16 Useful Studio Photo Shoot Ideas to Stand Out From The Crowd

8 mins read
16 Useful Studio Photo Shoot Ideas to Stand Out From The Crowd
April 5, 2023
8 mins read

Studio photography provides a controlled environment that allows photographers to experiment with different lighting, props, and angles to create stunning images. However, finding the right inspiration for a photo shoot can be challenging, especially when you’re looking to produce something unique and captivating. 

Whether you are a professional photographer or just starting your journey, having creative ideas can help you take your studio photography to the next level. In this article, we’ll explore 16 useful studio photo shoot ideas that can inspire you to create stunning and artistic images that stand out from the crowd.

Artsy Studio Photo Shoot Ideas

Artsy photo shoot ideas can help you break away from traditional and predictable poses and setups, allowing you to explore new avenues of artistic expression. From abstract compositions to playful and quirky themes, there are endless ways to inject a dose of creativity and personality into your studio photo shoots.

1. Ultraviolet Paint

Playing with paint photography is a great idea for your artsy studio photo shoot. To mix things up, try covering your model in ultraviolet paint and lightening things up with UV Black Lights. To keep it more sophisticated, apply paint symmetrically with different brush shapes or keep it quirky and splash it all over. Have fun with combining the techniques together and don’t forget to clean up the mess!

a woman's face with paint
Ultraviolet paint will highlight your model’s features

2. Fashion Is Everywhere

And everything is fashion! To get a bit abstract you can use objects to imitate clothes and accessories in your photos. Look for the weirdest, most bizarre items you can find, and try to match them with the body parts of your model. For example – bulky lamps can be modelled as a skirt and so on. The only limit is your imagination.

a person imitating a clock
A clock used as an artistic concept instead of a head

3. Say It With Flowers 

You can create a spring-like vibe in your studio photos all year round! Flowers are perfect for creating a colourful background, decorating your props or giving your model a pretty accessory. 

an inside of a photography studio
A flower wall inside a photography studio in New York City – Light Studio NYC

4. Funky Furniture 

Go to your local pawn shop or search your grandparents place for cool furniture. You can use them as a backdrop to your captures or make them the main character. Don’t be afraid to break, paint, or alter your props for a more unusual look in your studio photos. 

5. Maximalism

70s maximalism is definitely coming back. Mixing colours, patterns and textures will create a bold, eye-pleasing atmosphere for your maximalism studio photo shoot. Using multiple layers and intense lighting will help achieve an eccentric and exaggerated vibe.

decorative wall and chairs
Maximalist dream scenery at Patio at Square Bar

6. Plastic Is Fantastic 

Make state-of-the-art, eco-friendly props and decorations by re-using your plastic wrap, aluminium foil or chunks of tape. You can leave them unaltered or, for a less harsh look, colour them with drawings and paintings. Put the items around your subject and close to your lenses to create futuristic, unusual surroundings. 

Studio Photography Ideas With Light

Light is one of the most crucial elements in studio photography. It can transform an ordinary scene into an extraordinary image, creating mood, depth, and texture. Below we’ll explore a couple of lighting options for your studio photo shoot. For more essential knowledge and inspiring ideas check out our Natural Lighting Photography Guide.

7. Mysterious Dark

Manipulating light in a studio is far easier than outdoors. In a controlled environment, you can effortlessly play with limited lighting and dark scenery without worrying that your subject won’t be highlighted enough. A good idea for your mysterious photos is to use a smoke generator and an LED ring light. (Scroll down for more useful studio photography gadgets.)

8. Rainbow Shades 

You can easily create a spectacular, vibrant rainbow effect in your studio photos. The only thing you need is a source of white light and a glass prism. Just like on the album cover of Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon!

two hands touching
Studio made rainbow highlight

9. Light Painting Photo Shoot

Experimenting with light painting photography will definitely expand your portfolio and draw attention to your work. All you need is a shutter speed of 30 seconds or more, any light source in motion, and some creativity. Your camera will transform into a light painting in a desired shape. You’ll achieve the best results using bright, fluorescent lights, LEDs, or glow sticks.

10. Shadow Play

With shadows, you can create depth and add texture or drama to your images. While photographing in a studio, use variously shaped objects to create unique shadows on your subject. Look around! Everything can come in handy. For example, home supplies like a colander or laundry basket with holes can definitely be put to good use.

a black and white portrait
Shadows made by leaves

11. Colour Light Fun Combinations

In studio photography, your colourful lighting options are limitless. Here are some basic complementary colour combinations that will look marvellous in your studio photos.

  • Orange and teal – a variation of a typical orange and blue combination that can never disappoint 
  • Red and green – a strong and vivid mixture that’s perfect for intense highlights
  • Yellow and purple – with its fairytale vibe, this mashup will be perfect for complex shots

Useful Studio-Friendly Gadgets 

Setting up a studio can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to selecting the right equipment. In addition to a camera and lighting, there are many gadgets and accessories that can make a significant difference in the quality of your studio photography.

12. Up in the Air

For studio owners – search for hooks or anchors to install on the ceiling in your studio, directly above the centre of your photography space. If you’re hiring a studio, make sure to ask the owner if they have hooks on site. Once the hooks are installed, you can hang various accessories and decorations from them that will add a special touch to your photos. Beautiful floral swings, funky drop-down lights, or some big ornaments will all look stunning in your next studio photos.  

woman posing on a swing
Example of using a swing in portrait photography

13. Feel the Breeze

To achieve a good-looking sense of motion in your photos you can simply use one of the four elements of nature – wind. Get a fan and make those captures speak for themselves! A little bit of breeze will look fantastic, especially in portrait photography and high fashion. The results will blow you away! 

14. Project Your Visions

Figuratively and literally! Enhance your studio photos with various images or videos displayed on a plain background by a projector. There are numerous options to choose from, but even the simplest one will get the job done and your photos beautifully emphasised. If you’re feeling creative, try making your own DIY projector.

woman on a blue background
Undersea projector magic

15. 360 Photo booth

Get a 360 photo booth! This modern smart photography device is gaining popularity as a must-have party feature. It takes images or videos, by spinning in a complete circle around the subject. User-friendly and enjoyable, the device is perfect for event photography, original product captures, or motion pictures. Although it’ll take up some space, having it in a studio will expand your possibilities and stimulate your creative output. 

360-degree photo booths can be a bit pricey, so for parties or temporary projects, it’s a good idea to search for some rental options in your area. You can learn more about buying and using 360 photo booths here.

16. Bubbles Everywhere

Adding bubbles to your next studio photos will definitely create a magical fairy tale vibe. Play with a bubble wand or (for an ultimate bubble experience) buy an automatic blower. Experiment with different sizes and shapes of bubbles for more interesting effects. You can even try to trap your model in one!

a child behind a bubble
Bubbles are both a fun and artistic way to create your studio photos

Summing it all up

Studio photography is a versatile and exciting genre of photography that offers endless creative possibilities. By utilising different lighting techniques, incorporating useful gadgets or accessories, and exploring artsy ideas, you can take your studio photography to the next level. There are many ways to experiment and push the boundaries of what is possible. Make sure to thoroughly plan your photoshoot to get it up and running! Be creative and let your imagination run wild – the possibilities are endless!

Looking for a unique studio for your photo shoot?

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How do I set up a studio for photography?

To set up a studio for photography, you’ll need a space with enough room for your equipment and subjects, proper lighting, and a backdrop. You’ll also need photography equipment, such as a camera, tripod, and lenses, and accessories like reflectors and diffusers.

What kind of lighting should I use for studio photography?

The kind of lighting you use for studio photography depends on the style and mood you want to achieve. Continuous lighting provides a constant source of light, while strobe lighting is more versatile and can be adjusted to create different effects. Softboxes, umbrellas, and reflectors can be used to modify the lighting and create a more flattering look. 

What is the difference between a home photo studio and a professional photo studio?

A home studio is typically smaller and less equipped than a professional studio. A professional studio may have a larger space with better lighting and a wider range of equipment, such as backdrops, props, and various types of lighting. Professional studios are a great place for less experienced photographers to gain experience and explore their creativity.

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16 Useful Studio Photo Shoot Ideas to Stand Out From The Crowd