, Fortnite, or Tetris, there’s no need to go overboard and throw a massive party just for the sake of it! 

Boso HQ has your bucks party planned for you and the lads!

This party spot is packed with numerous games, from table tennis to Mario Kart, Street Fighter to giant Jenga, drink specials, bubble cups, and heaps more. Every corner of Bosozoku is designed for relaxation and fun, inside and out. 

Want to belt out some tunes, unleash your inner child and enjoy some grub, or kick back and watch the sunset? It’s your call!

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⛵10. Cast a Line on the High Seas

fishing boat bucks party ideas melbourne Boat4hire
If you’re after a tranquil and laid-back activity for your bucks party, sea fishing is the way to go!!  | Boat4Hire

Melburnians are no strangers to fishing, but renting a fishing boat for you and your mates and hitting the open waters is a whole new experience. Hop aboard the Bowrider Mary for a smooth sailing adventure and an epic battle with the fish!

Remember to pack some light snacks and drinks for the journey, as most boats don’t offer catering.

If you’re looking for top-notch Snapper fishing spots, consider popular locations like St Kilda in Port Phillip Bay, Hastings in Western Port Bay, and the Port of Portland.

🪓11. Throw Axes at Lumber Punks

clay banks mqokgghzsbs unsplash 1
Lob a few axes with your besties and sink a few beers at an axe-throwing party!

Throw an axe or two at Lumber Punks! If you want a day of fun with the boys, why not include an hour or two of axe throwing into your bucks day out? At this cool place in South Melbourne, experts will teach you how to aim your axe and hit the target.

 You can also have a contest, and whoever wins has to buy drinks for everyone or take a shot. And if you really like it, there’s a league for some serious competition.

🏌️12. Hit Up a Sports Bar 

the sports bar buck ideas melbourne 1
The Sports Bar in Keysborough is perfect for a casual bucks party packed with activities and relaxation!

Got your cue? Got your beer? Got your cocktails? Got your live sports? You name it, The Sports Bar at Keysborough Hotel has got it!

It’s the ultimate spot for a day and night packed with fun, whether you’re a foodie, need some chill time, or want to catch your favourite sports team in action at a bar. This place has everything you need for an epic night out with your group.

Moreover, you can tailor your menu for your event and take advantage of their special event packages!

Need somewhere to crash? Look no further – with 15 hotel rooms available, you can easily plan a little staycation and explore the South Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne!

🎉To Wrap Up 

Bucks or stag parties are typically held to celebrate the groom’s upcoming wedding and are treated as his final ‘hurrah’. It’s an important day in the groom’s life that deserves to be celebrated in the best possible way – while some may opt for a wild night with drinks and entertainment, others may prefer a more relaxed gathering with close mates at a local pub or simply an evening gaming together. The choice of activities should reflect the groom’s preferences and religious and cultural norms. Whatever the case, have a blast and savour every moment, as you’ll be cherishing these memories for years!

Oi, mate, it’s time to party!

Celebrate like never before at one of Melbourne’s top party spots.


Who usually pays for a bucks party?

Fortunately, everyone usually pitches in to cover the groom’s expenses. However, sometimes, the best man or the groom may choose to foot the bill entirely. It usually depends on the agreement among the guests, but it’s always appreciated to contribute if you’re invited to the party.

How long before the wedding should you have a bucks party in Melbourne?

Setting a date as soon as the wedding date is confirmed is crucial. Ideally, hold the bucks party well before the wedding – we recommend four weeks between the two events. Pick 2-3 potential dates that work for the bucks party and discuss them with the groom. If you need help getting everything sorted,If you need help planning, check out our blog post on How to Plan the Ultimate Bachelor Party (+ Checklist). 

What is the usual size of a bucks party?

The size of the party largely depends on the groom’s preference, but keeping the group small is advisable to prevent overspending and ensure quality time with the guests. If there are more than ten guests, the groom may find it challenging to engage with all of his guests. Keeping the group intimate allows for a better experience and more interaction among attendees.

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Cheers to the Groom: Fun and Chilled Bucks Party Ideas in Melbourne